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  1. Subtitle name starting with "Off"
  2. IDX/SUB - change framerate and timings without conversion
  3. SupRipper tool for Linux.
  4. Timeing a bit off, premiere cs5/Aegisub.
  5. sup - black background
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  7. How to preserve subtitle position and font?
  8. has anyone used "savefrom.net" ?
  9. How to achieve this hardsubs effect?
  10. old version of handbrake
  11. LRC to ASS/SSA and Back Again
  12. .ttxt subtitles style & text outline
  13. Any way to quickly remove multiple "Set field indexes" from VOB?
  14. Subtitles using CLUT colors 1-4 instead of 13-16. How to fix?
  15. ass.js: An ASS Subtitle Renderer for Web Browsers
  16. Convert subtitle file to AVI
  17. Call for Blu Ray Text Subtitles
  18. Subtitle Edit 3.4.5 Error : unhandled exception
  19. Extract subtitle from HDTV capture
  20. Getting all subtitles when merging streams
  21. TEncoder Subtitling repeats text
  22. How to rip sup at original revolution?
  23. SubRip problems loading videofiles
  24. Problem with AVS2BDXML
  25. 3d subtitle in mpc-hc
  26. Make Bluray subtitle background transparent
  27. pball's Bluray PGS Subtitle splitter (.sup file splitter)
  28. DVB-TS cut commercials but retain subtitles
  29. How can I add SCC Closed captions to an mpeg2.
  30. How to add and display images in subtitles ASS?
  31. Forced Blu-ray subs
  32. Adding custom subtitles to 2 features in a DVD9
  33. Split an AVI file and SRT file at the same time?
  34. Setting Movie Only Bd Audio and PGS Subtitles to Default ON when not Reencoding
  35. Make a valid empty sup
  36. PGS (BD *.SUP) files binary layout
  37. How to convert this kind of subtitle?
  38. SupRip 1.16 Exception when Italic set
  39. SupRip 1.16 space not recognized between two words
  40. Muxing srt. subtitles with TsMuxer
  41. Need help with sub-position
  42. Is there a way to merge these subtitles?
  43. New subtitling app - BETA testers required
  44. Save DVBSub from TS?
  45. How to select the good sub in CCExtractor ?
  46. problem hardsubbing tracked signs
  47. Getting idx/rar to work in Windows 10
  48. ISubRenderProvider libass
  49. AssFilterMod - DirectShow subtitle renderer (v0.4)
  50. How to Create 1 Single IDX file from Several Independent SRT Files?
  51. Adding new subtitles to DVD keeping Menus in 2016
  52. Make, Edit, Extract .stl .890 mxf subs
  53. Why this subtitle file .srt does not work?
  54. Subtitles... inside of chapters? Can I extract?
  55. How can I change the position of only SOME lines in a subtitle file?
  56. MultiAVCHD help: "Error converting subtitles" all of a sudden
  57. Are there any avisynth filter can render subtitle with Emoji?
  58. Retain subtitles when re-encoding to H264
  59. Convert BD 2D subtitles to 3D subs?
  60. Invisible PGS subtitles track in MKVToolNix
  61. Visualsubsync enhanced
  62. Subtitle used as matte mask
  63. Need Help Using Subtitle Edit
  64. Ripping hardcoded subs. SubRip Max. Line Height restriction.
  65. Will the ASS Specification ever be updated ?
  66. CC capture help
  67. Black bar
  68. Multiple PGS
  69. Software to make subtitles
  70. Problem with ANSI encoding
  71. Other language subs
  72. ASS to SRT
  73. Can ffmpeg demux BD subtitles?
  74. Good util for editing idx/sub?
  75. Converting TX3G subtitles to idx/sub
  76. No suitable compressor could be found to give RGB32 images. (SubRip)
  77. Adding subs to blu-ray disc with zero existing sub tracks
  78. SRT demuxing from mkv on Ubuntu
  79. Suggestions for "true" BluRay subtitle editor
  80. Converting .ass files into PGS files
  81. 4K PGS tools?
  82. Un-styled ASS subtitles? (aka no "[V4+ Styles]")
  83. SubPaster 1.1 released - helper tool for translations
  84. ASS with vector drawing commands
  85. Hardsub-OCR from tape source?
  86. Subresync and UTF-8 subtitles
  87. PNG2SRT - convert XML/PNG subtitles to SRT
  88. Trying to render polish subtitles with ffmpeg, many chars isn't showed properly
  89. compile vsfilter with ffmpeg
  90. How to split/extract forced subtitles
  91. Syntax for extracting PGS
  92. Program to extract sup from Linux remote server
  93. Extracting only forced subtitles