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  1. Are there any SUP-creators based on VobSub?
  2. changing the outline colour in Medusa?
  3. Vobsub graphical aspect enhancement
  4. how to get a subtitle out of h264 .ts ?
  5. Opinions on good program for hard-subs?
  6. Need some help
  7. Direct HDTV/DVD subtitles creation
  8. AVIAddXSubs: Incorporate subtitles (.srt) to avi files quick and easily
  9. Strategy for 2 AVI's and 1 .srt
  10. What's the relationship between ffdshow and VSfilter?
  11. .ass subtitle won't fade in/out or use proper alpha values. Please help!
  12. Real subtitlekes or karaoke subtitles
  13. Format of .style file? (VSFilter)
  14. Difference bet NTSC and PAL subs?
  15. How to hard sub?
  16. Any chance to display subtitles without DirectVobSub ?
  17. Unable to display sub in Vista
  18. Adding multiple subtitles to MPEG transport stream
  19. Converting matroska extracted subtitles into sami format
  20. DVD to iPOD-compatible MP4 with hardcoded subs
  21. Pans Labyrinth English Subs
  22. subtitles lag
  23. need help in subtitling
  24. Blu-Ray subtitles
  25. submux avi file no sound on standalone DVD player
  26. How do I display .srt from MKV
  27. spumux: not add subtitle
  28. Need help playing MKVs with or without subs using one graph.
  29. Automatically Display First Subtitle Track
  30. How can I see .smi subtitles in MCE?
  31. How to open two subtitles files at the same time in Subtitle Workshop?
  32. MaestroSBT RTL bug - a fix/alternative?
  33. problem in TSremux
  34. Embedded subtitles in MP4 - How to play in linux?
  35. Need Help
  36. Cover up\Remove hard subtitles in MPEG2?
  37. .flv subtitles
  38. need help with .ASS subtitle
  39. Which software players support XSUB ?
  40. Nero mp4 sub to .smi help needed
  41. SUbtitles&Font in an mkv
  42. suggestions for subtitles in MP4
  43. Need prog to preview subs in vob file [solved]
  44. add subs in a wmv file
  45. Subtitles faster than movie - how to fix it? Please HELP!!!
  46. How to send a command 'Change subtitle track' within MCE to DirevtVobSub
  47. how to make a dvd from this file ?
  48. Extract Date/Time from HDD Camcorder for Subtitle
  49. Direct support for .ts -files in SubRip, anybody?
  50. In Google translate out put file don`t exist
  51. First post - help with subtitles (3 CDs to DVD)
  52. Question about retaining .ass fonts and styles in dvd subtitle
  53. ssa subtitle encoding problem
  54. Xvid Hard Subs
  55. Using a raw video to rip hardsubs
  56. New Solution for xSubs in now in Beta
  57. DirectVobSub, titles multiplied and stretched in width...
  58. how to use external subs with DVD playback function of software players ?
  59. What is the file type of subtitle for PowerDVD 7.3?
  60. MP Classic -> VOB -> #$%&*!
  61. VSRip giving me problems
  62. Creating new DVD Subtitle with existing colors?
  63. player can't read .srt files burned in linux
  64. Graphic files for Subtitles in DVD SP
  65. changing colors table of subtitles in scenarist
  66. In-File TS
  67. Can Hex editor be used to remove subtitles?
  68. Cannot disable DVD subtitles
  69. How to take the timings from one subtitle for each line and put them into the other?
  70. what is a .subtitle
  71. Strange problem with .idx+.sub subtitles
  72. secondary color for subs doesn't show
  73. Different srt timings?
  74. Stubborn subtitle won't come out of vob
  75. Error loading srt to Subtitle Workshop or Subtitle Creator
  76. .sub/.idx subs not working...odd?
  77. looking for a sst delay fixer for St_Format 4
  78. How to add subtitles to a WMV?
  79. Subtitles out of .vob
  80. ADD/MIX permanently subtitle in RMVB
  81. Menu color would not change
  82. dvdsubedit faulty .vob = possible to fix ?
