View Full Version : Simple DVD Authoring Program?

3rd December 2005, 23:54
I'm looking for a command line program that will take several mpeg files (or m2v and mp2 files) and author a dvd folder where each mpeg (or each m2v and mp2 pair) will be a title. I'd like to insert chapters too.
I'd rather not use dvdauthor as I'd like a small app.
Is this possible using the command line with rejig?
I've read that ifoedit has trouble with pulldown flags on ntsc material. Is this still the case?

I hope that those wiser that me will be able to help out!

Also, I'm thinking of making a simple GUI to use this with and distribute it with my friends and any old person that wants it, so something that goes along with that sort of legality would be good.

4th December 2005, 00:34
AFAIK Rejig and IFOEdit support only one title so say bye bye to that.

In terms of free apps that leaves you with DVDAuthor.

MuxMan 0.15+ is a non-free solution. So anyone using your GUI would have to pay $5 US.

As an aside I have my own solution that will take m2v/ac3 pairs (up to 8) and author them using DVDAuthor, with a crappy autogenerated menu. It does support cli.

A prior version which supports 4 pairs is bundled as part of this: