View Full Version : Audio Stream Not Recognized By Nandub & Virtualdub

1st December 2001, 01:08
Recently I recieved few DivX movies. When trying to edit them with latest Nandub v 1.0r2 or VirtualDub 1.4.7 I got message that audio format is not reconised (tag 0055) and nothing can be done with the movie. File Information says about Audio Stream that Sampling rate is 48000 HZ & Compression unknown.
There are no problems with playing the movies !

Any suggestion how to deal with this ?

7th December 2001, 14:58
I think you should try to post this question in Audio forum.
Maybe there will be someone who can help you.
BTW - where are you from ??? Your name sounds familiar...
take care

10th December 2001, 00:23

I solved the problem already. The solution was a mp3 codec.
... and I'm from Poland :)

12th December 2001, 21:49
which codec was it ?

I get this sometimes would be good to hear what you did