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  1. Announcing Zoom Player v5.00 release candidate 2
  2. SubDownloader 1.2.3 - Subtitle download tool
  3. UK: report on copyright announced in Parliament
  4. Major Labels to Offer Unrestricted MP3s
  5. DVDFab products is out (12/14/2006)
  6. RipIt4Me updates to
  7. HR 5252 Bill Dies, aka. A new day for Net Neutrality
  8. HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray battle may be over
  9. AnyDVD Updated (current version
  10. PgcEdit 8.0 beta 8 (December 21, 2006) available
  11. 2006 Weblog Awards: Best Technology Blog
  12. Release of HDngn - OpenGL MediaPlayer/Engine
  13. Congress Bans Pretexting
  14. "RIAA Petitions Judges to Lower Artist Royalties"
  15. DVD slideshow GUI - new tutorial
  16. Gates says DRM 'too complicated'
  17. Announcing Zoom Player v5.00 final
  18. DVD slideshow GUI - new version out 0.71
  19. SubtitleCreator 2.1 beta 1
  20. Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection
  21. cuttermaran 1.68a
  22. BENCOS (2006-12-23) preview release! (win32)
  23. VLC 0.8.6 released
  24. Piracy outstripping Legal video sales, sort of
  25. Backup HDDVD, a tool to decrypt AACS protected movies, released
  26. BENCOS (2006-12-29) new release!
  27. FAVC (Updated to v0.80)
  28. Xbox 360 hacked. Linux Kernel booting...
  29. Warner Bros. DVD will play rival formats
  30. Studios OK movie downloads technology
  31. Time Warner to announce dual-format DVDs next week
  32. Record firms sue Russian MP3 site
  33. SanDisk Intros 32-GB Flash Drive for Notebooks
  34. Roxio Launches RecordNow 9 Music Lab Premier
  35. Major Labels Offering Unrestricted MP3s
  36. French court says Sony 'deceived' consumers: watchdog --Yahoo
  37. Shrinkto5 is no more
  38. Senators introduce 'Net tax ban
  39. Hitachi Introduces 1-Terabyte Hard Drive
  40. Hi-def video to ring in digital living room
  41. China Readies DVD Rival Format Push
  42. Why China is the Make or Break Digital Home Market
  43. DVDFab products Beta is out (01/05/2007)
  44. Gstreamer available on Windows
  45. AnyDVD Updated
  46. Data storage gets image makeover
  47. DVD Format Wars: Blu-ray or HD DVD?
  48. Luxpro Levels $100M Suit Against Apple
  49. CSS Again?
  50. Sync multicamera clips
  51. LG unveils solution to new DVD format war
  52. New device will send Web videos to TV
  53. Apple, Microsoft to unveil digital media systems
  54. South Korea's Samsung develops dual-sided LCD
  55. Sharp says 108-inch LCD TV is biggest yet
  56. Netgear Unveils Products With BitTorrent, Skype
  57. Samsung to come out with wireless plasma TV
  58. Blockbuster shuts down in Peru, piracy blamed
  59. A shotgun marriage for Blu-ray and HD DVD?
  60. Where no China has gone before: Brazil bans YouTube
  61. Hotfix available for WME9 on Vista
  62. Hidef disks may not be compatible with Vista
  63. No more DRM on EMI CD's?
  64. CBS to allow snippets of shows on Web
  65. Hack Will Help Kill HD DVD Copy Protection
  66. Consumers, not governments, should decide IT winners: US
  67. Retailers back Warner Bros DVD combination
  68. Warner Officially Announces Dual Format HD Disc
  69. RipIt4Me updates to
  70. Cisco Sues Apple for Trademark Infringement
  71. Cisco SVP Mark Chandler weighs in on iPhone debacle
  72. Iphone Lawsuit number two for Apple?
  73. Network Ten Australia begins episode download service
  74. DVDFab products is out (01/11/2007):
  75. Adult Film To Choose HD DVD?
  76. MPAA uploading fake Torrents?!
  77. The futility of HD-DVD vs Blueray war
  78. No truce in sight in high-def DVD war
  79. 'DRM' Protects Downloads, But Does It Stifle Innovation?
