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  1. How to add a little space between subtitles?
  2. Ripping Foreign Subtitles in my PC
  3. Muxman pro + srt2sup !!
  4. How to Extract Subtitles from ratDVD Files?
  5. Please help me with the OCR problem
  6. BDSup2Sub - convert and tweak bitmap subtitle streams (VobSub,BD-SUP,BDN XML,HD-SUP)
  7. Online SRT converter/calculator
  8. Can't Open submux nor subresync
  9. Convert VOB Subtitles to SRT?
  10. AVIsynth filter to display blu-ray subs without any conversion?
  11. Help to make FFDShow perfect:
  12. Joining subtitle files
  13. Convertion into vobsub/idx files
  14. Changing/Edit/Delete subtittles
  15. Sub/idx subtitles not displaying after ripping with FairUse Wizard
  16. Good OCR App
  17. .ass subtitles size & position
  18. change the fps of the srt
  19. Good/Easiest way to change fps with .sup??
  20. BD/HD-DVD SUP experts: help needed
  21. merge 2 files with subtitles
  22. cable box .IDX file to .SRT - possible?
  23. HOw do i join IDX/SUB files together?
  24. subrip doesn't read vobsubs properly
  25. VSRip - how to rip just one stream?
  26. Sup2BDSup
  27. Difficulty getting .sup files from HD DVD =(
  28. DS-filter with Text-to-Speech
  29. bluray subtitle help
  30. Blue-ray subtitle rendering DirectShow filter?
  31. VobSubber in Megui
  32. Using AVISynth to overlay PNG subtitles?
  33. How to resync a subtitle from 23.976 to 25 fps for an srt ?
  34. 3-letter initials for subtitle languages
  35. BDSupEdit
  36. HD vobsubs with MaestroSBT?
  37. DirectVobSub sometimes not working [solved]
  38. Any way to convert HD SUB/IDX to SUP (PGE)?
  39. ProjectX and subtitles
  40. MaestroBDSubs - Creating high quality Blu-ray subtitles
  41. AviSynth rendered subtitles to BluRay SUP/PGS and BDN XML (v2.08)
  42. Foreign subs (.SUP/VOBSub) to SRT/SSA?
  43. EIA-708 samples required
  44. how to get interlaced encoding+softsub working with h/w deinterlacing ?
  45. UNICODE characters in the subs...
  46. srt to BD sup?
  47. Edited Movie Sub Timing Askew
  48. Subtitle Creator - out of sync subs and artifacts
  49. Subtitles on Black Bars
  50. Srt2BDSUP---Convert srt subtitle to Blu-ray SUP file
  51. convert 23.976 sub/idx subpack to 25 fps?
  52. SRTMeter where to find?
  53. PS3, HD video (h.264) and subtitles
  54. That stupid Da Vinci Code DVD... Help!
  55. Placing subtitles mid screen...
  56. Creating idx/sub from bmp/txt files
  57. Please advice how to add my own language(vietnamese) to an complete blu-ray disc
  58. Vobsub original size error
  59. ######
  60. better tool than vsrip for closed captions?
  61. Adding subs to Blu-Ray disc without losing the menu?
  62. .srt to .sup conversion problems
  63. [Tutorial] Soft subtitles for iPhone, iPod, iTunes, QuickTime.
