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  1. How to change font color of a idx file format?
  2. Extracting Metadata from Sony HD Video
  3. Subtitles positioned below active video area - is it possible?
  4. mux subtitles to mp4
  5. Announcing VobSub2SRT: convert .sub/.idx to .srt on Linux
  6. Bounty for dgindex Patch to Demux DVD Subtitles
  7. Closed captions on BD
  8. Finout frame rate of existing subtitle
  9. MKV with softsubs to MP4 hardsubs (Xbox 360)
  10. Help: hardsub logo text
  11. SubtitleCreator and Windows 7(64 bit)
  12. Subtittle not working with VLC
  13. Muxman and .SST files
  14. How To Make My Subtitles Look Better?
  15. How to add subtitle "Subtitle: dvbsub" in file.ts?
  16. Drop Frames Time Code
  17. how can I detect font used in .sub (Subpicture)
  18. How to convert subtitle idx / sub or sup for DVB subtitles
  19. Bonus subtitle
  20. Help in making a portable dvd-subtitle(vobsub) ripper
  21. subtitle conversion from DVD to text without OCR?
  22. [DVD to MKV lossless no recoding] sub/idx or srt?:
  23. Avatar Extended Blu-Ray subs in RipBot
  24. MSU Subtitle Remover woes
  25. Best choice for subtitles: srt, ttxt or tx3g
  26. Using PGS subtitles to matte video?
  27. Sub title Problem when ripping StaxRip
  28. Bllu Ray rip mkv subttitles problem
  29. Subrip OCR problem
  30. VobSub Shuffle - rearrange, strip, merge streams
  31. Sync problems... [SOLVED]
  32. Windows media center subtitles
  33. SubRip 1.5 problem
  34. Place of the subtitles on the screen using Media Player Home Cinema
  35. How to ... Upscale and adjust subtitles ?
  36. font color change after converting
  37. VTT Anyone?
  38. Identifying multiple embedded subtitles in MKV
  39. tsMuxeR; Subtitles.
  40. Position of subtitles (.idx/.sub) after cropping black bars
  41. Need advice about my subtitiling method
  42. How I can syncrone the subtitles with video??
  43. Change subtitle color of Blu-ray (.sup)
  44. slowSUP - *.ass looking subtitles in a *.sup file
  45. SUP startcode emulation prevention
  46. Local Subtitles for WMP 1.1 - Vobsub/Vsfilter alternative
  47. Batch retime PAL subs to 23.976?
  48. Post OCR Correction for SupRip
  49. Extracting Info From IDX/SUB subtitles
  50. Subtitle names in AVI container
  51. PGS to SRT?
  52. Stalker 1979 can't get eng subtitles and russian sountrak
  53. Korean Subtitles for Inception
  54. Alternative to Subrip
  55. How can I fix these bizarre characters on my subs?
  56. are there some opensource linux ocr sdk?
  57. iPod caption format?