  83. how to remove watermarks embedded in the video
  84. add subs to DVDRip.XviD
  85. fixing transparent subtitle in mkv file without re-encoding
  86. I want to hardsub an .ass file to avi
  87. Which subtitle format is well suited for converting Teletext ?
  88. Help: DVD with subtitles I can see in PC but not in TV
  89. unable to add subtitles to mp4v file
  90. subtitle mix in rmvb movie. Need Advise!!!!
  91. I need to remove foreign audio
  92. Increasing font size on DVD
  93. converting a subtitle to english?
  94. Having font issues with embedded .mp4 subtitles using MP4Box and .srt subs
  95. Creating Subtitles and Storing in container format
  96. how to convert Sound to text
  97. Extract ssa subtitles from AVI and then delete the stream.
  98. Can't get sync'ed subs (Haibane Renmei R1)
  99. Converting SRT with colour information
  100. Hardsubs on mp4
  101. Muxing .srt subtitles into .mkv
  102. Convert srt to HD-DVD Subtitle format for use in Scenarist SCA
  103. CoreAVC + FFDShow + subtitles
  104. subtitle stretching - many sync points
  105. Directvobsub (VSFILTER) and filetypes
  106. Remove Certain Lines of Subtitles, But leave others in same Sub Tack. How?
  107. First (?) PAL Teletext subtitle extractor for DVR-MS files
  108. FFDshow subtitles "Fast rendering" ?
  109. Swift: Binary subtitle format to DVD
  110. Double Subtitles
  111. subtitles out of sync, dont know how to fix
  112. Unable to display Unicode Subtitles.
  113. Change DVD subtitle colors DVDsubedit error? Or?
  114. Subtitle Problem!
  115. the easiest way to convert .idx(sub) to .srt or .sub
  116. DVD Selectable Subtitles?
  117. export subbed clips?
  118. Hardsub to .mkv
  119. DVD subs to ssa for mkv file
  120. Fonts in commercial DVDs
  121. About teletext (MHEG 5) in UK? Any TV tuner card support it?
  122. softsubs in MCE2005
  123. Convert standalone NTSC *.sub/*.idx to SRT?
  124. putting subtitles into the video file
  125. Subtitles Font Size
  126. Inexplicable delay in ripped subs
  127. Correct subtitle width for anamorphic video?
  128. hd dvd subtitle delay needed
  129. menus from scratch
  130. Need Help for Subtitles in Mkv
  131. How to make multi language 16:9 titles in scenarist?
  132. Removing VOBs
  133. A pair: IDX \ SUB format
  134. Exctract one language from multilanguage sub (dvd) file
  135. How do I sync Subs using the wizard in Subtitle Creator ?.
  136. How to fix 2nd color transparency
  137. Extracting timestamp information
  138. vobsub2.23 bug?
  139. Adding subtitles to .TS file?
  140. To Insert New Text
  141. Need subtitle help with Vista MCE and Nero AVC files
  142. See MP4 subtitles with VLC and MPC
  143. Increase subs using VSFilter
  144. SUBBER v1.2.0 -creates from scratch and edits SUB/SRT subtitles.
  145. txt to sub
  146. A really difficult problem to deal with on VSFilter
  147. Has anyone successfully used MSU remove subtitles filter?
  148. "Double" subtitles
  149. Splitting SUbs
  150. Anamorphic Displays.
  151. subtitles too low with Subtitle Creator
  152. Why do I get this when converting .IDX/.SUB with SubRip?
  153. Adding subtitles!
  154. Question regarding SubStation Alpha (.SSA)
  155. idx/sub or srt ?
  156. Bad Subs: Timecode restart after 1:03:06.04
  157. How I can Create IDX Subtitle ?
  158. Italics with Avidemux?
  159. Program for converting IDX files thats as good as SubRip but isn't SubRip
  160. Quickest and good way to enlarge subtitle size, change color, & add black background
  161. Help!! How to Super-Impose DVD Karaoke Subtitle to Output Video
  162. How to create my own default TextSub Filter settings?
  163. USF to SRT converter
  164. Extracting subtitle for DVD?
  165. Display Sub in WMP (Win Media Player 11)
  166. Copying timings from .SSA to .SSA
  167. avi - audio and subtitle errors on standalone
  168. Inserting sub line in subtitlecreator
  169. Asterisks in SubRip 1.50 b4
  170. How can i improve my IDX Subtitle Qulaity ?
  171. Subtitle Creator 2.2 crash (please help)
  172. Trying to OCR idx/sub: normal routes failing!
  173. how to increase timelimit for single/multiple .idx subtitle lines?