  64. #######
  65. Problem converting IDX/SUB to SRT
  66. How to change the position of the Subtitle?
  67. Text subtitles in ASF files
  68. PunkGraphicStream (ASS to Blu-ray subtitle converter)
  69. Unable to read SUB text in notepad
  70. MKVtoolnix new version can't mux video, old can. plz help
  71. SupTitle: an AviSynth PGS (.SUP) Subtitle Plugin
  72. Grey subs
  73. SubResync and SubMux no longer working - but subs themselves are fine??
  74. a problem in adding subtitle to AVI
  75. AEGISUB and DVDs
  76. Are there any Direct Show Filters that Support Blu-ray Subtitles?
  77. Any program that can write formated ttxt (or tx3g)
  78. What are my options for grabbing subtitles from a DVD's IFO files?
  79. DVB subtitles
  80. Panasonic SC-PT560
  81. Creating New Subtitles and then Placing Them on the DVD
  82. ChMatrix (.sum ) files available(?) to download
  83. question about fps
  84. DvD Subs
  85. Effective Post-OCR spelling correction?
  86. easySUP/goSUP - an easy way to create BD SUP, BDN XML/PNG & DVD SUB with SRT/ASS/SUB
  87. vobsub and ocr database
  88. Subtitles out of sync after concatenating with mp4box
  89. VobSub subtitles not showing in MPC with VMR9
  90. Subtitles for Xbox
  91. subtitle problem with DSM-750
  92. merge two subtitle files
  93. why cell-phone does not support 3gp-subtile and mp4-subtitle?
  94. Can anyone suggest me some obstacle techniques to extract my own-created sub?
  95. Subtitle tool for synchronizing with mkv
  96. strange Subtitle Workshop problem in Windows 7
  97. Avisynth filter for embedding subtitles in video
  98. Convert PGCDemux-subtitles?
  99. Can anyone tell me how to embed (force) the whole subtitles in Scenarist?
  100. readSUP - CLI to downscale/resize SUP to 720p/576i/480i and extract timings to SRT
  101. Position / type of subtitles
  102. Adding subtitles to Blu-Rays with multiply episodes without losing the menu?
  103. Chinese subtitle character rotated 45 degrees anticlockwise!
  104. extract subtitle from avi
  105. idx/sub to srt and correct font
  106. Super Build 36 Subtitles Issue
  107. How to input my subtitles to bluray movie?
  108. Muxman problem when adding subs
  109. Syncing to VFR source in an MKV
  110. Subtitles and Windows 7
  111. sst sub black border and white text?
  112. Subtitle fonts and colors with megui.
  113. Subtitle sync issuse
  114. How to deinstall DirectVobSub?
  115. unsure how to apply cuts to srt
  116. idx won't play in MKV
  117. textsub issue using 23.976 fps material
  118. Fast way to strip actions from subtitles?
  119. Forced Tag in index.bdmv and movieObjects ?
  120. Synchronize sup/sub/idx subtitles?
  121. How do I hardcode subtitles into an MKV file?
  122. "Normal" Subtitles?
  123. rip subtitle from trp file
  124. Subtitle as Frame.
  125. I need help about forced subtitles
  126. Question about blu-ray subtitle
  127. how to use Lemony Pro 4 ?
  128. HD movies and subtitle question
  129. Hard Subtitles from Bluray
  130. Ripping subtitles in linux
  131. Forcing Subtitles to Display From Right to Left
  132. PROJECT:Replace subtitle stream in blu-ray keeping all else intact (menus etc)
  133. Soft Subs vs. Hard Subs
  134. Best tools hor hardsubbing?
  135. only timecodes from hardsub
  136. Rip subtitles directly from Blu Ray Disc
  137. tt xml to srt ?
  138. SRTmaker by Rectal Prolapse help
  139. Suprip musical note
  140. Help for Multilingual Subtitles
  141. How to Hardcode .srt subtitle in avi without re-encoding.?
  142. Srt Sub and .ts streaming
  143. Blu-Ray rip PGS / sup format questions
  144. display blu-ray subtitle muxed in mkv
  145. DVD Subtitles Bitrate
  146. How can I make forced subtitles sticky?
  147. Need help with deleting subs mp4 file
  148. Subtitles not showing up in a mkv x264 file muxed by MeGui
  149. The subtitles color is changing while the movie is playing
  150. Making subtitles that will work on an LG BD390
  151. Syncing subtitles with MeGui after an AVS cut
  152. VobSub ripping news?
  153. VSFilterMod
  154. TiVo S3/HD/HDXL Subtitles/CC
  155. Subtitle Track OVERLAY on video.
  156. BluRay: splitting subtitle track to forced and non-forced
  157. Blu-ray Video Issue
  158. Subtitle Types
  159. .ifo/.sup subtitle pair - what's in the .ifo?
