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  1. Best SRT>SST script+image renderer?
  2. Problem adding subtitles in Ulead DVD Workshop 2 (de-synchronization)
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  4. Muxing Sub and Idx files into MKV?
  5. SSA: Make part of subtitle line completely transparent?
  6. how to display the subtitle automatically when beginning the movie?
  7. isn't NTSC's frame 29.97 ?
  8. Adding subtitles to a episode disc
  9. let's collect the special characters of variosue languges
  10. [Solved] Sync problem
  11. 48 Khz --> 44.1 Khz... always out of synch?
  12. Need help with subtitles in an ogm file
  13. Newbie - Playing subtitles
  14. What naming scheme does VobSub need to recognize the vob files the IFO belongs with?
  15. subs wont display on avi
  16. Translating subtitles and putting them back on a DVD
  17. Decoding Captions
  18. convert srt to son and vobsub
  19. cyrillic subs not showed correctly
  20. any possible player to playback "soft-Karaoke"?
  21. How they do that? (subtitles anf audio language)
  22. Problems ripping subtitles with VSRIP and other toolz
  23. What subtitles program support unicode
  24. subtitles location change
  25. Own subtitles using AutoGK?
  26. Newbie: No subtitle
  27. Positioning Subtitles in Black Letterbox Area [Again!]
  28. Can't sync Subs with AVI
  29. convert idx+sub files in ssa
  30. vobsub configure can't see subtitle stream
  31. how to add subtitles to a new dvd with *.idx & *.sub?
  32. no subs on the standalone
  33. How to selectively delete subs with SubResync ??
  34. Demux softsubtitles from avi?
  35. adding subtitles to dvd alternative method
  36. symbol matrices
  37. Translating subtitles as bmp editing?
  38. .idx in remaining time format
  39. DVD Subtitle limitations
  40. How to Rip subtitle from VCD/RM/DIVX?
  41. Subtitle Aesthetics
  42. no extra files
  43. Newbie: permanently adding subtitles to the ripped avi.
  44. Converting CC-Subs to .srt
  45. Any way to split srt in CLI?
  46. VOB to AVI + Subtitle
  47. adding subs to avi using dvd2svcd
  48. SubtitleCreator (alternative to srt2sup)
  49. Not sure how to add these subs...
  50. Convert .sub & .idx to .sup?
  51. horrid problem with subtitles synch (SubRip)
  52. Problem ripping numbers in subrip
  53. Sub title stream ID's
  54. DVD Subtitles conflict english whith another
  55. VSFilter utilities (as in VOBSUB)?
  56. Subtitles don't appear on real DVD player
  57. HOW: 2 subtitles DISPLAYED AT THE SAME TIME in set top player
  58. Only one color on dvd has effect (help plzzz)
  59. Closed Caption to subtitle. Keep Menu?
  60. DVD subs convertion
  61. VSFilter: FadeIn/FadeOut does not work
  62. Permanent Subtitles
  63. Adding subtitels to avi
  64. Taking external subtitles (sub/idx) and making them permanent
  65. Analyses all Subtitle Streams with SubResync
  66. Invisible Subtitles
  67. Anything that actually muxes?
  68. Adding subtitles to a DVD with keeping menu
  69. Crash with vsfilter/vobsub
  70. subtitle creator
  71. Converting .sub
  72. VOB size question (subtitles related)
  73. Vobsub doesn't display raw subs
  74. Celltimes from 2 PGC
  75. please help no subs ifoedit
  76. subtitles with ffdshow and mpegencoder
  77. VobEdit and Vob-ID change, still no solution
  78. Subtitle-Mapping in DVDMaestro
  79. Kill Bill Vol. 2 with forced subs
  80. Subtitle Synch Problem
  81. .SUB format?
  82. Codec problem with subtitles on Video CD
  83. Joining Two .Sub Files?
  84. AutoGK: looong subtitle delay
  85. Last Samurai Subs wont burn in
  86. SubRip / OCR Advanced / Font Style (OCR)
  87. quick subtitle problem
  88. Problem with VobSub, it doesn't work
  89. Rendering issues w/SSA-ASS in VSfilter?
  90. SSA Styles
  91. convert BMP to srt
  92. Problem displaying muxed subs in AVI files
  93. Subtitles in Windows Media 9 files
  94. SubRip 1.17.1 Crashes
  95. Subtitles disappearing on a table player
  96. Three or more subtitles in one standalone supported format file ?
  97. Subtitle Sync
  98. Letterbox and 4:3 Subs
  99. New subtitle on multiangle NTSC DVD
  100. Subtitles ripped from a DVD with nasty IFO files
  101. Problem with Subtitle joining..
  102. Write text into a subtitle
  103. Subs way out of sync
  104. import subtitles in encore
  105. Antialiased Fonts with DVDauthorGUI
  106. How to make scrolling up .ssa subtitles ?
  107. Rip subtitles off dvd, one language! Easy way??
  108. Added subtitles problems on standalone
  109. Multilanguage Vobsub Subtitle problem
  110. how to forced subtile in an authored dvd
  111. Extracting Subs From A Mkv File
  112. demux and remux subs on DVDR
  113. Embed multiple subtitle languages into a DivX AVI
  114. how to put subs from ogm to dvd??
  115. DirectVobSub "General setting" saving style
  116. vobsub scale doesn't work
  117. subtitles burning-question
  118. Haute Tension/Switchblade Romance Subtitles Help!
  119. Getting clean subtitle previews in SW with avisynth
  120. idx/sub files question!
  121. How to convert PAL(720x576) .idx/.sub INTO NTSC(720x480) .idx/.sub ?
  122. How to control DVobSub/VSFilter externally
  123. Subtitle lock
  124. vobsub creates subs with reversed times
  125. VSRIP and SUBRIP problems!!!
  126. No subtitle when playing with standalone player
  127. ReJig doesn't author my movie! :-(
  128. i have synce problem with the sub, how can i fix it ?