  58. New version of MaestroSBT
  59. mux multiple subs in a video
  60. Windows Media Player 12 WVC1 Subtitle Playback Issue
  61. Bluray subtitles to dvd confusion
  62. Automatic selection of subtitles
  63. How To Automate This Task?
  64. Extract DVD subtitle for mkv
  65. Forced subs?
  66. Sub format compatibility?
  67. VSFilter Subtitle Load Issue VC1 MKV
  68. SRT timings are continuously early... cause? fix?
  69. Srt to Dostudio netblender ?
  70. Solution: "Soft subs" with MeGUI
  71. SubRip 1.50 Beta 5 (unofficial)
  72. Distorted sub picture after sup-sub conversion
  73. How to convert this subtitle format to .SRT?
  74. subs on averlay surface
  75. BUG in MultiAVCHD: SD-DVD PAL2NTSC = no sub
  76. Is this possible? auto select subtitle content
  77. Looking for OCR Consultant
  78. How to display idx/sub subtitles without vobsub?
  79. Subtitle stream format
  80. What font type is this?
  81. DVB subtitles ripping
  82. Edit font of srt subs in mkv
  83. SUP editing
  84. Japanese subtitles- Samsung TV built-in media player
  85. Display SUP subtitle in AVS
  86. little help with japanese, russian and chinese
  87. How to add not replace subtitle in existing blu ray
  88. Convert SON/SUP subtitles to text based subtitles SRT
  89. SubtitleEdit v3+, Crash During Spellcheck
  90. HD-DVD subtitles, can't get them to work in .Mkv file. Need help.
  91. finding a way to extract DVB-T subtitle from WTV and convert it in SRT
  92. button highlight
  93. Getting subtitles in sync with Adobe Encore CS5.1
  94. Avidemux and vertical subtitles
  95. avidemux and subtitles
  96. VSFilter tray icon not being removed
  97. Anybody know how to make a mandarin subtitle?
  98. difference between subtitles and closed captions
  99. subtitles for PS3
  100. Extract subtitle from DVB-T videos
  101. SSS: A new tool for synchronize Sup (Sub/Idx)
  102. What format to use for foriegn characters
  103. Subs won't load when rar-ed in MPC-HC
  104. Internal SRT Subtitles
  105. ripped DVD subtitles wrong duration
  106. Subtitles not visible in MPC-HC (Haali + CoreAVC)
  107. Identifying subs type (and converting to SRT)
  108. Hardcode subtitle in source code
  109. Sowtware for capturing subtitles
  110. How to sync BDN XML/PGS subtitles to a reference one?
  111. How to export Sony BDN XML from Lemony in a way compatible with BDsup2sub?
  112. SubExtractor - New Sub Ocr App
  113. Remove Subtitles from 100 MP4 files?
  114. Subtitle Edit 3.5.6
  115. Muxman Problem
  116. hindi subs not seen
  117. Newb: How to view SCC captions on Windows?
  118. Impossible to convert to Matroska closed-caption DVD subtitles
  119. VSFilter 2.40.3787 causes Audio/Video sync issues with Hi10p Videos
  120. Moving subtitles within 2.35
  121. Can idx/sub subtitles be hard-coded into an AVI?
  122. Confused about Avy settings
  123. Forced subtitles to ripped untouched DVD
  124. MKV Embed
  125. adding delay to subs?
  126. extract and convert dvbsub apart from projectX
  127. subs not displaying?
  128. Any SW-player displaying 2 Subtitles stream simulaneously? (DVD)
  129. srt subs tags/flags ??
  130. Machine Transcription from videos
  131. ffdshow stops displaying VobSub subtitles
  132. ASS to TTXT Converter
  133. Problem with subtitles on recent Blu-Rays (Is this a SupRip problem?)
  134. SCC Captions Editor?
  135. Subtitling with forced positioning for hearing impaired.
  136. TrimSubs - Script to cut text subtitles + AvsP macros
  137. Developement Question - DTS inside Subtitles
  138. SUP support in MP4 container?
  139. About extracting PGS from a Blu-Ray source
  140. converting raw teltext data into other subtitle formats
  141. any1 know a program that can create MPEG-4 Timed Text subs?
  142. any1 know about subtitle attachments?
  143. Fonts and ttxt,...
  144. How to sync 2 subtitle text-files?
  145. Editing VOBSUB subs and keeping quality?
  146. Different timings with different programs
  147. DVDSubEdit and subtitle delays
  148. srt format requrements ? - empy lines etc.
  149. SUP editing
  150. Idx/sub to SRT
  151. how to change the chinese font in ssa format?
  152. Any progress extracting XSubs from .divx?
  153. Command line subs processor
  154. Attach compressed font in mkvmerge
  155. PGStoBDN tool
  156. Blueray Subs Which One
  157. Tversity & subtitles on TV
  158. Problem with custom DVD subtitle
  159. Subtitle Workshop4 Video Not Following Subtitles
  160. adding subtitles to 3D .iso
  161. VSFilter/xy-VSFilter doesnt load
  162. BDMV+CERTIFICATE, add subtitles
  163. Subtitle Edit 3.2.6
  164. How to mux DVD video subs into an mp4 container?
  165. Show subtitles anywhere on the screen, not in video window
  166. Hardcoding UTF-8 subtitles
  167. exporting subtitles for translation
  168. Subtitle Workshop Error
  169. An italics text command appears in the subtitles
  170. Difference between CEA 708-A and CEA 708-B?
  171. Extract single episode subs from dvd series
  172. stream with forced subs -> 2 separate streams
  173. Caption service info in Caption Distribution Packet(CDP)
  174. Program to read color pallette of subs
  175. Trouble ripping DVD with subtitles
  176. BDSup2Sub++ - convert and tweak bitmap subtitle streams (VobSub,BD-SUP,BDN XML,HD-SUP
  177. How to create subtitles for x264 videos?
  178. Proposal to improve ASS readability
  179. trying to find an online translation "team script", suggestions needed.
