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  1. matroska and subtitle font tags
  2. How to demux a subtitle from a VCD ?
  3. How to demux a subtitle from a VCD
  4. [SSA] How to overlap within a single line?
  5. need help
  6. Weird Problem - Missing stuff on DVD
  7. Green bar created by dvobsub
  8. Anyone know "Chinese Subtitle for english movie" sites?
  9. Syncing subtitles
  10. Disabling SRM File Generation?
  11. How to add .IDX file?
  12. Where is the "Add" button in GKļ
  13. vsfilter question.
  14. how to move subtitles
  15. problem with SSA playback
  16. Subs playback problem
  17. How to add your own created subtitle file into a DVD
  18. What do I do with SRT subs?
  19. Help a noob
  20. Adding Subtitles to avis?
  21. Displaying Chinese Subtitle
  22. Adding new subtitle to DVD
  23. Why don't subs get muxed into OGM media more often?
  24. joining and sync subtitles when encoding a dvd with two discs
  25. subtitle assistance! :)
  26. Subtitles in the comics
  27. un-specified subs
  28. sub probs
  29. Problem comes one after another.
  30. VSFilter problems! Please help!
  31. Selectable Subtitles - How ?
  32. Convert SSA with Japanese to .SON in MaestroSBT
  33. Ripping subs to ssa (position info)
  34. Hardcoding Chinese Subtitle Guide (For newbies)
  35. Subs only synched when opened "as 23.976 FPS" from Vdubmod textsub plugin
  36. Demuxing Subtitles streams.. which one's good?
  37. VSFilter 2.29 (Unicode) - Smaller subtitles if muxed into MKV/OMG
  38. A sub sync problem due to wrong timestamps!
  39. subtitle problem ONLY with half d1 (352x576)
  40. convert srt to bitmap based subtitles
  41. Converting to Adobe Encore DVD
  42. generate bitmap based subtitle
  43. ADdding subtitles to DVD
  44. What software can convert idx.sub fotmat to DVDMaestro son format?
  45. Encoding into a Divx
  46. HI GABEST!: A solution to play SVCD removable subs in PCs might be in the way ....
  47. Subtitle Playback Problem
  48. subrip 1.17.1 problem
  49. trouble adding permanent subtitles to a divx
  50. How to burn-in a subtitle in VCD/SVCD ?
  51. VSFilter subtitle delay problem
  52. Subtitles in black area with DirectVobSub
  53. asynch subtitles (die another day)
  54. .idx .sub(vobsub) to .srt(subrip)
  55. Problems with wmp9 ogm subtitles.....grrr
  56. Vsfilter changelog?
  57. Editing font and size srt subtitles
  58. Help With Subs
  59. About ASS format
  60. Need Guide for putting Subtitles on a DVD (danish)
  61. Forced Sub alignment
  62. CC to Subs and making it look like normal subs in Scenarist
  63. SSA internal structure
  64. Use External SUbtitles
  65. Ripping exact subtitle problems with SubRip
  66. error in srt2sup
  67. subrip4lin
  68. Musical Notes in subs?
  69. adding subs to unsubbed tvshow
  70. Black instead of white?
  71. Textsub vdub/avs incompatability
  72. Universal Subtitle Farm
  73. Sub\Srt files to Vob files
  74. not decrypted...but can still get some subs
  75. how do i join sub files
  76. need help
  77. VobSub Conf. creates idx and sub, no ifo
  78. Subtitle Workshop and italics
  79. Closed Captions and Subtitles
  80. SRT subtitle format specification wanted
  81. how to capture out the subtitle on the *.avi
  82. extract svcd subs - vob2sub compliance problem
  83. Ripping subtitles in graphical format help please !!!
  84. Need explanation for srt2sup
  85. trying to make built in srt subs in mpg file
  86. Subtitle's Menu
  87. Subtitles Dissapearing in VobSub
  88. grafting a sub or ifo file onto a completed an encoded avi?
  89. Can I prewiev subtitles (DivX) with DVD?
  90. VobSub .sub into .srt , is that possible ?
  91. Xcard subs start to drift in time
  92. vsfilter
  93. problem with subrip
  94. Adding Subtitles, can't use IFOedit this time
  95. Can't see subtitle only green block
  96. longer subs
  97. dvobsub mpeg problem
  98. Mux subs with AVIMux, but VSFilter / DVobSub doesn't find `em
  99. LOTR Two Towers Subtitles
  100. Can't see vobsubs in mplayer but they seem to be extracted fine
  101. ASS question : difference between \a and \an ?
  102. Vobsub overiding my MSS
  103. plz help with my sup
  104. ASS question : predefined colors and alpha channels
  105. Subtitle Resize.
  106. subtitle placement in picture
  107. ripping original subs from DVD to sup
  108. Subrip confuses I (i) and l (L)
  109. ocr rip permanent sub from mpeg2 to text-file?
  110. Hindi Subtitles
  111. Need help with bitmapped subs
  112. *.son
  113. Opinions on SRT v shrinking
  114. Where's my button gone?
  115. Vobsub cutter won't work...
  116. cant see my .sub in mp
  117. what ASS features are being used ?
