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  1. flash3kyuu_deband 1.5.1 / 2.0pre2 with native VapourSynth support [2012-12-03]
  2. Vapoursynth
  3. vsavsreader -- AviSynth script reader for VapourSynth
  4. vsrawsource - Raw Video Reader for VapourSynth
  5. image reader for VapourSynth
  6. Cross-Platform D2V Source for VapourSynth
  7. nnedi3 plugin for VapourSynth
  8. fmtconv: resize, bitdepth and colorspace conversions
  9. FineSharp for VapourSynth
  10. Various Vapoursynth modules
  11. Spatial convolution filter for VapourSynth
  12. Scene change detection
  13. GenericFilters [Now part of VS core]
  14. VapourSource: vapoursynth script importer for avisynth
  15. AverageHist : average histogram for VapourSynth
  16. Bifrost 2000: improved derainbowing filter for VapourSynth and Avisynth
  17. RemoveDirtVS
  18. TempLinearApproximate plugin
  19. Unresize images
  20. WWXD: Faster Xvid-like scene change detection for VapourSynth
  21. Convenience wrapper for fmtconv
  22. VapourSynth Editor
  23. ImageMagick writer/reader
  24. [VapourSynth] DctFilter
  25. TComb for VapourSynth
  26. MSmoosh: MSmooth and MSharpen for VapourSynth
  27. MVTools, Depan, DepanEstimate for VapourSynth
  28. IT 1.2 (ported)
  29. delogo (ported)
  30. Bilateral
  31. Retinex
  32. Scaling, colorspace conversion, and dithering library
  33. vcmod a plugin for vapoursynth
  34. vcfreq a plugin for vapoursynth
  35. vcmove a plugin for vapoursynth
  36. changefps vapoursynth?
  37. Missing threads that should be moved to the VapourSynth section.
  38. propagate per-frame metadata through format conversions?
  39. newbie questions of VapourSynth
  40. VS multithread question
  41. Dither - a complementary script to fmtconv
  42. MaskDetail for VapourSynth
  43. 16bit hist.Luma()
  44. Workflow with VapourSynth to deinterlace?
  45. Basic audio support for VapourSynth
  46. Starter-kit for a noob...
  47. Problem saving 16bit tiff file using RGB format
  48. Error of Dither_resize16nr porting
  49. EDIResample
  50. a few plugin requests..
  51. Continuity Fixer for VapourSynth
  52. 0xc000007b error on win7 64bit VM
  53. VapourSynth usage poll
  54. Help creating an "helper" script
  55. Motion compensated denoising - need help
  56. script translation
  57. Load avisynth dll in Vapoursynth
  58. TDeintMod : need some help
  59. Thread-safe ?
  60. Tweak
  61. Help porting a simple script
  62. ResampleHQ replacement for VS. żis this?
  63. vmulti/compensateMulti/degrainN/writevec/readvec for vsmvtools
  64. BM3D-r7 | state-of-the-art image/video denoising filter
  65. TFM() and DGSource() for VapourSynth?
  66. float point support for rawreader
  67. Is there a Tutorial for QTGMC with VapourSynth?
  68. Writing VapourSynth filters in Python
  69. some python filters (for fun)
  70. floating point data processing error. help request
  71. RGVS float version
  72. VapourSynth equivalent for SelectRangeEvery
  73. AviSynth to VapourSynth code translation
  74. help coding transition plugin
  75. Warping for vapoursynth (AWarpSharp2)
  76. VapourSynth-waifu2x-opt - image super-resolution/denoise filter
  77. Problem with a hand crafted script
  78. Vapoursynth AddBorders with StaxRip
  79. How to avoid using get_core() in every function of your module
  80. YATTA for VapourSynth (real name: Wobbly)
  81. nnedi3sf: single precision nnedi3 plugin
  82. single precision MVTools plugin (stable)
