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  1. Vsrip: "Error parsing parameter file" ?
  2. Problem with joining two subtitles [idx,sub] [used vobsub joiner]
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  4. Selectable Subtitles on DVD
  5. which font is better for Persian-Farsi/Arabic for subtitling ?
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  7. Changing position of DVD subtitles
  8. Subtitles with CCE I cannot see them
  9. subtitles file names and xvid
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  11. maestro sbt problem
  12. Still a little problem with colors...
  13. How to extract subtitle from OGM/MKV
  14. DivX subtitles and Kiss DP-500
  15. Some help!
  16. Extracting SVCD subtitles
  17. Subtitles are not shown on PC, but on standalone DVD work
  18. No subtitle & blank video
  19. Mux subtitle with AVI ???
  20. Adding Time To Subtitles
  21. Changing sub position = new movie size ?
  22. Icelandic tag problem with VSfilter
  23. Subrip and DVDmaestro subtitles format
  24. 24
  25. trouble with VobSub_2.23 direct show filter
  26. turning on/off text-based subs
  27. Xperience with color new sub and menu
  28. VERY WEIRD problem with subs
  29. subtitles not showing on standalone
  30. Which software...?
  31. VSFilter.dll problems with \move
  32. error instant copy
  33. selectable text (.ssa) subtitles ?
  34. textsub to bitmap sub?
  35. All subtitle fans , read my question please
  36. Musical Note in Subrip *.srt
  37. noob help adding subs to a video
  38. Finished XviD (but its a foreign film)
  39. stupid question about DVDSupTools ?
  40. multiple subtitles(idx/sub)
  41. Multiple videos with subtitles
  42. Text-based permanent subs in AVI
  43. Synchronize Subtitles on DVD
  44. 2 much of a good thing !
  45. split srt subtitles
  46. Making subtitles off by default in .ogms
  47. AVI Subtitles?
  48. SubRip Error
  49. Subtitle Processor
  50. Subtitles not appearing in LOTR:TTT EE Part 2
  51. remove permanent subtitles
  52. Shining Through Subtitles
  53. Not synchronized after adding subtitle.
  54. Getting movies' original subtitle font and size?
  55. Software to read avi and mark the voices
  56. Critical error in vsfilter 2.32
  57. r4r, GK and subtitle problem
  58. AVI playback problem with Subtitle Workshop 2.51
  59. Subtitles streams not showing after authoring with IFOEDIT
  60. Chapters?
  61. unlisted subtitles... Come on, someone has to know what to do?
  62. Edit original subtitles color?
  63. Problem with subtitles after re-authoring
  64. Subtitles Gradual Delay
  65. text-based subs not showing up with vsfilter
  66. sub like noise!
  67. Basic Subtitle Problem. SOS
  68. Messed time indexes in MaestroSTB & SubRip when adding sub to DVD
  69. Subrip suggestion
  70. Frame Drop Problem
  71. Subtitles Preview Question
  72. IFOEDIT authoring: solution for fully working subtitles
  73. Placing a subtitle in a movie
  74. Any way to change font in Vobsub2.23 for permanent subs via Avisynth2.54?
  75. rip embedded subs from dvd-r???
  76. converting srt 2 ssa how?
  77. override placement for vobsub doesn't work for latest vsfilter v2.33
  78. vob2sub
  79. english avi file with seperate sub file
  80. alternative stream subtitles
  81. Ripping english from multi-language .sub
  82. Odd problem with Vobsub subtitles..
  83. Pal & NTSC subtitles
  84. Submux and VSFilter
  85. Problem about ripping subtitle by Subrip
  86. MEDUSA - Subtitling Station (native .ass editor)
  87. BMP to SUP
  88. Strange IDX file: counting backward.
  89. Limitations of Unicode .srt files ?
  90. Closed Caption Tools have been updated
  91. The Subtitle Synchronization Guide need updating
  92. Subs too big
  93. Problem ripping subtitle from a multiple documentary DVD
  94. Need help ripping vido w\ subs in the middle of a program chain
  95. Extracting a single subtitle from a .idx file without OCR
  96. Too much spaces with SubRip 1.17.1
  97. Viewing SVCD subs in pc: solution: media player classic
  98. Help with vobsub
  99. Multicolor subtitles
  100. "delay" command in a idx file
  101. vobsub quit loading
  102. Drop frame/Non-drop frame
  103. usf???
  104. Add subtitles to Multiple Episodes in one Titleset
  105. unable to load .sub files anymore
  106. Using vobsub joiner at the commandline?
  107. Italics - Subrip - Subtitle workshop - dvd2svcd
  108. vsfilter crashes explorer
  109. Subtitles quality?
  110. English subs to French
  111. Subs to SVCD
  112. Cannot backup commentaries subtitles in FOTR.
  113. Strange .smi file
  114. High CPU load when using VobSub
  115. SST Delay
  116. I ripped some subtitles but now i can't open them
  117. Converting sub/idx to srt
  118. how to mux .srt or .sub subtitles on an .avi divx movie
  119. automatic subs?
  120. why substation alpha cant open *.wav?
  121. SubResync may not always show 'forced' flags
  122. Green coulor on sub
  123. Subrip crashes on startup
  124. Odd situation, hoping for easy answer....
  125. .SRT [SubRip] file format specification needed
  126. why medusa cant run after setup?