  80. Report: Sony sold 490,700 PS3s in U.S.
  81. Xbox 360 bests Wii, PlayStation 3 in US holiday sales
  82. FAVC Updated to 0.90
  83. Who Does Net Neutrality Benefit?
  84. U.N. telecom not eying Internet control
  85. Analyst: Apple Will Use iPhone Trademark Lawsuit For Publicity
  86. Why The iPhone Won't Make Apple A Player In Business IT
  87. Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: The War Rages On
  88. PCs And TVs: So Close Yet Still So Far Away
  89. If Video Is The Answer, PC Industry Looks For The Right Question
  90. New Xbox 360 due for late '07 to handle IPTV?
  91. FCC unties cable boxes from cable companies
  92. Round one goes to the hackers: BackupHDDVD rips open AACS
  93. Ritek boasting ten-layer HD DVD / Blu-ray discs?
  94. Sony BDP-S1 firmware update
  95. 51GB triple-layer HD DVDs in the pipeline?
  96. Warner Home Video outlines 2007 HD DVD plans
  97. Warner Home Video Best Films of 2006 & 2007 and Classic Favorites on HD DVD
  98. Blu-ray Disc Association declares victory over HD DVD
  99. LG's hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD standalone drive coming soon
  100. Who Killed TiVoToGo?
  101. News Analysis: Copy protection cheats music consumers
  102. AnyDVD updated to
  103. Fluendo announces Windows Media and MPEG codec support for GNU/Linux and Solaris
  104. FixVTS Updates to
  105. DivFix++ AVI Fix & Preview
  106. DVDFab products Beta is out (01/16/2007)
  107. The Gowers Report - Intellectual Property
  108. ITALY - Not a Felony to download and share copyrighted files.
  109. IsoPuzzle updates to v1.4 (Recovery program for scratched damaged DVD Data-CD )
  110. AACS Admits breach
  111. DivX 6.5 released
  112. Jury Rules That H.264 is Not Qualcomm Patented
  113. Consumer body in iTunes threat
  114. AnyDvD HD is comming...
  115. Vista Driver Signing Bypassed!
  116. Asda DVD player costs less than a film
  117. Sony BMG settles anti-piracy CDs charges
  118. DivX 6.5.1 released
  119. Apple's iTunes music sales collapses in H1 -survey
  120. Support DMCA Reform - Help Pass Boucher's DMCA Reform Bill!
  121. A Flat Fee for Tunes?
  122. Hollywood courts tech it once opposed
  123. Steve Jobs urges end to DRM
  124. BENCOS rev 2007-02-08
  125. BSkyB to launch new DVB-T service in the UK
  126. MuxMan update available for free version
  127. AnyDVD HD BETA Released
  128. Microsoft Announces "Breakthrough" DRM (Yes, ANOTHER one)
  129. ImgBurn v2.2.0.0 Released!
  130. HDngn v.0.8 released
  131. Windows Vista Protected Media Path DRM already broken?
  132. AnyDVD HD Retail is released for sale
  133. MPAA violates linkware license
  134. HDngn v.0.8.1 released
  135. Canadian Music Store Offers Unlocked Music
  136. Enosoft DV Processor Released
  137. Open source to gain from MP3 court battle
  138. new tool beta - "MpegALot", a multi-threaded batch MPEG4 encoder
  139. Plextor may start to charge for new AACS keys on their bluray-drives?
  140. New AnyDVD HD with Blu-Ray Support
  141. An Economic Explanation For Why DRM Cannot Open Up New Business Model Opportunities
  142. AACS key dissemination media attention
  143. DivFix++ v0.28 Released
  144. MSU cumulative update info
  145. greyc: a new image restoration/resizing
  146. New AnyDVD HD from Slysoft
  147. Announcing SleepyTime - Keep Your Computer From Being Annoying At Night
  148. RipIt4Me Beta released
  149. HD-DVD leads Blu-Ray in Europe
  150. MediaCoder supports Dirac encoding
  151. Apple to add H.264 hardware encoder / decoder chips to every mac.
  152. Intel announces 50W TDP Quad Core Xeons
  153. SP2 for X64 got released
  154. DVD Fab HD Decrypter released in beta
  155. SUPER 2007 build 22
  156. DVD ReBuilder V1.23 released
  157. NordicHardware.com: "SynchroTek Fairchild whips today's HD codecs"
  158. EU proposal stiffens sanctions for copyright violations
  159. Microsoft continues abuse, EU official says
  160. Universal signs up to HD-DVD
  161. Sabayon Linux 3.3 released
  162. ImgBurn v2.3.0.0 Released!