  83. mvsfunc-r8
  84. vctrans a plugin for transitions
  85. Usage of Subtitle
  86. Request for help to convert some Avisynth functions
  87. About nnedi3/eedi3 and _FieldBased property
  88. Contrasharpening HD for Vapoursynth, optimization issue
  89. Is there any fuction like compare() in avisynth?
  90. nnedi3_rpow2 function for VapourSynth
  91. How to call Histogram ?
  92. [Solved] Check if porting is proper
  93. Hysteria - Line Darkening
  94. Sangnom2AA
  95. AWarpSharp2 for VapourSynth
  96. quantization and tolerances in various formats
  97. Maa2
  98. newbie filter writing problem
  99. tone curves
  100. Check if porting is correct : ChubbyRain for VapourSynth
  101. Tweak for Vapoursynth
  102. How to connect VSPipe and x264 ?
  103. Segfaults on vivtc.VDecimate
  104. Playing clip in vsedit preview window?
  105. imwri and .dpx sequences
  106. Indexer, oh the pain
  107. Real-time Audio Processing
  108. ChromaReconstructor
  109. Dotkill - spatial dotcrawl remover
  110. Python version
  111. vspipe CPU usage
  112. D2V Witch: cross-platform D2V creator
  113. VapourSynth Portable - error
  114. VapourSynth pipe to ffmpeg
  115. General deinterlace
  116. 23.976 to 29.97 via 3:2
  117. Writing an animation easing plugin
  118. Vapoursynth install on Linux
  119. Resizing of interlaced meterial
  120. VapourSynth Histogram
  121. Re-interlace
  122. Conversion of YV12 to RGB
  123. VSPipe: how to input audio?
  124. FFMS2 fourcc tagging
  125. BakaFunc v1
  126. Bug (stuttering) when using QTGMC with Vapoursynth
  127. Processing webcam input
  128. minsharp
  129. Loading and applying 3D LUTs
  130. MCTemporalDenoise port?!
  131. Fighting colorbanding?
  132. Load image for x amount of frames
  133. VSPipe disc I/O writes?
  134. OpenCL "Out of resources!" error
  135. VapourSynth macOS Installer (Archive)
  136. VSPipe over network?!
  137. Oyster, placebo compression artifacts buster
  138. Resize - Downscale - aliasing
  139. VLC plugin for Vapoursynth processing (BETA)
  140. C++ API for VapourSynth
  141. BlankClip not true black - Sub Blacks
  142. Frame number based crop
  143. Alternative image sequence loader for VS
  144. Cnr2 aka Chroma Noise Reducer
  145. sub-pixel crop in resizers
  146. FineDehalo ported
  147. Vine, cutting edge quality de-halo filter and morphology stuff
  148. Piping into vapoursynth
  149. [solved] module 'sys' has no attribute 'argv'
  150. how to re-interlace TFF deinterlaced back into TFF
  151. LSFmod error - Python exception: No attribute with the name focus2 exists.
  152. Subtitle renderer for image subtitles
  153. SangNom for VapourSynth
  154. How to know what filter supports what format?
  155. DegrainMedian for VapourSynth
  156. repeating frames by scenechange tags
  157. Plum, blind deconvolution enhanced by pixel/block matching
  158. PGS subs filter for VapourSynth?
  159. requested frame not prefetched
  160. Vapoursynth on a virtual machine (and openCL implications)
  161. LibavSmashSource and vapoursynth error messages going through stdout
  162. FluxSmooth for VapourSynth
  163. a dummy's query, is fps drop expected from core.std.SelectEvery ?
  164. alternative to, or better use of, core.text.Text ?
