View Full Version : Problem inputing subtitles after ripping!

8th October 2005, 07:51

1. I'm still new to gordian knots software.
2. I do not have any problem ripping and adding the selected audio I wan
from the DVD I ripped.
3. So the next step I took was to try to rip the subtitles using VobSup Rip
provided by Gordian Knots.
4. I have 3 files after ripping from the IFO which are; VTS_0_1, VTS_0_1 and
5. So wat are the next few steps I must do?
6. I try the guide from the web but got serveral errors.
Can someone teach me how to do it?

8th October 2005, 08:57
*shrugs* dunno about GK's vobSub Rip - couldnt make head or tail of it...

so, just use subRip (http://zuggy.wz.cz/dvd.php) instead and get/use the included (?) character matrix - works with alot of subtitles =)

after run "correction function", load it in subtitle workshop (http://www.urusoft.net/home.php?lang=1)and run various checks, including spellcheck (require ms word spellchecker, meaning msword installed? ouch!) save as srt format and use the "B" option in GK.