  129. How can i rip subtitles from an avi(xvid or div-x)
  130. Subtitles in AVI container
  131. SSA subs not appearing
  132. how do you add bitmap sub to .mkv
  133. SubRip having problems on some dvd's... possible encryption?
  134. Multi coloured DVD subs from srt
  135. S p a c e d Subtitles
  136. wrong framerate
  137. Star Wars Episode 1 alien subs
  138. DirectVobSub doesn't work with PowerDVD
  139. subtitles help...!?!?!?
  140. Professional Tools for Subtitling
  141. MKV & Subtitle changes?
  142. Editing Subtitles in Other Languages
  143. OCRing stubborn VobSubs
  144. Adding hardsubs to avi without recompressing
  145. Creating subtitles with divx avi (with ON/OFF capability)
  146. Description of .idx ?
  147. How do VobSub determine what fonts and sizes to use?
  148. How can i open a .rawsub file?
  149. Ogg Writ - the official .ogg subtitle/text stream format
  150. .sup to .srt
  151. "THE COMPLETE WORKING GUIDE" problem. DVD freezes! Help!
  152. Sub menu probs.
  153. Syncing subtitles to a DTS track
  154. Viewing subtitle
  155. Inserting (*.txt,*.sub) subtitles problem with Dvd Architet 2.0
  156. HEEELLLPP please, going nuts after hours of testing
  157. How To Add NEW Subtitles to a DVD and Keep the Menu ! + First MOVIE Tutorial !
  158. maestro synch problem
  159. Adding subtitles to DVD with multiple program chains?
  160. How to add a subtitle (.sub/.srt) to a VCD/SVCD
  161. maintain sub positions in a text format?
  162. VobSub to DVD?
  163. anyone who recognizes this subtitle format ??
  164. Quick Question:
  165. does any one had this problem with rejig
  166. SRT Help Please?
  167. Changing Subtitle Color How
  168. DirectVobSub only show forced subs
  169. ati catalyst 4.10 causes video stutter with subs
  170. IFOedit: how to turn on subtitles
  171. subtitds.ax error help
  172. Subtitle size problem on a Standalone!
  173. Very specific SubRip question
  174. Problems with Color/Style Collisions in MaestroSBT
  175. Subtitles in green blocks!
  176. Sync problems. Help!!!
  177. Question to difficult or to easy - nobody here really knows?
  178. Subtitle on dvd gone
  179. How to make mandarin karaoke in SSA?
  180. hey help sub to sup
  181. Convert .SUP
  182. New - Open Picture Subtitles Format (OPS)
  183. vcd subs out of screen, how do i move them up?
  184. subrip and vobsub comments and questions
  185. subrip won't start
  186. Any gui's for dvdsuptools ?
  187. How to set up the lead time in SSA?
  188. Importing BMP subs from subrip into DVD Lab pro
  189. Subtitle size problem, after AutoGK convertion!
  190. syncing subs to a DVDR
  191. divx subtitles in a jvc player?
  192. Subtitles starting at 255
  193. VobSub Cutter Problem
  194. move DVD subs below picture
  195. How do you set up subs from VOBs that do not form the original DVD
  196. subtitles won`t transfer
  197. Split subtitles to multiple parts
  198. interest check: MaestroSBTfix
  199. MaestroSBT crashing
  200. Burning in USF subs
  201. problem ripping bad subtitle
  202. SubtitleCreator Bug report
  203. unrecognized SUB format in most programs
  204. SubRip or VobSub can't load subtitles ripped with DVD Decrypter
  205. Smoother subtitles on DVDs
  206. What font is good to use for a dvd subtitle??
  207. Adding sub to stripped to 2xDVD5 movie trouble/questions
  208. CC extracted with VSrip VobSub is scrambled
  209. Text file subtitles into graphical subtitles...
  210. IDX/VOB -> SUB (for linux)
  211. DVDmaestro subtitle colors
  212. SSA - \move (help please)
  213. App that trims subtitles?
  214. ripping with vobsub: several vob ID at once?
  215. Rip Subtitles from AN OGM
  216. SSA/ASS transparency ?__?
  217. How to rip subtitles in a DVB-recording ?
  218. New XML subtitle standard (in the making)
  219. Displaying 2 subtitles simultaneously - a solution and a request for a better one
  220. Subtitle Script
  221. How to keep a Chinese sub demuxed from DVD Dycripter???
  222. subtitle thats is split into 2- but want to combine it into one
  223. Loading bmp sub files into DVD lap pro
  224. Problem with vsfilter
  225. MaestroSBT rendering SSA script problem!
  226. [help] - How to display an image using Gordian Knot
  227. Joining Subtitles to Video
  228. problem using ASS command
  229. Closed Caption sync problem
  230. Burning Subtitles to existing .avi file???
  231. Karaoke subtitle question
  232. Subtitles ON/Off
  233. help with ssa/ass subtitle problem (not working properly)
  234. Need help, couldn't find direct answer.
  235. re
  236. \org help please
  237. ogm srt sync Last Samurai
  238. Extended SRT spec (especially coordinate format) question
  239. Help adding a custom subtitle stream
  240. How to sync new subs with timestamp from old subs
  241. saving avi after
  242. removing subs from avi with avisub detector
  243. How do i add subs to a multi pgc dvd
  244. No luck adding hard coded subs...
  245. Hidden subtitles?
  246. Converting SRT to SSA problem
  247. Merge subtitles
  248. Sub conversion / SubResync <-> SubRip
  249. Passion of Christ - Stretched Subtitles
  250. convert framerate of .sup