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  1. Question on POC
  2. Question about The Intel SAD Way (tm)
  3. Joining mp4 clips?
  4. x264 only using one core by default
  5. VBR and ABR
  6. [New Patch] use first pass stats file for second pass eta when using fifo pipes
  7. what DAR?
  8. resizing 1080p to 720p / SAR | DAR
  9. H.264/AVC Pro software from mainconcept
  10. Which values for vbv settings?
  11. Help With Reference Frames
  12. Trouble converting WMV to mp4
  13. The New Generation Of iPod
  14. Which frame looks better?
  15. stereo video content
  16. Gordion Knot--can't config x264 1&2 Pass
  17. Comparison : 2 / 3 pass & --me umh / esa
  18. Current Patches, Where to get them, How they affect speed/output
  19. x264 2 Pass Encode CRF + Bitrate
  20. h264 1080p to h264 720p - whats a good way
  21. CAVLC vs CABAC for IPOD vs PSP
  22. ffmpeg command line for libx264
  23. Video file, add subs & export to Mpeg-4 AVC
  24. Video Source high quality
  25. x264's CPU usage dropping..
  26. x264 presets discussion, again
  27. Mpeg2 -> AVC (h.264 Nero Digital) - why I am losing vividness of color?
  28. video truncated while playing
  29. X264 - log explanation needed
  30. General encoding via RDP (remote desktop)...
  31. Help with command-line x264 encoding from DVD to mp4 under Linux
  32. Elecard Converter Studio 2.1
  33. Compare w/ 2 instances of player possible?
  34. About CRF in X264
  35. Muxing a raw h264 stream into an AVI container
  36. HD Rec DVD
  37. Help for avisynth message error
  38. Player support of the PAR flag
  39. Turning OFF deblocking to get sharper picture?
  40. Effect of x264's --zones option on the averabe bitrate of the whole video
  41. The Not Quite But Almost Exhaustive Deblocking Comparison Test (TNQBAEDBCT)
  42. x264 - profiles and logs
  43. Making 1080P AVC-HD simple
  44. Nero Recode vs PSP
  45. PS3 and PARS
  46. Suggestions for custom matrix for high bitrate
  47. Nero recode + 5.1 audio question
  48. x264 options that don't affect 2nd pass when running 1st pass
  49. Encoding for XBMC -- resolution or bitrate?
  50. black and white movie specific options?
  51. FFmpeg encoding MPEG4 vs AVC
  52. Nero Recode H.264 AVC Good Bitrate settings
  53. Which container/program for http progressive playback of h264/aac
  54. Reporting Strange behaving in X264. Possible bug. Please read
  55. Fast, transparent, bitrate-inefficient, disposable x264 HD encodes
  56. ffmpeg/libavcodec supports decoding PAFF
  57. Preserving details & grain - worse settings superior? [pics]
  58. simplest video compression
  59. GameTrailers HD WMV to iPod via MeGUI
  60. remuxing mkvext .h264 and .ac3 files to .avi container?
  61. Is AVCHD 720p possible?
  62. Installing x264 on Linux. Few questions.
  63. Trouble playing x264 file
  64. Zones and crf
  65. h.264 encoding on Mac OS X, and my failure at it
  66. MainConcept Reference 1.0 (first look)
  67. remuxing mkvext .h264 and .ac3 files to .avi/ts container?
  68. Color shift using x.264
  69. My x264 Options
  70. x264 crash
  71. I frames and mkvmerge
  72. x264 good quality?
  73. h264visa:free tool for h264/avc baseline profile analysis.
  74. Audio Sync?
  75. CoreAVC/VLC/FFDshow chokes on high bitrate content?
  76. A question regarding b-bias
  77. How to set aspect properly?
  78. x264 x86_64 on Windows Vista
  79. CAVLC using Intel Ipp for AVC
  80. H.246 AVC cutter?
  81. x264: CRF18 & Annoying Rainbow-Effect
  82. Can't open an x264 .MKV file in VdubMod via "DirectShowSource"
  83. is x264 participating in MSU's 4th shootout ?
  84. x264 ballance btw quality and size
  85. Excel sheet to help encoding
  86. converting dvd9 x264 to dvd5 x264, any recommendations?