  165. [REQ] SmoothD2 for VapourSynth
  166. vsjs - VapourSynth bindings for node.js
  167. Miscellaneous filters to test
  168. A dummy needs some help porting an AviSynth script.
  169. Best way to deinterlace hybrid 1080i29.97 footage
  170. Smart deinterlace script
  171. Need help to get started
  172. Reload modules on preview.
  173. Why is FFT3Dfilter not compiled for the computer challenged?
  174. Question about porting LoadVirtualdubplugin
  175. GradCurve VapourSynth plugin port of virtualdub Gradation Curves plugin
  176. Chromashift
  177. New filter: Fix Telecined Fades
  178. Resize error 3074: unrecognized transfer characteristics
  179. Filter once, output x times
  180. QTGMC de-interlacer on macOS
  181. Getting undesired FPS and AR output with QTGMC de-interlacer
  182. VIVTC Usage Issues
  183. TComb - dotcrawl removal issue (but QTGMC remove it)
  184. Request: translate avisynth NonlinUSM to vapoursynth function
  185. What are the RGBH, RGBS format constants ?
  186. Using QTGMC globals
  187. Cloning, individually processing and merging clips?
  188. HDR10 to SDR with Hable tone-mapping
  189. Filter opeations with as mask
  190. Best source load of dvcp (DVCPRO) .mov file ?
  191. which deinterlacer to use ?
  192. Request: port avisynth mftoon2 to vapoursynth
  193. Frame rate interpolation artifact problem
  194. AutoCrop for VS
  195. Cannot import plugins on Ubuntu
  196. Looking for help with script for weighted averaging of frames for smooth motion blur
  197. Descale
  198. Functions that don't work
  199. VFRToCFR for Vapoursynth
  200. Average n of x (TooT style)
  201. RemapFrames for Vapoursynth
  202. REC709 to HDR10 conversion
  203. MKV filesystem for VapourSynth
  204. VapourSynth Available Plugins
  205. Building a montage clip for color correcting Dragon Ball Z
  206. Removing duplicate frames of animated content - Dedup?
  207. Unable to open clip
  208. What is wrong with this YUV => RGB => YUV roundtrip ?
  209. How to load Vapoursynth scripts with StaxRIP
  210. Stab function in new Python version?
  211. Video enchancment / If time was not a factor?
  212. removing color cast using white point and gray point?
  213. Vapoursynth script cannot find core.fft3dfilter
  214. Windows Binaries (and portability)
  215. No attribute with the name mvsf exists. Did you mistype a plugin namespace?
  216. Could someone tell me how to get rid of a halo?
  217. What is correct difference between clips?
  218. avisynth replacement for ColorKeyMask, ResetMask, Overlay, Layer ...
  219. Resizing troubles
  220. avisynth plugin requests
  221. vspipe: passing arguments to script
  222. Strange values for Levels
  223. matrix 2020cl gives resize error
  224. TTempsmooth port or equivalent for vapoursynth?
  225. ResampleHQ causes weird bands?
  226. Question about std.cache
  227. How do I append video from another script using subprocess?
  228. Different saturation adjusting filters vary in red
  229. How to load other scripts as sources?
  230. How do I draw vertical and horizontal line across the frame?
  231. Problems with Histogram/Tweak and Other Teething Problems
  232. Questions about using Avisynth Plugins
  233. How to run Avisynth scripts within VapourSynth
  234. Zip function?
  235. FFT3DFilter - The Portening
  236. piping HDR Rec.2020 from Vapoursynth to ffmpeg via vspipe
  237. zimg/z.lib resize line artifacts
  238. Out of gamut detection
  239. Dirt Removal , higher bit depths ?
  240. MakeDiff mask problem - static/dynamic noise
  241. How do I blend pixels in a frame
  242. ToneMap -> color artifacts
  243. ffmpeg using .vpy scripts directly one day, like avisynth ?
  244. Is there a complete decimate function? bit depths, chroma subsampling ?
  245. How do I check if two images with different file size contain the same image?
  246. Protecting lines from thinning when applying a LUT in anime?
  247. Just starting out with VapourSynth
  248. Can I Distribute VapourSynth Without Python?
  249. 32-bit Format Range
  250. Make "The Colors of Motion" style image