  163. Movie pirates want sniffer dogs Lucky and Flo whacked
  164. RipIt4Me released!
  165. New DVDx 2.8 : now create/modify your own WMV profiles
  166. Undeterred by Blu-ray hacks, Sony unveils yet another cipher for DRM
  167. News update
  168. Small error in news; DVD-cards are PCI-E not PCI-X
  169. Xbox 360 Elite: 120GB drive now official
  170. Judge rules against DVD consortium
  171. DVD Fab HD Decrypter
  172. EMI to drop DRM on some iTunes sales
  173. DVD slideshow GUI 0.74 with .gfd export is out.
  174. avsFilmCutter new version b
  175. MXPlay now open Beta
  176. AACS patch for WinDVD HD DVD and BD players
  177. DivFix++ v0.29 Released
  178. DVD Rebuilder v1.23.3 released
  179. Microsoft changes tune on selling DRM-free songs
  180. Happy birthday TV 80 years old
  181. WinDVD new keys
  182. AMD pricing effective April 9, 2007
  183. Xbox360 Spring Update with H264 /Mpeg4 Support
  184. ImgBurn v2.3.1.0 Released!
  185. New Software - Media Info.
  186. Sony Report Reveals First Look at Absolute Blu-ray and HD DVD Disc Sales Figures
  187. Sound Forge 9!!
  188. DVD Security Group Says It Fixed Flaws (HD DVD and Blu-ray discs)
  189. HD-DVD Winning the European Race
  190. ImgBurn v2.3.2.0 Released!
  191. AMD's New DRM
  192. New PowerDVD Ultra patch and new AnyDVD HD version released;
  193. MXPlay now open Beta
  194. SAMSUNG Electronics to Release Duo Hd Player
  195. DAEMON TOOLS V4.09 released!
  196. Sony movies unplayable on Sony players
  197. Harvard Business School: "Delivering the Digital Goods: iTunes vs. Peer-to-Peer"
  198. Intel's Penryn w/SSE4: Coders, start your optimizers
  199. AVforums HD-DVD fanboys Mass Buy Makes HD-DVD format Spike.
  200. Microsoft Announces Commercial VC-1 Encoder SDK
  201. Silverlight - Microsoft's answer to Flash
  202. Pioneer hits China with $300 BDC-S02 Blu-ray drive
  203. No more XP
  204. Wal-Mart has made an order for 2 million Chinese HD DVD players
  205. Digital proves problematic
  206. "They" caught a true software pirate
  207. BENCOS 2007-04-25 released!
  208. Bluetooth plasma tv.
  209. Freesat gets formal approval
  210. AES hardware block on NVIDIA hardware
  211. HiDef format DRM sparks user outcry
  212. AACS LA vow to clamp down on bloggers
  213. Bluu-ray, HD-DVD internal combo drive.
  214. Advanced screening halted in Canada.
  215. New methods to stop DVD theft.
  216. Chips on DVDs could prevent theft (of physical disks)
  217. What's in a name?
  218. Slysoft works with new titles
  219. Latest AACS revision defeated a week before release
  220. New NVidia Drivers for GeForce 7 Series and Lower
  221. Microsoft's patents unenforceable when SUSE ships under GPL3
  222. "Free" ISP teams with ATEME for IPTV service update
  223. DVDFab HD Decrypter, new version
  224. Copying HD DVD and Blu-ray discs may become legal
  225. Sony sued over Blu-ray
  226. Interesting DRM Case in Finland - backing up of DVDs legal in the Finland despite CSS
  227. DirecTV adding more HD channels
  228. XBMC recruiting developers for Linux
  229. avsFilmCutter 1.9 b released
  230. Intervideo released WinDVD w/HD DVD and Blu Ray playback
  231. Apple's DRM-free music not-so DRM-free
  232. New Canadian laws for camcording in theaters
  233. Microsoft Sued Over Ultimate TV DVR System
  234. Sony's confirms Blu-ray price DROP
  235. DivX 6.6 Pro for free
  236. The Blu-ray experience
  237. 3ivx 5.0 is now avaliable
  238. RIAA throws in the towel in Atlantic v. Andersen
  239. Sony killed RipIt4Me
  240. You Tube no longer yours
  241. The future of optical media
  242. Blockbuster will only stock Blu-ray
  243. 20 inch 3D display , without the glasses
  244. BD+ specification has been released
  245. ISP as copyright cop: Aussie ISP kills all user multimedia files nightly
  246. AVC High Profile H.264 firmware for PS3 on the way
  247. Former RIAA defendant sues RIAA
  248. Open source spurs e-record adoption.
  249. Avidemux v2.4 Preview-2 released!
  250. FSF releases the GNU General Public License, version 3