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  1. vsfilter+ffdshow+wmp=nothing
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  5. HD subtitle specs ?
  6. English Subtitle Ripper
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  9. I can't find the subs on my disk.
  10. Problem displaying special characters
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  12. VobSub creates 0 byte Sub Idx files
  13. Retiming without losing "infinite" timings
  14. VrokSub subtitle downloader
  15. SRT to SSA cli converter
  16. Good software for authoring HQ subtitles?
  17. subtitle display problem
  18. Subtitles out of order
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  21. [solved] DVD subtitle works on media player but not work on the DVD Player
  22. Subtitles in PS3 (2.2 FW)
  23. Problem setting audio+sub priority in Haali
  24. How can I convert "timed text" (ttxt) 3GPP video (m4a/mp4) to another format?
  25. Converted Apocalypto to WMV-HD, how to add subtitle?
  26. Is there a way to convert SRT to SSA (Subtitle Filter)?
  27. Any one know about vobsub 2.38?
  28. Newbie questions about VobSub SubResync
  29. Can't Get MPlayer to Read Subtitle Track
  30. How to add ipoc classic compatible subtitles to a mp4 video?
  31. Subrip competition?
  32. Need help on embedding subtitles
  33. NTSC DVD subtitle timings problem
  34. Change charset for subs integreted in MKV
  35. How to embed subtitles without encoding?
  36. How to extract forced subtitles with VSRip command file ?
  37. can't override vertical placement in MKV files :(
  38. Make subtitles look "prettier" when playing from DVD?
  39. How to convert a CHINESE subtitle from .srt to .sup?
  40. color in softsubs and other noob questions
  41. Movie without subtitles
  42. Subs Out Of Synch
  43. How can I convert Japanese subtitle from .sup to .srt
  44. Rip Hard Encoded Subs From XviD ?
  45. Is MPEG-4 Timed Text dead or just on ice?
  46. Help! Noob question on graph to show subs
  47. subtitles not showing in player or splitter
  48. How can I get single subs at the top of the frame in XSUB format? (using Sub2DivX)
  49. How to create SUP files?
  50. How to open and edit .stl file???
  51. Visible subtitles from HD/BD rips
  52. Can anyone identify this subtitle format?
  53. Text-Based subs in Blu-ray
  54. DVB subtitles
  55. Is There A Simple Answer?
  56. common problem, but perhaps more of a wmp issue this time on those GREEN SUBS!
  57. OGG (OGM) Videos Subtitles Not Carrying Over With Conversion Software
  58. Help converting sup to vobsub
  59. workflow advice
  60. Hard Code SRT into AVI, so i can see them on Xbox 360.
  61. ripping idx+sub to bmp with subrip problem
  62. ASS encoding field
  63. Chinese Subtitles
  64. GPAC TTXT formatting issues; help!
  65. Can not view subtitles and video in Windows Vista
  66. Original Color of the Subtitles?
  67. SubHub, a post-OCR correction tool for Srt files, 0.6.0 released
  68. Can't run Subresync
  69. Howto add finnish subtitles to Babylon 5 S03?
  70. Davinci Code, Subtitles and Audio Delay
  71. Syncing subs for MKV
  72. Subtile HardSubbing
  73. SUP file format info?
  74. How to remove 'empty' subtitles?
  75. MPC + VSFilter - Subs compressed in rar?
  76. ISDB Closed Caption
  77. Forced subtitles using VobSub
  78. How to create PGS(Sup Files) from series of image?
  79. Problems muxing subtitles into MP4
  80. Subtitles spiking cpu usage, lagging, not showing?
  81. DvdSubEdit- Dispapearing 4:3 subs problem Help?
  82. Subpic data with a padding stream in the middle!
  83. Subtitles not showing with SubResync?
  84. Converting subtitles from multiples Blu Ray .m2ts files
  85. Program to create burned-in or hardcoded captions while keeping timing?
  86. Subtitle Editing (or Download?) for Star Wars Alien languages
  87. Muxing DVD captions into VOBs?
  88. Muxing vobsub subtitles back into vob file
  89. DirectVobSub v2.37 remote control
  90. SubRip bad detection
  91. its there a dshow filter to get m2ts subs render ?
