View Full Version : Help on DTS-CD Rip

12th October 2005, 17:32
I ripped WAV file of a dts-cd to downmix it and write it as a normal cd. The ripped wave was renamed with extension .dts and it plays twice the speed in FB2K. I have several other dts-cd and none have this problem. When I use WinDVD Directshow filters in Gaphedit, the system crashes. I have attached a 1 min rip of the dts-wav file here. Any help is much appreciated.

12th October 2005, 17:46
For some reason I am unable to attach the file. The zipped 1 min dts-wav file is around 8.5MB. :(

If someone needs the file, I can mail it. Please let me know.

12th October 2005, 18:45
It would be easier to extract 2 channel audio from the original source. If you don't have the original source, you should know better than to ask (R6).

12th October 2005, 21:57
The original album was released as 2-channel. They later released this DTS with special DTS Mix, which is good. I have this disc for more than a year now and went every avenue to get it downmixed to 2-channel. Thought somebody might know how to do it. Thanks anyway.