  180. Subtitle timing
  181. ass subtitles rendered using fonts not installed on system?
  182. Demuxing iTunes captions
  183. DVB subtitles
  184. Subtitles - Expression Media Encoder
  185. How to remove brackets in subtitle text with regular expressions?
  186. Special Characters not showing properly
  187. How can I replace a subtitle track in a Blu-RAY?
  188. DVDfab have subtitle settings to reduce default huge font size?
  189. MaestroSBT: subtitles problem?
  190. Convert Subs framerate
  191. facing an issue with avcodec_decode_subtitle2
  192. SSA/ASS font subset tool (shrink your fonts)
  193. Hard or Muxed on HSBS 3D Movies
  194. Dfxp in avisynth
  195. bdsup2sub++ - convert and tweak bitmap subtitles.
  196. Batch file editing using MKVToolNix
  197. DirectVobSub doesn't load subtitles automatically
  198. SUB control code for "normal" font style?
  199. VLC doesnt show SRT subtitle over DVD
  200. SubSplicer 1.0 - merging tool for text subtitles released!
  201. Good converters srt > sup (dvd) unicode & colortags?
  202. Lemony Pro and dual Composition
  203. vobsub - no autoload on DVD?
  204. help with MCC caption format?
  205. DVD Subtitle color limits
  206. avs2bdnxml troubles
  207. default and forced track flags for matroska subtitles
  208. MaestroSBT erases manual positions after reloading?
  209. Encore purposely lagging subtitles?
  210. NTSC, DVDSubEdit, PGCEdit -> a totaly mess?
  211. (MKV/SUP) Some subtitles just won't render [resolved]
  212. Trying to watch ASS styled subs on BSPlayer
  213. how to mux Srt subtitles in mp4 file
  214. Subtitle file not compatible
  215. bdnxml2srt - python script for conversion
  216. A new proposed open standard for all current subtitle formats
  217. OCR subs from ANY container/video format?
  218. new player for AVI-SRT? or conversion tool?
  219. Convert Subtitle
  220. How to edit time code of BD/DVD sup subtitle?
  221. xy-VSFilter Project (High Performance VSFilter Compatible Subtitle Filters)
  222. How to disable spu subtitles in VLC ?
  223. Hardsub Encoding 3D Subtitle
  224. Subtitle Workshop 6.0 is here!
  225. rebuild BOTH bitmap subtitles to ONE bitmap subtitle?
  226. CCASDI Timing error
  227. Adding .SCC to MPEG2 video
  228. Bluray subtitles timing precision
  229. is this a known soft sub format?
  230. Hardcoding to m2ts
  231. 2 different subtitle lines displayed simultaneously
  232. mkvproedit unable to open file
  233. How to Join 2 or More SRT files to Create an *.IDX one?
  234. Blu-Ray subtitle: minimum time difference
  235. Batch OCR convert subtitles?
  236. How to extract DVB-SUB from ts with ffmpeg ?
  237. HDConvertToX & hardcoding subtitles
  238. Blu-ray 3D subtitle depth
  239. View PGS/SUP subtitles and see the forced flag
  240. How to identify, rip and flag forced subs from BD
  241. Split blu-ray (sup or xml+pngs) subtitles?
  242. How to batch timeshift .ass subtitles?
  243. Subtitle colours?
  244. SSA processing with DirectShow
  245. Replaying SSA file
  246. How to convert .PNG to .SUB for ocr purposes? for jpg, png??
  247. automation of transcription including time stamping
  248. External subtitle not showing
  249. how to mux video and subtitles shell line
  250. Forced subtitle Blu-ray 3D