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  1. low dvd (sup) converted subtitles quality
  2. Adding Subtitles. Help req. pls
  3. Idx/Sub Question?
  4. Increase Font Size Of *SRT Subtitles?
  5. preview in subtitle workshop 2.51 does not work
  6. Announcing Beta 0.80 (now Version 1.5) of DVDSubEdit
  7. Two or three silly questions about ripping subtitles...
  8. A question concerning adding subtitles with VirtualDub
  9. Subtitles only selectable via Menu?
  10. Subtitle stream in AVI
  11. How to display subtitle in VLC media player ?
  12. need ssa commands
  13. Framerate conversion
  14. Resizing IDX/SUB subtitles
  15. Prob w/ Haali Media Splitter+AVI+subs on Winamp
  16. Player that suports the extended .srt format
  17. Problem with VSRip
  18. Help increasing subtitles font (.srt file)
  19. spumux problem
  20. mkv subtitles not displaying
  21. Missing automatic foreign subtitles?
  22. Changing Subtitle Order
  23. how to make scrolling (credit-like) dvd-subs
  24. several subtitles???
  25. Adding subtitles, can't do it!!! Help!
  26. can't get a synch
  27. how to delay .sup file or edit sup ?
  28. Can I get help converting CC to .srt?
  29. Subrip problem
  30. External Subtitle Formats specification
  31. How do I use .sub demuxed from DVD decrypter in subrip
  32. capture cc w/pvr150
  33. demuxing SSA from MKV files
  34. How to extract subtitles from hardsubbed avis
  35. what is OCR?
  36. (@SC author) implementing auto vertical positioning in SC
  37. Looking for some rare subtitles???
  38. DVD subtitles to idx/sub format
  39. Syncronising Subtitles
  40. How to enter a negative time in subrip?
  41. Polistream Converters
  42. Subtitles don't appear during playback on standalone dvd player
  43. Which Fonts do You Use/Recommend?
  44. How Can I Change DVD Subtitles Colors?
  45. Subtitle Processor 7.5 is avaible
  46. creating subtitles for dvd
  47. Problem after mix subs with film using fuseX
  48. Integrating .idx subtitles into .avi video(s)
  49. Subtitles blocking film
  50. authotring + idx & sub
  51. Gabest's new textsub formats: SSF 1.0 & ASS2 (SSA 4.00++)
  52. vobfile where subtitles "overlay" the movie
  53. FanSubs?
  54. delete sub range?
  55. can't play avi w/ sub (srt)
  56. ADD SUBTITLES TO DVD WITH PgcDemux,IfoEdit,SubtitleCreator and VobBlanker...HELP!!!!
  57. ANN: syncscc 0.2
  58. preview of subtitle's sync with a DVD....how?
  59. ┐add subtitle to a 2pgc vts and reusing cells? ┐how?
  60. Subtitle Minefield - How many .SUBs ARE there?
  61. Subtitle shadow & Resizing Subtitles Tips
  62. adding letterbox subtitles
  63. Ripping subtitles
  64. Difference b/w .ass and .srt?
  65. How to rip subtiles to .srt format?
  66. Closed captions extraction problem
  67. Guide: Remove text for hearing impaired
  68. Auto PAL/NTSC sub adjustment
  69. Textsub causes 100% cpu
  70. Subsync with ac3
  71. Which 4 colors are used by a subtitle stream - and how to change?
  72. Closed caption; decode to file
  73. Adding Subs to prepared DVD folder
  74. Fade in/Fade out doesnt work....
  75. Extracted CC Problems
  76. Can I edit font size of subtitle without reauthoring?
  77. help plz: joining subtiles for cd1 & cd2 to for 1 big file
  78. DVD to SRT alternative to SubRip?
  79. Does vobsub run under Windows XP 64?
  80. TmpgEnc Plus 2.5 & VobSub broken
  81. How can I mux subtitle into a vob file?
  82. Subs are stupid! Also Haali suggestion
  83. What subtitles format/color are compatible w/ DVDLab Pro?
  84. Captions not appearing on burned DVDs??
  85. Sync VobSub using SubResync
  86. