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  1. DVD Subtitle
  2. PCM (.wav) into .txt or .rtf ?
  3. VobSub not showing subtitles
  4. Technical question: Why can SVCD subtitles not be displayed on the computer?
  5. subtitles are syncronized till a certain point, then...
  6. keep permanent subtitles
  7. closed captions scc offset problem
  8. How do I resize subs?
  9. Multiple streams of subs
  10. Converting Srt to RAW file
  11. Subtiltes Out of Sync, not usual problem...HELP
  12. Is there some trick to getting subs to work in Maestro?
  13. different color subtitles in maestro using subrip?
  14. vobsub/textsub picture events
  15. forced display in maestro
  16. how do u remove subtitles
  17. Subtitles in Scenarist (completly out of sync.)
  18. How do you change the timing on a .srt?
  19. Creating subtitles 4 dvd?
  20. SRT to VobSub
  21. Star Wars alien subtitles
  22. Subtitles
  23. i'm a noob , help me !!!
  24. subtitles conversion
  25. Need help converting .sub into .son in Subrip.
  26. OGM: internal Subs not shown with VobSub
  27. Subtitle is out of sync after certain minutes..
  28. anime episodes and subtitles
  29. corona
  30. how to automatically show subtitltes?
  31. DVD and .srt
  32. Subtitles out of sync after some time with the DVD
  33. Match NTSC sub stream with PAL audio & video
  34. Change the color of embedded substitles??
  35. How can I synch Subs to a DVD
  36. Permanent Subtitle with DivX5
  37. Subtitles Problem in DVDMaestro
  38. What is different between ...
  39. How to convert .srt subs to .sub that will be recognized by vobsub ?
  40. VobSub 2.23 bug ?
  41. Joining vobsubs gives mixed languages.
  42. Convert .sup to .stl or .son or .scr
  43. How to maintain the original positioning of Subtitles when creating a .srt file ?
  44. Why When I rip subs , after importing to scenarist , they are out of sync ?
  45. AVI2SVCD - Problems with subs...
  46. how do I control the sub style using maestroSBT
  47. Keep the .srt or convert to .sub for text-subtitles ?
  48. Subrip cannot read DVD sub?
  49. Subrip creates subs with 135 ms delay compared to vobsub
  50. directvobsub wont install .....
  51. Subtitles for 16:9 movie in Scenarist
  52. AMELIE (pal) subtitles
  53. Closed Captions from ripped PVR stream - how to extract?
  54. DVD, Subtitles, MPC and choppiness!!!
  55. Italics Bold & Underline tags in Subrip : Which programs recognise them ?
  56. black border around subs or corrupted subs in Maestro
  57. New SubRip 1.15
  58. Wrong Colors in SubRip 1.15
  59. Any special treatment for subs if I use Forced Film in DVD2AVI ?
  60. How much time offset to add so NTSC subs match PAL video - audio?
  61. capsule mode in akira s.e. dvd?
  62. subrip always wrong offset??
  63. bmp or OCR ?
  64. Subtitles always set to 'off' when playing OGM's
  65. Kare Kano US DVD Subtitle woes
  66. can`t get selectable subtitles to work
  67. program to edit multiple subs (with same changes)
  68. Subs from DVD under the movie in black borders - how?
  69. SW Episode 2 - Forced Subs
  70. SubRip new features proposal
  71. Sub animation ect.
  72. Encoding error in Scenarist
  73. OCRing subs from main DVD movie (not sub stream)
  74. sample portions of SVCDs with subs request
  75. textfile --> subtitles
  76. SubRipping problem
  77. Possible output TEXTSUB subs to TARGA?
  78. Announcing a new version of SCC Tools, including VOBSUB2SCC and SUBRIP2SCC
  79. read rawsub
  80. Translucent/Transparent subs
  81. no transparant subtitles in microdvd (overlay not detected)???
  82. Just when you think you've seen it all
  83. Subtitle Selectable
  84. Using VSFILTER.DLL
  85. Divx and making permanent subtitles
  86. maestroSBT problem...
  87. Cyrillic subs in Maestro? problem with unicode!
  88. What formats does TextSub support?
  89. VOBSUB & Sub-file demuxed by DVD-Decrypter
  90. sub to ssa problem
  91. meastro subs making me crazy!
  92. xvid and subtitles??????
  93. How to use ssa2dvdsub from DVDSynth
  94. subtitle guide isn't producing results
  95. vsfilter.dll subs out of sync
  96. Change the numbering of subs on an .srt file ?
  97. Site to download DivX subtitles ?
  98. dvd2svcd issue: where *.sub files?
  99. Subtitles on 352x288 video
  100. dvd&subtitles
  101. Subtitles for DVD Authoring without OCR
  102. I-Author
  103. dvd2svcd
  104. How to print out subtitles to make a movie script?
  105. ripping subtitles of "Oh My Goddess" anime using vobsub
  106. Looking for a subtitle format that...
  107. cyrillic subs in realtext
  108. Editing .sup files
  109. The best software for conversion 25 FPS subtitles to 23.976
  110. Forced subtitles in Maestro or IFOedit
  111. Joining DVobSub subtitles?
  112. Ripping subtitle from Bible Black Vol2 with Vobsub
  113. SubRip 1.16 and Maestro, best settings?
  114. RV9 & transparent subtitle (rt/smil): possible ?
  115. Viewing subtitles in black borders in ffdshow, HOW?
  116. Viewing subtitles in Windows Media Center?
  117. Software for editing subtitles
  118. Burn subtitle to the video stream
  119. subrip 1.16 + Maestro: subtitles distorted by movie (possible bug?)
  120. Japanese Character Matrix
  121. Create and edit subtitles for DVD
  122. DVD Color Palette in Subrip
  123. Problems with perm subs. Stretched?
  124. subs are not right???
