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  1. Subtitles won't play...
  2. Subtitles with XVID
  3. Adding Subtitles to an Encoded Movie.
  4. VSRIP can't index files larger than 4gb
  5. Mux subtitles to .ts - any way?
  6. subs get screwed up...
  7. Convert .sub to .srt & adding watermark to divx/xvid ???
  8. subtitle in xvid movie
  9. Importing Karaoke Subtitles Into DVD Lab Pro
  10. splitting subs
  11. Help with subs
  12. sub file only
  13. Betacam .PAC subtitle format conversion? any?
  14. Converting .8090 -> .smi
  15. Index problem when extracting subs
  16. synchroniz subtitle.
  17. Program for Extracting Subs
  18. Subtitle still show even without dialogue
  19. Importing subtitles into DVD-Lab Pro
  20. Ripping incomplete subs
  21. 1920x1080 ts with idx/sub using nvidia decoder
  22. DVD Decrypter : format of .SUB files ?
  23. Sup to Srt
  24. Serving subtitles to NeroVision with ffdshow and an avisynth script
  25. Can i display my subs on my TV bigger?
  26. Subtitle for existing palette? (DVD)
  27. I can't get the subtitles on a DVD again
  28. sub/idx
  29. Create Subtitles for a documentary
  30. .SSA to .SON or .SRT to .SON
  31. Subtitle Japanese menu
  32. Hardsub ASS subs?
  33. Subtitles Stop Before End of Movie
  34. Extract excisting subtitles from a DVD - Edit - and add it back
  35. Is the non-mod16 YV12 bug in VSfilter ever going to be fixed?
  36. Out of sync
  37. Negative Timings in VobSub idx file
  38. DVD subtitles in opaque box?
  39. Progress bar not functional in fullscreen mode with SAMI subtitles (WMP 10)
  40. Words in subs stick together as one word
  41. Caption File Format?
  42. .ssa --> .srt?????
  43. fix \n in subs
  44. Muxing Subtitles with Avi files
  45. HELP: What are the default subtitle palettes for home made DVD?
  46. Is there unicode subtitle editor?
  47. Closed captions to .srt
  48. In MPC how to enable NAVIGATE > SUBTITLE LANGUAGE by default
  49. Change the Subtitle Color in Scenarist (all at once)
  50. Resizing subs to fit resized video
  51. Mux ASS into MP4
  52. cut intro from movie, how to cut sub?
  53. Tools to insert DVB subtitles into MPEG-2 TS files ?
  54. problem subtitle with DVD Architect 4.0
  55. dv sub maker problem
  56. xvid n divx subtitle
  57. subrip hardsubs
  58. Rip Subtitles, change font, mux into MKV
  59. No subtitle with autogk
  60. Scale subtitles to new video
  61. how to idx/sub --> srt ?
  62. help my ??????Subtitle
  63. LOTR - The Two Towers Limited Edition subtitles out of sync
  64. DivX video with subs - info ...
  65. PAL > NTSC = Sub Issues?
  66. how to stick a sub to a divx
  67. Only want Forced Sub but display is All Subs
  68. A problem with Subrip
  69. DVDSUBEDIT guides
  70. I'm new to the windows based subbing programs...
  71. .SUP to Image Format (BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, etc)
  72. How to embed fonts in ASS/MKV?
  73. Yellow subtitles have always some bits of white.
  74. Polish Subtitles not displaying correctly on standalone DivX player
  75. Undesired "dots" in DVD subtitle
  76. VSFilter ASS {\clip(m... l...)} Problem, Textsub.vdf=Ok
  77. How to edit IDX+SUB files
  78. add extra subs
  79. add subtitle into mp4
  80. Impossible subtitle problem.
  81. Converting a Quicktime Subtitle
  82. Having trouble extracting subs from episodic disc vobs
  83. How add *.sup subtitles easily to a new DVD
  84. No subtitles when backing up?
  85. How to insert subtitles to a new a DVD
  86. DV to DVD, with timecodes as subtitles
  87. Problem w SubRip v1.50b4 OCR - IDX/SUB bit-pattern appears interlace 'd ?
  88. Trying to rip dvd to Mpeg
  89. Automatic conversion between srt to ssa butů
  90. Subtitle Creator possible TROJAN
  91. Ripping subs from ogm, then re-use them?
  92. Trouble muxing vobsubs into .mp4 with mp4box
  93. Lossless Subtitle playback @ ipod 6G
  94. OpenType fonts and ASS
  95. Default SRT subtitles
  96. Use R2 .sup on a R1 DVD?
  97. how to change attributes of font in subtitle workshop?
  98. Problem with Subbed DVD using Subtitle Creator
  99. Adding subtitles to a DVD created from .avi file
  100. media player classic error: shows transparent subtitles: why?
  101. SubRip Companion Subtitle Remover VirtualDub filter, v. 1.0
  102. Remove formatting from srt?
  103. TTXT (in MP4) Subtitle Sample Request
  104. HELP: garbled subtitles file.. incorrect unicode?
  105. How to remove language from already ripped vobsub (idx+sub)?
  106. maestrosbt
  107. Subtitles ttxt and TextBox
  108. BMP to SUP
  109. AviSynth plugin for SUP subtitles
  110. How to render IDX+SUB files
  111. Search for forced subs
  112. Some info I've gathered lately
  113. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  114. professionall software to Subtitles
