View Full Version : too many frame drops in ifoedit

19th September 2005, 14:28
I use ifoedit to author DVD. I select my m2v, ac3 and sup files and then start to author. But in the middle of it, it stops with message "too many frame drops". I know what frame drops means in video capturing. But doesn't know what it means in DVD authoring. Please help.

19th September 2005, 16:05
in most cases this indicates exceeding 9,8Mbps

Video+Audio+Sup <=9,8Mbps

20th September 2005, 09:06
Thanks for the reply.

The video, audio and 2 of the 3 sup are ripped from DVD. The new sup is output from Subtitle Creater with a srt. It has a file size larger than the original 3rd sup replaced. I guess this may be the cause. To avoid re-encoding of AV, I would choose to reduce the size of the sup. But how can I control the file size of the sup? Will dropping the 2nd sup help?

20th September 2005, 14:45
The message itself does indicate a multiplex failure. But IfoEdit's multiplexer (mplex) is not as capable as others (like Scenarist, Maestro, or MuxMan) so many times it will fail on streams that can be multiplexed by other programs. Also if you are using anything but 0.971 for NTSC it will either fail or produce a very bad multiplex.

20th September 2005, 15:37
Senderj, it's possible that mpucoder is too modest to state this directly to you, but I have had problems muxing with IfoEdit and others where muxman.exe worked perfectly.

Give that a try before doing anything else to your sources.