  118. Please help me find the latest version of Substation Alpha.
  119. Space between words problem when OCRing with subresync
  120. Move 4:3 LB DVD subs higher for WS TV's
  121. Subrip doesn't recognize subtitles
  122. subtitle on standalone dvd(divx) player
  123. SVCD sub with winsubmux desync on last CD
  124. how to play vob file with a .sub(text) file
  125. Back Up with New Permanent Subtitles and preserve Everything (including Multi Angles)
  126. Permanent subs on VCD with TMPGenc and Vobsub
  127. subtitle index in *.idx file
  128. subs not found
  129. VobSub (VSFilter): a few feature requests
  130. Forced subtitles in .idx
  131. Wrong colour in my added sub
  132. VSFilter Bug displaying subs in MKV
  133. Wrong colours when adding them in Dvdmaestro
  134. Sub problems
  135. maybe rare subtitles
  136. difference between 23.976 and 29.97 and subtitles
  137. MaestroSBT and "foreign" language font
  138. how do I make subtitles for a 352x480 DVD?
  139. post add subtitles to divx?
  140. Convert DVDDecrypter subs to .sup
  141. Multiple Language Subtitles and Format
  142. Subtitles for Scenarist
  143. vob2sub palette
  144. Removing hardcoded subtitles from mpeg2 possible?
  145. SubStation Alpha site down?
  146. MaestroSBT: Problems getting the subtitle colors I want
  147. Subtitles with WMP 6.4 and WMP7/8
  148. Any good tool for setting subtitle time codes?
  149. Software to download subs
  150. Need help in getting subs exactly as those on DVD
  151. Can only display portugise and espaniol language. Why?
  152. Pirates
  153. Is there a way to watch subtitles without having them in the same folder?
  154. subtitles dont appear in my Avi-movie
  155. more .srtīs in one folder?
  156. how to time subs w/ SSA
  157. How do you keep 'FORCED' subtitles?
  158. Would like to know how to use CC as SVCD subs
  159. SubtitleWorkshop & Scenarist
  160. Fade in and fade out subtitles.
  161. Bug in Direct vob Sub with low res movie
  162. Misc. subtitle question....
  163. help make subtitles
  164. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
  165. Subtitle "On/Off" switch in DVDMaestro?
  166. Sonic DVDProducer subtitle format
  167. TitleFactory v2.02 - Might be worth checking out
  168. Burn in subs using AutoGK?
  169. Subtitles on Divx-player?
  170. Guide available: Adding subtitles to DVD
  171. Subtltles length
  172. sup -> srt?
  173. SubRip vs. Scenarist 2.7 subtitle colors
  174. I just want to EDIT the DVD subtitles...
  175. Excel subtitle conversion
  176. @gabest: smaller Vobsub format proposal?
  177. Subtitles appears in blank frames
  178. Any demuxing Guide ?
  179. Is it possible to remove subtitles from a movie?
  180. SON2VobSub 1.0
  181. disabling vobsub from displaying .srt subs ?
  182. Adding Subs in DVD2SVCD help me out plz
  183. idx, sub, and matroska
  184. Joining 2 sub files to 1 - possible ????
  185. Request for new srt2sup feature
  186. What are the entrypoints for VSFilter.dll
  187. remving subtitles from captured movie
  188. Idx/sub Extracting Problem
  189. avi subtitle ripping
  190. DVD Color Palette vs. Scenarist Color Palette
  191. How to set default subtitle?
  192. Creating subtitles from the difference between video streams
  193. 2 sub files (english) for 1 movie
  194. making subtitles from avi
  195. Faster Method for ripping closed captions from MPEG
  196. vobsubs
  197. Subrip and code page problems
  198. merge two pairs of idx/sub?
  199. muxing vobsub
  200. Subtitles not displayed
  201. Attaching Arabic subtitles
  202. How to convert CVD to SVCD subs with DVD2SVCD?
  203. Duration of a sub in a .sst file
  204. DirectVobSub makes any media player freeze
  205. Does VSFilter have a smooth option?
  206. 2-color subtitles problem
  207. second line of subtitles are off the screen
  208. subtitle make me headache :(
  209. Subtitles Off As Default
  210. Subtitles with Vsfilter / MPC
  211. Good subtitle viewer other than vsfilter?
  212. very weird subtitle question
  213. MaestroSBT and lines under subs
  214. merging ext subs with avi
  215. MaestroSBT bitmap problems
  216. How to rip Subtitles with DVDDecrypter for IFOEdit and ReJig
  217. Deleting subtitle on the translated text with Subtitle Workshop
  218. In Maestro: how to force the same subtitle look for all others
  219. I need these softwares
  220. Added sub has the oposite colors, Very unusual so please help!
  221. Subtitle Problem with own mastered DVD
  222. Need a good Subtitle viewer
  223. about sub,idx and srt
  224. Scenerist Subtitles Problem
  225. DSRT v2.40
  226. "cannot add data outside the valid video duration"
  227. Need good software to make subs
  228. How can I added delay-value into ssa format?
  229. Adding Subtitles to .avi and converting to SVCD
  230. rip subtitles from ogm and save in avi
  231. Why am I not seeing normal subs?
  232. question about the SRT format
  233. sub2stl
  234. Troubles by extracting SUBs of Pirates of the Caribbian German
  235. .SST color / contrast variables.
  236. Add sub to mpeg movie
  237. Play divx with subtitles
  238. Want detailed guide for Subs-Positioning
  239. subtitle make me sick
  240. Weird Stuff Happening
  241. subtitles for Fatal Instinct
  242. How to see subtitles with a DivX-enabled DVD player
  243. Cosmetics bugs in VSFilter ??
  244. Ripping subtitles from an AVI
  245. Softsubs played from dvd-rom crash
  246. Any tool to make graphical subs from text subs?
  247. SSA subs not in AVI when made in VirtualDub
  248. Convert text subs back to VobSubs?
  249. ripping subtitles from DVDs. Help?!?
  250. idx/sub files to microdvd sub