View Full Version : X-Files & wife getting eaten!

31st October 2005, 00:07
I vaguely remember watching 5 years ago an X-Files TV episode, where there was a guy that participated in a grotesque experiment. If I remember correctly they had an Alien / monster thing stitched up inside his esophagus / stomach!
The thing would come out of his mouth every once in a while to have a ďsnackĒ.

His wife was a bitch & would quarrel with him all the time. At some point he hid him self in a poorly lit, underground bunker at his back-yard & the wife who had visited him to give him food, would go on quarrelling about some shit. Then all of the sudden the monster inside him, probably got fed up with the never ending nagging & decided to take immediate action. It got out of his mouth & ate the wife while she was screaming in terror. :D
At that point the camera view was from the outside of the basement door & you could see the shadows from the scene of the wife getting eaten & hear the screams of terror & agony.

I donít remember how the episode ends, but I was wondering if anyone knew the name of this specific episode or the exact year / season it was released, so that I can look it up, as this is one of the most hilarious scenes Iíve seen in the X-Files.

Thanks in advance.

31st October 2005, 05:58
I'd recommend looking at a TV-related site, like EpisodeWorld.com, and maybe cleaning up your language. "Stuff" would have worked equally well.