  92. 1080p .pgs over a 720p movie
  93. Any free software to edit EBU .stl?
  94. Subtitleworkshop gone nuts on me.
  95. Convert DVD to Flash video and add subtitles
  96. Add subs to bluray movies,Is it possibol ?
  97. Blu-Ray Custom Subtitles
  98. How to DirectShow BluRay Subtitles ?
  99. SrtFix, a command-line tool to fix Srt timing
  100. Subtitles not getting saved after getting ripped 100 % by subrip ..
  101. VSFilter hanging AVISynth?
  102. ANSI Text to .SRT
  103. Subtitles ripper generate bad header error.
  104. How do I cause DirectVobSub to be loaded properly, always.
  105. SUbtitleCreator, DVDSubEdit, GUI for Muxman problem please help!!
  106. AVI Sync Problem
  107. wrong synhronized subtitles
  108. Sync Problem with SubRip
  109. Media Player Classic not loading DirectVobSub
  110. adjust dvd subtitle position
  111. Convert an ASSDRAW ASS file to the SUP format to use it in a DVD.
  112. convert .sup to .sub, .srt or any other format
  113. Timecode On M2V file for Subtitling
  114. Subsync not displaying subtitles
  115. x264, mkv, vobsub and subtitles incompatible?
  116. Help with a subtitle format change
  117. Auto-detect automatically playing DVD subs?
  118. .Ass 2 .Sup Conversion... How?
  119. padding video and subtitles
  120. How can I add a subtitle to ts file in DVB subtitle format
  121. VobSub color palette Problem
  122. How rip subtitle from a divx file
  123. Subtitles not always shown
  124. add a subtitle (.sup) to a movie
  125. How to create DVB subtitle in ts file
  126. Convert NTSC timings to PAL?
  127. SSA/ASS line spacing
  128. Subtitles in a blu-ray rip
  129. Help with converting coloured DVB subtitles to idx/vob subtitles
  130. VSFilter crashing Media Player Classic
  131. Multiple Fonts in a sub?
  132. Convert subtitles from 1080 to 720 resolution
  133. problem ripping vob subs
  134. Mediacoder Subtitle Problem
  135. Training SupRip
  136. Converting HDDVD Sub to BluRay Sub
  137. Extract Subtitles from Divx6
  138. Video in delay
  139. Subrip Problem Turkish characters "ş,,İ,,...etc"
  140. Subrip messing up timings !!
  141. Extract subtitle from DVD
  142. subtitle question?