  87. How to store Y, U, V data to a YUV file?
  88. x264's multithreading efficiency
  89. Invalid timing_info_present_flag value = 0
  90. PS3 settings supposed to be possible?
  91. Question about x264 1-pass rate control arithmetic
  92. PMP format still required for the PSP?
  93. decode or recode mkv and mp4 (avc) to mpg
  94. A thought: "evolving" good ME algorithms.
  95. Unable to transcode H.264 evo/mkv
  96. Every player crash when open an X264 file
  97. how to encode video for HDDVD/BLURAY/XBOX360/PS3
  98. H264Visa: totally FREE H.264/AVC analyse tool
  99. Modify SAR on h.264 stream
  100. ATI Xcode H264 Decoding?
  101. Fastest AVC Encoder?
  102. DVD to AVC level
  103. X264 and Quad Core
  104. Dealing with Blocks
  105. Encoding Interlaced Content
  106. Intel H.264 vs x264 vs Mainconcept H.264 , which is better ?
  107. Mainconcept H.264 doesn't support AVC High Profile ?
  108. RealVideo 10 15% better than H.264 , is this true ?
  109. ffdshow postprocessing and x264
  110. PSP owners, which settings do you use for different kinds of content?
  111. Archive Project - What am I doing wrong?
  112. Encoding 720p from Vegas Movie Studio?
  113. mainconcepts colours problem
  114. Is it possible to modify x264 to use GPU power to speed-up encoding ?
  115. Container = ? Bytes
  116. inter-layer prediction
  117. Newbie question on aspect ratio
  118. Any difference in quality b/w encoding with H.264 High Profile & Main Profile ?
  119. Introducing the Fast-Ref-Search (version 0.2)
  120. H.264 Playback: GPU support (at least partly by ANY GPU) possible?
  121. Colorimetry Info in H.264 Streams
  122. Me-prepass submitted?
  123. mp4tools
  124. Archos 605 AVC Level
  125. Specific DVD problem using Constant Quality in Handbrake .9.1
  126. whatever happened to hardware decoders ?
  127. question about actual reference fram utilization...
  128. Extract used matrix from h.264 streams
  129. DivX goes AVC !
  130. Will Penryn CPUs greatly increase encoding times?
  131. What are the exact restrictions of H.264 for PSP??
  132. H264 playback on Nokia 6300
  133. my videos start to stutter after awhile... why?
  134. Help x264 development: run this test!
  135. Vista x64 as Encoding Platform!?
  136. HD-DVD to mkv problems
  137. Subtitles to .ts VC-1 stream
  138. x264 Speed Patch Thread
  139. thoughts on Mainconcept's H.264 encoder...
  140. Constant Quality, 2 pass in MEGUI?
  141. Help getting freeware TV calibration disk to AVCHD, MP4-->MOV
  142. Mpeg4-Part10 (H.264) hardware encoder
  143. Try SFIPBox application. Watch Real-time Network TV Today.
  144. Watermark Logo Help, Staxrip
  145. h.264 720p/1080p playback requirements?
  146. Embed Closed Caption data in H.264 Elementary Streams
  147. Can't get x264 decoding multithreaded
  148. What are the drawbacks of encoding to non-MOD16 resolutions?
  149. So how much faster has x264 become since recent developments ?
  150. AVC encoding for Flash 9...?
  151. MPEG2 -> x264 needs YUV -> RGB conversion?
  152. Getting bad jaggies, how do I fix?
  153. Shaky x264 playback
  154. x264 fails to build under Linux on x86_64
  155. Am I wrong to use h264 for SD footage ?
  156. Is it safe: 2nd pass re-encoding with different bitrate in 2pass encodes
  157. Encoding 720p MJPEG file using Mainconcept encoder --> for Streaming vid
  158. Can I author h264 to play on HD-DVD players ?
  159. Why isn't there any GMC for x264?
  160. Why would I get worse results with the Bitrate Variance at 99 or 100%
  161. CRF vs. AQ-Strength
  162. Will youtube encode existing videos to AVC when it implements Flash 9 H.264/AAC ?
  163. some crash problems with mencoder
  164. how to update x264 under linux with mencoder
  165. is it posiball to trick the h.264
  166. question regarding ffdshow and CoreAVC.