  125. SRT: Subs that appear top and bottom.
  126. Prob in SubRip when ripping Utena DVD
  127. Forced subtitles
  128. Help With Subtitles (Scenerist)
  129. WMP and SRT Subtitles
  130. Can't veiw subtitles when compressed.
  131. OCR an image sequence from an SVCD?
  132. Need someone to compile VobSub in Spanish (resources are translated)
  133. Subtitles at 4:3 instead of 16:9
  134. First time using subs, having a problem
  135. Scenarist Subtitles (SST) question
  136. how tu use textsub drawings fonctions ?
  137. french chars...
  138. dvd no sub,s but there is one
  139. Can i remove several languages from a .sub file
  140. Recognizing/Identifying if forced subtitles are there
  141. New spanish sub
  142. Strip Subs with IFO edit?
  143. Problem with showing forced flags in VobSub
  144. Problem with joining sub/idx files.
  145. From srt to sup?
  146. Converting .sub and .idx file to file(s) usable to DVD.
  147. subtitles with two OGG streams
  148. Subtitle settings.
  149. Ripping .ogm subtitles
  150. Home made subtitle problem.
  151. Advanced Sub Station Alpha ???
  152. DVD2SCVD-->Subtitle-->Language says Unspecified, How to fix this
  153. Don't know how to do an effect with ASS
  154. [Subrip 1.15/1.16] Euro pudding problem
  155. How to make .sup file (for InfoEdit) out of text subtitle?
  156. SVCD Subs to permanent Subs
  157. Need alternative for subtitle rendering
  158. Removal of 'permanent' subpicture/titles??
  159. Unable to use Vobsub to extract subtitles. Weird!
  160. Permanent Subtitle Moron needs Help
  161. muxing .ssa .ogg and xvid together ?
  162. Vobsub Feature Request : Force a requested colorspace, not only RGB
  163. VobSub: bad packet header, workaround?
  164. Is there any way to replace subtitles with another language?!! please help
  165. Re-synching subtitles
  166. Subs in OggMux
  167. Sync Problem in dvd maestro
  168. Multiple Disc, need to combine subtitles and chapter lists.
  169. PB with SubRip 1.15 & 1.16
  170. Help, No Subtitles with VCDimager
  171. Weird Problem With Displaying The Subs...
  172. Is possiple to put 2 subtitles (2 deference lang) in a divx file
  173. Need HELP with subtitles
  174. Special fading subtitles not showing
  175. subtitles in FDDSHOW
  176. TextSub coordinates
  177. DVDtoMPEG
  178. Subtitle synchronization issue (24 -->25fps)
  179. No overlay when DirectVobSub is active
  180. Subtitle Error In Scenarist
  181. subtitle '65535'
  182. Text file subs
  183. Chapter Subtitles
  184. DirectVobSub and dynamic effects
  185. disabled subtitles
  186. What data is in LOTR EXT R1 subpictures 2-5?
  187. Encoding episodes with wierd .ifo and authoring??
  188. VobSub idx missing
  189. Can't get subs to work in DVD Maestro
  190. Help! Adding subtitles on a backup
  191. Subtitles in Windows - the easiest way I've found
  192. Subtitles in Windows Media player
  193. How do I convert a .sub file to Scenarist format?
  194. how to put subtitle into my avi?
  195. Maestro Subprob.
  196. Vobsub Problem
  197. Resevoir dogs giving me problems
  198. How can I add .smi subs into my xvid video
  199. Sub error with Maestro
  200. sub edit
  201. VobSub 2.23 in Spanish
  202. How do i cut languages from subs ?
  203. which file type must I choose
  204. ntsc movies subs in sceanrist out of synch
  205. Is there a subs prob with MP9?
  206. Subtitle Delay question, info from DVD2AVI
  207. @Gabest: bug report and feature request
  208. How to hex-edit subtitle colors in .ifo file?
  209. Subs+OGM's+ZoomPlayer=Mess!
  210. SVCD Subtitles.
  211. OCR not working on usual chars (subrip 1.16)
  212. La Haine
  213. Using more than one language stream for subs
  214. Gabest: VobSub problem
  215. VSFilter.dll - bug in subtitle alignment: BOTTOM => RIGHT
  216. peculiar textsub error
  217. Cannot Display subtitles in ANY Player & ANY format
  218. Editing Vobsub's bitmap output
  219. Convert from *.sub to *.srt
  220. *.SRT-> *.SUP(used in ifoedit)?is there?
  221. subs to svcd
  222. Subtitles in an already encoded svcd
  223. Subtitles for Disney's R1 Ghibli releases
  224. unknown header when muxing subtitles
  225. Permanent subtitles?
  226. TRANSALTOR and sync
  227. Sub position in maestro
  228. VobSub: Wrong subtitle color
  229. srt2sup
  230. Use OGM container
  231. How to convert an image sequence to Vobsub format ?
  232. *.rawsub 2 *.sup
  233. @Gabest
  234. Direct Vobsub and .txt subs
  235. Need help with VobSub + AVISynth subtitles
  236. NEED HELP----How can I get subtitle from VCD or SVCD??
  237. Move sub's on a DVD down just a bit. easy way?
  238. How can I implent .txt-subs in the video
  239. How to remove subs?
  240. how to capture tv with teletext subtitle(caption)
  241. text -> Vob - There's a way?
  242. How to properly import subtitles in DVDMaestro
  243. Adding subs to ripped dvd
  244. VobSub Edit?
  245. srt to idx
  246. backup with new subtitles
  247. SubRip 1.17 out (since 1 week)
  248. How to use downloaded subtitles.
  249. Vobsub: How to place subtitle under the video?
  250. robot4rip ripped my subs... Great! Now what?