View Full Version : iHD vs managed copy and then or java

18th November 2005, 06:14
It seems that microsoft's iHD and the idea for managed copy seem to share the same publicity space. Microsoft and HP are fighting for iHD to be present on the next disc media. However, microsoft is also disguising this in a battle for managed copy. In a previous thread (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=101032) , I mentioned that I heard and thought that it was all a fight to be the next operating system of the home. Do you really think that microsoft and hp care that much about managed copy? And if it is a battle for the next operating system of the home? Would you rather iHD or java?

I tried to do some quick research and I couldn't find the licensing agreements with both iHD and Java. Too tired tonight. I do know that I've often downloaded Java's SDK and stuff without ever thinking about licensing (my own naivenesssss? probably not - microsoft is grasping for straws).

I am all for the best managed judicious system of copying out there. Maybe even something better than that.