  167. x264 errors after first pass
  168. Q6600 overclock question for better X264 speed
  169. Encoding for Baseline profile HD sequences
  170. Weird quantizers displayed for x264
  171. MKV to AVC for Playstation 3?
  172. MKV w\h264 -> When encoded in WMEnc9, stops after 1st pass...?
  173. x264 and LCD monitors
  174. How to convert one HD file to another?
  175. A roaylty-free H264 or other encoder?
  176. x264 for VFW?
  177. How to test the performance of a DShow filter
  178. Strange and problematic h264 stream that won't mux into anything
  179. Guide: AVC video in MKV on PS3
  180. Practical approaches to backing up HD-DVD
  181. Remux H264 from TS to AVI
  182. Custom matrices and encoding speed
  183. trellis question
  184. How do these x.264 patches work?
  185. MPEG-4 AVC (Nero Freezing while recoding)
  186. Set Standard Audio Track in MKV ?
  187. Annoying effect on x264 encodes in meGUI
  188. Dark Shikari - Link to your latest X264 builds
  189. Transcoding WMV-HD.
  190. converting an avc1 encoded .mov to something else
  191. 2pass filesize accuracy
  192. Mixing different video files
  193. Blu-ray to x264 (audio and video)
  194. How to encode my HD videos to AVC with x.264 so I can burn them onto Blu-Ray/HD-DVD?
  195. Demuxing H.264-ts
  196. H264Visa: totally FREE H.264/AVC analyse tool, Christmas Update
  197. ffmpeg doesn't like 1080p H.264 files?
  198. Any way to fix this easily? x264 thru HDMI = Delay
  199. How good can .mkv be?
  200. Variance AQ Megathread (AQ v0.48 update--defaults changed)
  201. ffmpeg: h264+AC3 to VOB generates "buffer underflow" warnings
  202. DVD -> AVC mpeg4 Nero Digital Noob question
  203. Need help with MKV / MP4 files for Kiss1600 unit
  204. Will XBOX360 play H264 MP4 encoded files via Media Center Extender?
  205. motion estimation
  206. Use of x.264 encoded clips for commercial purpose
  207. Error at x264.exe
  208. HDDVD/Bluray to x264 bitrate savings?
  209. Recommendations for portable devices
  210. Suggestion on x264 2 pass encoding
  211. Nero 8?
  212. Encoding for the Ipod
  213. Noise preserving in x264
  214. Nero Recode 3 (Nero 8.2) released
  215. Zune video specification
  216. x264 Known Hardware accelleration problems and solutions
  217. Own x264 Encodes Squashed in MPC
  218. H264 with Flash Video
  219. Getting x264 to work in WMP
  220. Need advice on deblocking
  221. h264 bitstream expert needed
  222. HD-DVD compliant AVC stream to Blu-Ray compliant AVC stream
  223. How to encode to h264 with non-square pixel?
  224. How to create PS3 compatible H.264 file from Adobe Premiere CS3 ?
  225. FFDShow X264 Encoder: What Does 'Constant Quality' Mean?
  226. Quants problem
  227. Resizing = decreasing quality?
  228. Clips for Debugging CAVLC Decoding
  229. problem with avc2avi
  230. H264 AVC on PS3 - I want it all...
  231. How to encode x264 with 64bits version ?
  232. x264 playback on XBox360 with chapter
  233. Aspect ratio problem with h264 and Flash
  234. Encoding 3d Movies. How to avoid blockyness
  235. Need Help With File Conversion...
  236. Question about Nero 8
  237. Premiere H264 settings 4 xbox360 playback
  238. x264: encoded file has gray haze?
  239. H264 Parser which gives similar info to this ???
  240. AVC stream analysis for handheld playback debugging
  241. h.264 Playback on P3 1ghz
  242. x264 encode sparkles/glitters
  243. Nero Recode 3 SMP Support?
  244. MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 ES GOP Structure Visualizer and Analyzer
  245. What is DPB size?
  246. Test the improved ratecontrol
  247. Which bitrate for HD material?
  248. Ps3 AVC with hardcoded subs
  249. convert h.264 for xbox 360
  250. Encoding Duration