  160. Easily rip subs from DVD files for later OCR
  161. HD-DVD subs (ACA/XPL)
  162. VobSub - confusing.
  163. Player capable of reading SUP subtitles from m2ts
  164. A problem with MKV's
  165. Wobbling self-made subtitles
  166. HD .IDX subtitles to srt?
  167. TimeCode sincronize
  168. Change default subtitle track in Matroska without remux?
  169. multiple English subtitle tracks
  170. Unicode-aware subtitling tool?
  171. Forced Subs for The Mummy Trilogy (BluRay)
  172. PGS Subtitle conversion on OSX
  173. Hotkey to Show/Hide Subtitles Using DirectVobSub
  174. how to set lemony subtitler pro 4 script ???
  175. Advice Needed: srt sync for MKV under Win7?
  176. How to mux pgs subs into mkv
  177. Avatar BD subs
  178. [Forced subtitles] How to identify them in this case?
  179. HELP: subtitles and DVICO
  180. Subtitle search problem.
  181. FAVC Subtitles
  182. Batch extracting of forced subs from DVD
  183. 16:9 demuxes as 4:3...
  184. Heads-up regarding HTML5 and subtitles
  185. Making MKV with multiple subs to play in a BD player...is it possible ?
  186. Subtitle not displaying in output.
  187. What's a .cc file ?
  188. BDSupToSub - In reverse?
  189. Subtitles in black bar area
  190. embedding subtitles to .mt2s file
  191. Possible to OCR Japanese subtitles??
  192. Subtitle Size
  193. DVD's with SRT streams
  194. Help with BDN File Format
  195. iPhone Subtitles?
  196. Standard subtitles too big?
  197. What is Mpeg 4 Timed Text / 3GPP / GPAC / TTML/DXFP ?
  198. Converting DVB subtitles to text
  199. searching for subtitle editor.
  200. SupTitle x64 Experimental Build
  201. DVD Subtitles Extract Help
  202. MKV with muxed vobsubs to MKV with hardcoded subs---is there a way?
  203. AviSynth Subtitle Plugin?
  204. Help me making this ASS code...
  205. Using TextSub() with non-square pixels
  206. SupTitle error on Avatar Blu-Ray
  207. Extract DVD with subtitles
  208. SUP verifier?
  209. Armored (2009)
  210. Where are the sup files in OpenSubtitles?
  211. Question how to expand timing of sub/idx subtitle
  212. Realtime DVD Subtitle OCR
  213. SUP to SRT not working for me
  214. Rip timings from Japanese subs - possible?
  215. Burnt in subs a problem?
  216. 3D HardSub
  217. Outputting Japanese subtitles
  218. srt-vobsub conversion and display
  219. Soft forced subs in MP4
  220. Subtitles not showing on a retail DVD with MPC-HC
  221. SubRip matrix file
  222. VobSub Ripper Wizard giving wrong timings
  223. Embed .srt in a h264 .avi file without re encoding
  224. Is this subtitle file salvageable?
  225. Recommend an application to embed a subtitle file into a AVI file.
  226. Trim DVD & AVCHD footage w/ subtitles
  227. IDX/SUB Files Extracted from Anime DVDs with VobSub Out of Sync
  228. Burning Subtitles into MP4 File
  229. CC Extraction from VANC Data
  230. convert SRT files to (BD) SUP hebrew support
  231. Problem muxing .ass into MKV
  232. How to add permanent subtitle to mkv
  233. soft subtitles
  234. How to batch rip subtitles with SubRip
  235. How to find hidden forced subtitles ?
  236. hot to get forced subtitles from sup to sup?
  237. Full ASS specs
  238. Subtittle without background
  239. Unable to display .srt with .avi file
  240. Artifacts with VobSubs muxed in MKV.
  241. LOTR - Fellowship of the Ring... BD .sup fading subtitles.
  242. What is a good subtitle font?
  243. What do you use to OCR Subtitles?
  244. No forced subs in BDSup2sup
  245. [Blu-ray to MKV quality 1:1] subtitles PGS or VOBsub ?
  246. Angels and Demons
  247. Which procedure sup (Blu-ray & MKVHD) to srt (DivX) ?
  248. Extract subtitle without IFO file
  249. is possible extract subtitles forced from the DVD?
  250. Vob subs - timings restart from zero