  143. How to make 2 subtitle appear at the same time?
  144. Subtitles and scenarist HDMV
  145. How to activate another language (.idx+.sub)?
  146. I need to embed subtitles to a video.
  147. Imitating the "cinematic subtitles" look?
  148. Bluray - remuxing selective subtitles
  149. Subtitles' aspect ratio in MKV
  150. Problem with Vobsub in Windows Vista 64 bits
  151. Anyone have the tool "SONMerge"?
  152. Getting subs from a DVD
  153. PureVideo/WMP-like subtitles using DirectVobSub
  154. Subtitle fo DVD-lab PRO
  155. Weird problem importing son format subtitles from TS in DVDLab Pro
  156. Subtitle in transport stream
  157. SC Subtitle Filter fault with subtitle creator
  158. Subtitle conversion out of sync
  159. Ssa4 color values
  160. Looking for a tool which can save/convert .sst or .nav subtitles
  161. .inf and .vob which program use to convert to subtitle file
  162. How do I play subtitles on DVD with Media Player Classic rev. 72?
  163. Questions about generating bd .sup files
  164. IDX/SUB Out Of Sync
  165. Changing FPS For IDX Files
  166. Subtitle Stream Report
  167. DVD Decrypter can't get sup files
  168. Embed SRT subtitles in AVI as separate stream
  169. Make subs narrower
  170. Newbie question about subtitles.
  171. Monospace font?
  172. Subtitle Creator Errors?
  173. Subtitle problem in Blu-ray
  174. More Subtitle errors?
  175. Hardcoding sub to h264
  176. Swampwizard/SC Log
  177. SC/VobBlanker Error
  178. SC Temp Files
  179. srt 23,976 -> 25
  180. How to fully control VsFilter in Avisynth?
  181. Hardcoding mkv ass to h264 video
  182. Double entry over time SRT subs
  183. SUP format (HD) support into matroska?
  184. How to hardcode subtitles in h.264-stream
  185. .ass to .sup Conversion
  186. Power DVD/Subtitle Creator Filter
  187. Ripping subs
  188. Question for clsid: does VSFilter CSRI api support YV12?
  189. how to automate converting srt to txt script?
  190. VSFilter Vs. ffdshow's sub-filter.
  191. subtitle and movies on demand
  192. SubRip: Timing Problem with "Die Unglaublichen"-DVD
  193. Bad Language Muting
  194. .sub to .srt Conversion
  195. Ripping Chinese subtitles
  196. Chinese subtitle problem
  197. join .sup files ?
  198. get subtitles in mplayer playing blu-ray from disc?
  199. Subrip Bad Detection Of Words
  200. DVDSubEdit Error message
  201. Char matrices
  202. problem with vobsub 1.38 under vista
  203. SupRip Support Thread
  204. Is it possible to extra from a sup the files as pngs and then convert to vobsub?
  205. I have a problem of Italic fonts in Subtitles Workshop with srt.file.
  206. Sub.mkv
  207. .ass subtitles into MP4
  208. ''Fancier' program than TextSub required
  209. What subtitle format is THIS?
  210. Resizing VobSUB from 4:3 to 16:9
  211. SubtitleCreator 2.2 SUP to SRT problem ??
  212. how can i view muxed .sup files in .m2ts?
  213. Why don't some subtitles show up on screen?
  214. Creating/Extracting an .srt Timecode File
  215. 2 problems with new Divx dvd player
  216. change each subtitle line position
  217. Revising SRT from linked images easily.
  218. SUPread & SupRip crashed when using .sup extracted from multiple .m2ts
  219. Are there alphabet subtypes for language codes?
  220. Timed Text (TT) utility
  221. Problems with vsfilter (CCCP) displaying subtitles on matroska video files
  222. Bluray to MKV: Good option for bitmap subs?
  223. Styled .ASS subs into a .sup for AVCHD
  224. How to mess around with .srt subs?
  225. Media Player Classic Home Cinema - PGS subtitles
  226. add blu-ray subtitles
  227. Subtitle standard for OSX
  228. How to ensure that forced DVD subs make it to the encode?
  229. PodPis filter for virtualdub not working(subtitles from avi)
  230. whiping out and from a script
  231. Subresync [VOBsub Tools]
  232. Switch subtitles with Theater Tek in Mymovies
  233. Subtitle timecode nightmare
  234. sub problem muxing after PAL-to-Ntsc with FAVC
  235. DVDSupTools not working as expected
  236. How to Extract Subtitles from Corrupted mkv file?
  237. Curly brackets in MaestroSBT
  238. Anyone has a clue about my VSFilter problem?
  239. Can't get SubtitleCreator to work.
  240. Can anyone tell me how to make bold, italic and lift a subtitle up for srt or sst?
  241. Hardsubbing Blu-Ray sup file with AviSynth
  242. Displaying subs shrinks the video in MPC
  243. Problems manually remapping idx/sub
  244. Vobsub and VLC (playing issue)
  245. Strange subtitle format, works fine with DirectVobSub, not compatible with mkv
  246. Questions about SubRip (Please Help)
  247. Strange Blu-ray SUPs?
  248. How to increase the hight of the lower line in Subtitle Creator?
  249. error when import subtitle in scenarist
  250. Batch edit idx/sub files