View Full Version : Audio and Video Not Synch-ing

9th November 2005, 17:10
I am trying to create a VCD backup of a DVD, and I am having issues with the audio not being in synch with the video. Could someone explain why this might be happening? I've tried to rip and convert it several times now, and each time the same thing happens. I have successfully backed up other DVDs without this problem before.

I am using the latest version of DVD2SVCD (1.2.3 build 1).

Thank you

9th November 2005, 18:03
It is not possible to take a stab at this with the limited information you have provided. Please read the README's sticky for advice on how to construct a good post.


10th November 2005, 17:39
The problem wasn't with DVD2SVCD :D I had a bad rip. Sorry for the trouble.