View Full Version : Video Playback Problem, Video Is Cropped, cropped in Media Player Classic

16th November 2005, 09:11
I am having an odd problem with video playback on my PC
First of all, the videos are fine, they play just fine in XBMC, and used to work on my PC

When i try to play the video in Media Player Classic, the video is cropped from all sides by about 10%. When i try to play it in Windows Media Player or Winamp, both crash. That happens with all my videos.

When i double click on MPC to full-screen the video, the window does take up the whole screen, but the video only goes up to about 200% of the original size. But, this way i can see the whole video, but with a thick black border on each side.

I have the XP Codec Pack 1.2.4 installed and to my knowledge, that is all

Can someone please help me out?

Thanks in advance!

16th November 2005, 10:16
In "Video Frame", select "touch window from inside". Check the Pan & Scan settings of MPC and reset them. If necessary, experiment a bit with MPC's settings.

As for your playback problems with other players: in general, stay away from codec packs and install only what's necessary. Now, I don't know that particular XP codec pack, but other codec packs have been known to cause trouble.


16th November 2005, 14:02
thanks a lot!
That did the trick with MPC

The reason i intalled this codec pack, is cause i just reformated, and i didn't feel like hunting for each codec individually

Plus, i am not very good with the whole installing the codec deal, guess i am just lazy.