  127. VSFilter - "Rundll32 vsfilter.dll,DirectVobSub" does not work
  128. COMDLG32.OCX for sub2sami !?
  129. How to tame wild sub/idx subs ?
  130. No subtitles
  131. translating subtitles
  132. How to adjust VobSub subs so they sized for 16x9 burn-in
  133. removing subs from skvcd
  134. Russian / cyrillic subtitle characters show up as ???????? only
  135. Add a sub without re-author?
  136. How Convert Srt To Sub?
  137. help subtitles
  138. about finding subtitles (.srt) on the web
  139. Please help i am going crazy
  140. Converting "srt" to vobsub format : is it possible?
  141. Subtitles to appear in letterbox?
  142. help neede
  143. Italic characters
  144. Editing STL subtitles and more
  145. Problem with vsfilter 2.33 in win98
  146. How do I add subs to a SVCD?
  147. sub2srt timings and colors
  148. Media Player Classic and Subtitles
  149. Ripped subtitle stream to a separate file - HELP!
  150. nice font wanted for subtitles (ce)
  151. directvobsub and idx file
  152. subs on screen too long what is wrong?
  153. sub2sup italics will it work?
  154. Titles apparently present in a .sub file cannot be displayed with DirectVobSub
  155. How do I
  156. VobSub - Bug or EBK?
  157. Splitting subtitles in .SRT format
  158. dvdsuptools commands???
  159. how to preview winsubmux sub with movie in pc?
  160. Changing subs from one language to another?
  161. ReJIg Vs. Ifoedit
  162. join different languages vobs
  163. adding subtitles keeping original menu
  164. official MPEG-4 Subtitle/Text Stream format finalized (ISO 14496-17)
  165. Subrip Reading Subs weird
  166. what program to use to convert avi to dvd
  167. ulead moviefactory 3 doesn't work with ac3
  168. Subtitles And The Italic
  169. Subtitle stream in Avi and in Matroska
  170. Maestro - chapter import problem
  171. subtitles where there should be none?
  172. change color & size of vobsub displayed
  173. Subtitles & Philips
  174. What is the quickest way to detect forced subtitles?
  175. Subtitles with mov files
  176. anti-alias subtitles in RealText
  177. Rip subtitles from an avi file: solution!!!
  178. Red colored subtites!!!
  179. combining srt subs
  180. Including subtitles in movies
  181. ripping subs with vobsub from badly mastered DVDs
  182. Subs won't show
  183. SubRip + DVD Decrypter + Multiple audio streams
  184. SRT2SUP at 23.976??
  185. displaying standalone subs with any dvd
  186. Removing Subs from a SVCD?
  187. forced subtitles
  188. Editing *.sub files... ???
  189. Scenarist 3.0 Subtitle Error
  190. subtitling formats
  191. How can I extract VOBSUB subtitle in a mkv file?
  192. STL timecode format
  193. Subrip Misses alot of subs
  194. SubRip preview options
  195. dont see my added subs
  196. MPC subtitle problem with Radeon 9200
  197. Combine two idx/sub in one?
  198. How to extract subs without .ifo ?
  199. Joining subtitles from
  200. VobSub (2.23) configure : empty idx/sub files
  201. How do i put in subtitles (srt) into an mpeg2?
  202. DVDmaestro - 23.976 subtitles on a 29.97 (3:2 pulldown) movie...losing sync!
  203. a guide maybe
  204. how to demux a .ssa file from a avi?
  205. The Last Samurai - just cannot get it right
  206. Added subtitle "flutters" on the screen
  207. Instant Copy 8 subtitles
  208. No audio or subtitles..whats the deal?
  209. avi w/ vobsub to dvd using scenarist; subs out of sync
  210. TheMatrixx Tutorial for adding SUBS ... HELP ME !!!!
  211. DirectShow filter for changing DVD sub colour?
  212. Redo some of the subtitles in DVD2SVCD/AVI2DVD?
  213. where is the subtitle info on a dvd
  214. SRT to IDX/SUB?
  215. Problem for the masters of DVD subtitles
  216. Odd problem regarding playback with subtitles from burnt dvd
  217. Last Samurai -subs
  218. DVD subtitle rip filter/SDK
  219. Creating forced subs?
  220. how do i add chinese subtitles to an MPEG1/AVI file?
  221. 2subtitles tracks on avi???
  222. Copying subs
  223. Add Subtitle Stream to MultiPGC VTS?
  224. Subtitle convertion
  225. dvd subtitle problems
  226. Subtitle Convertion (SUB+IDX)
  227. Permanent Subtitles
  228. Forced Subs on DVD question
  229. empty .sub - no .idx
  230. where can i find out more detailed information about SSA?
  231. .mpg (SVCD) to a subtitled .mpg (SVCD)?
  232. Sync Sub
  233. English SRT file for Hero (Jet Li, 2002)
  234. Need advice on what to do forced subs
  235. Making DVDs with subtitles.
  236. avi with more than one subtitle streams not permanent
  237. Subtitle font help...Kill Bill Uncut
  238. joining 2 subs using vobsub joiner doesn't work
  239. XVID and SRT Subs? How do I merge them?
  240. subtitle - timing error and no effect
  241. How to play several subs at the same time ?
  242. missing idx from sub
  243. Access violation on subs?
  244. Better compression for VobSub subtitles (idx+sub)?
  245. How to get better subtitle quality?
  246. How does one convert Bitmap-subs to Text-based ones (e.g., .smi) ?
  247. The Hunt for Red October
  248. could anyone helps me how to use SupRemap?
  249. help!i have problems in adding subtitle into DVD
  250. does anyone know the best Language Translation SoftwareH