  115. ripping spanish subtitles
  116. Subs out of synch with Gknot Rip
  117. BSPlayer crashes on subtitle
  118. How to preview separated audio and video streams in conjunction with subtitles?
  119. 64 bit sub problem
  120. DirectVobSub questions
  121. Is there a straight way to change the fps of a sup?
  122. Black background in subs
  123. need sub for road to guantanamo
  124. .ASS subs in .mkv - formatting probs in VLC
  125. MicroDVD to SRT non-ASCII conversion bug
  126. How to make mandarin subtitle using script rather than bitmap?
  127. Graphic format .srt
  128. Syncronizing
  129. Subtitle in Karaoke DVD
  130. Batch extract idx+sub from ifo/vob?
  131. Subs out of sync
  132. Adding custom subs to DVDs
  133. Subtitle not showing up on copying from original folder
  134. Adding Multiple Subtitles with MuxMan
  135. problem with vobsub guide
  136. mpg2srt translates closed caption badly
  137. subtitlecreator, muxman and aspect ratios. subs displayed at wrong position
  138. Modifying Existing Subtitles
  139. HELP: unknown sub out-of-sync...
  140. add subtitles
  141. What do you call this kind format of closed caption?
  142. Subtitle creator help
  143. Unicode subtitle
  144. Question about DVD palette exchange formats
  145. how to position subs anywhere. any tips?
  146. Add several subtitles from a DVD series.
  147. Subtitles good, video quality bad. Need experts please!
  148. Vobsub Subtitle Playback Formatting
  149. no subtitles on computer... odd
  150. Graphic Commentary - Subs appear almost totally clear
  151. cant see subtitles
  152. Adding subtitles to .iso files by Nero.
  153. muxing gets wrong filesize and length...
  154. dvd sub ripping - without OCR?
  155. VobSub hotkeys
  156. Splitting Subtitles For 3Cd-Rip.
  157. retiming .smi subs for use w/ ghetto imported dvd's
  158. Frameserver that adds .srt files to the avi?
  159. HD subtitle ripping (SUPread)
  160. fix subtitles to 62 chars max
  161. SAW III is driving me crazy...
  162. Converting PAC/890 formats.
  163. Possible to rips hard coded subs?
  164. Convert .sup to .txt
  165. DVB display subs during playback
  166. add subtitles to a movie
  167. Manually selecting certain vob subs to be forced
  168. Fixed subtitles in Wmv
  169. Making extremely small subs bigger using vosub
  170. Sub2DivX --> DiVX stand alone dvd player
  171. getting subtitles from DVD files with 2PGCs
  172. Weird subtitles in video.
  173. New to subtitles - please advise
  174. position the subtitle in the black margin
  175. korean language subtitles
  176. Polygonize
  177. Recommended prog for synching subs in MP4/MKV file
  178. .mkv file with multiple audio and subtitle streams ---> .mp4 file with one audio/sub
  179. txt to Scenarist image files
  180. .srt files won't play
  181. Wrong subtitle stream
  182. How can I sync this subs?
  183. join problem
  184. Chinese: can SubRip and AVISubDetector?
  185. Make ON by default on VIDEO_TS?
  186. Serious problem with VobSub subtitles in Overlay.
  187. ANSI txt to Subtitle Workshop
  188. PodPis at the end deletes the output!!
  189. DVB subtitles multiplexing ?
  190. Found the subtitles but they are not the right ones
  191. subs often incorrect in time
  192. Unknown framerate
  193. VLC doesn't recognize Subs
  194. Ripping subs FROM .DIVX files...
  195. DVD to VOBSub
  196. Softsubs not showing up on TV
  197. .mkv File Defaulting to Gray Subtitles?
  198. switchable subtitles - best solution?
  199. How to joint two part of subtitle ?
  200. HELP: Need help with .sup files
  201. Ripping subtitles by chapter
  202. Adding remuxed dvd files to orig dvd?
  203. Adding Subtitels to AVI┤s
  204. Slight subtitle delay w/VobSub -- 300ms!
  205. Problem with Subrip
  206. The subtitle is blinking
  207. HDTV subtitles ripper
  208. Dvd2dvd permanent subtitles
  209. Possible to display "forced" subs only?
  210. STL to SUP or srt
  211. Timcode instead of .srt text ?
  212. New release: ccextractor
  213. DirectVobSub: mkv playback issue in MPC with VobSub subtitles
  214. Convert VobSub (idx/sub) to Sup
  215. Help with subtitles
  216. convert PAL Subpic (DVD Source) to NTSC Subpic
  217. Subtitle Issues (w/ AutoGK)
  218. How do .sub- and .idx-files work?
  219. Difference between Dvobsub auto and non-auto?
  220. PAC files?
  221. SubtitleCreator Crash
  222. Extracting subtitles from .avi files
  223. Subrip error.
  224. fade in / fade out effect possible ?
  225. help in converting subs to ssa?
  226. DSRTv3
  227. anti flicker filter in MaestroSBT
  228. how to make subtitles fit to tv
  229. Problems with Vobsub filter.
  230. DivXLand Media Subtitler 2.0.5
  231. subtitle workshop
  232. MKV subtitles
  233. Is there a way to encrypt/protect textual subtitles?
  234. Converting Bluray disc subtitles
  235. Nonstop problems with directvobsub (vsfilter) v2.37 not working
  236. Delay .idx and .sub files
  237. Convert idx+sub timecode from PAL to NTSC?
  238. Index was outside the bounds of the array.
  239. How do i put permenate subtitles to avi files?
  240. How can I embed subtitles into a AVI file with the VirtualDubMOD?
  241. SubRip - No Save Option ?
  242. New version of ccextractor available
  243. Subtitle position not correct under Linux
  244. Subtitles from DVB, - some are very hard
  245. ccextractor with good HDTV timing released
  246. Issues with SubtitleCreator
  247. Labeling subtitles for specific langauge tracks
  248. .idx/.sub to .srt
  249. edit and separate multiple idx/sub into a single channel idx/sub
  250. Regarding subtitle Edits