View Full Version : Cutting DiVx with VBR audio

27th November 2001, 18:17

Currently have a very annoying pb :

Have a 1.35 Gb file with audio encoded in vbr with lame.
It seems VDub (nor Nandub) cannot handle this kind of audio when cutting :
Read the part to be created during 1sec, then generate an error msg
"Read error..." (don't remember exactly).
I have no pb with cbr audio.

Did i miss something ?


28th November 2001, 14:24
i use nandub to cut my divx/vbr movies and havent had any problems so far.

8th December 2001, 15:54
I have the same problem with VBR audio and cutting. I supposte that VirtualDub can't manage VBR at all, neither during encoding nor cutting, that's why you have to use Nandub. :)

I get no error, but the audio goes crazy (no cut at the start, audio ends long before video, etc...)

Use Nandub.

9th December 2001, 00:35

There is an older version of Virtual DUB (1.4c-vbr-nofreeze) that will allow you to handle VBR mp3 files. I've used this version for the last year (or so... can't remember when it was released) without grief.

If you have troubles finding it, message me and I will do what I can to help.

Good luck


12th December 2001, 23:00

You have to use a specific version of virtual dub named "virtual dub vbr mp3" o nandub.

Bye :o :D