  174. Subtitles don't work with CoreAVC and ffshow together
  175. Subtitling avi's
  176. SSA karaoke file conversion
  177. What is the quickest way to convert this to any known subtitle format...?
  178. Subtile Creator works with NTSC DVD, but PAL?
  179. How to create a srt Subtitle in Linux?
  180. Possible to create this amount Anti-Alias Ratio?
  181. Bitmap sublitles - why?
  182. DirectVobSub (VSFilter) - small Subtitles
  183. Writing Cavena 890 files
  184. how to add sup subtitle streams in ts file?
  185. Variable-speed scrolling subtitles
  186. Is anybody using a Sub2DivX
  187. sub + idx question
  188. SubtitleCreator - Sub Selection Error
  189. How to convert multi language subtitles?
  190. Syncing hardsub karaoke with VFR video?
  191. How to add a .SRT file on a H264 File ?
  192. Subtitle (Flicking/shaky/not still) on TV only but "still" on monitor
  193. Remove several parts from a subtitle?
  194. I want program "Vobsubidadjust".
  195. Round off timecodes
  196. Convert srt to idx
  197. DVD Shrink Unwanted Subtitles
  198. Converting subtitles to TTF for use in Subtitle Creator?
  199. are there any ssa/ass subtitle creator on mac osx ?
  200. Same old Same old
  201. FFDShow semi-transparent opaque box
  202. Why can't I extract sub from DVD?
  203. Creating my own subs for avi & editing subs of ogm & mkv
  204. How to add permenent subtitle to a DVD
  205. Which subtitle filter for Windows Vista x64
  206. Reauthoring discs with multiple episodes' subtitles?
  207. Disturbing Small Subtitles in MP4 Playback
  208. 4:3 Letterboxed > 16:9 Widescreen Subtitle Conversion
  209. PgcEdit and Subtitles
  210. Can i add a subtitle to htdv movie?
  211. ADDING subs to Blu-ray? possible?
  212. Cannot export .srt
  213. Question on NTSC DVD 23.976 pulldowned to 29.97
  214. seperate chapters, with subs
  215. Subtitling a commentary - Who's Talking?
  216. Problems with subtitles in Scenarist ACA with 720p project
  217. adjust .sup start time
  218. Does anyone know how to extract subtitles from a H.264 .ts?
  219. Splitting VobSubs
  220. Problems with converting VobSub to SRT
  221. Subs wont play on video edited by nandub
  222. convert .SUP to .srt or .idx ?
  223. Original HDDVD disk and Xtra subtitles? Done!
  224. Timed Text in MP4 with Black Outline
  225. Xbox 360 subtitles
  226. (hard)subtitling with ffdshow
  227. Keeping Wide and Letterboxed Subtitles at same position.
  228. Can You Rename a VOB subtitle Stream in place?
  229. VobSub w/ TMPGEnc 4 Xpress not working anymore
  230. srt/sub to VobSub *.idx
  231. DVD-lab pro + IDX = Big problem
  232. vsfilter's TextSub parameters
  233. need urgent help with idx+sub on an mp4
  234. Can you change bmp subtitles size without converting them first to text?
  235. VobSubs on Vista
  236. Adding Sub to a existing VOB file.
  237. DVD-subs to text without OCR?
  238. help: vobsub displays gibberish font
  239. 29.97 fps ->25 fps VobSub idx/sub
  240. Extract (Eng) from .idx
  241. Default sub in DVD movie
  242. Trouble finding forced subs in "Die Another Day"
  243. Vobsub scripting problem with episodic discs
  244. Subtitles for iTunes 7.6
  245. Subrip : is it possible to have custom colours or not ?
  246. MPC and VSFilter issues
  247. The problem of adding subtitle to DVD
  248. Scenarist Subs: no_Stop and with_Stop differences
  249. Who Knows How to Hard Sub WMV File with SMI Subtitles?
  250. VSFilter and ffdshow problem