View Full Version : Will a DVD+R DL backup of a double-sided DL disc last longer than the original?

Carlos Garcia
11th November 2005, 09:19
I have recently had alot of problems with many Universal double-sided double layer discs. I have had to exchange many titles due to skipping/freezing up in different spots on the disc. I have read that most of the problems associated with these discs come from the glue that glues the platters of the 2 sides together. It seems that many times the glue spills out onto the readable layers of the discs, causing most of the problems. As a result, I have decided to start backing up all of the double-sided, double layer discs I own. My question is this: Does anyone know whether a DVD+R DL recorded disc will last longer than a double-sided, double layer disc? Has anyone put out any sort of study regarding the double-layer, double-sided disc and all the problems associated with them? Anyone?

11th November 2005, 09:38
Ordinarily burned disks will not outlast commercially-produced ones - the data is pressed into the media of production disks, while a burner only affects the pigment. The life varies depending on both burner and brand of media, but ordinarily their life expectancy is only a fraction of production DVD's.

11th November 2005, 11:56
Google is Your Friend (tm)

Answer here (http://www.rlg.org/en/page.php?Page_ID=20744#article3)

Carlos Garcia
13th November 2005, 02:48
I suppose the bottom line is that most of these recordable discs (the named brand ones anyway) should last at least until the next storage medium comes. Then we can always back them up to the new medium. Who knows how long it'll take for the next medium to take over, but it'll be nice to know our current discs will last at least until then.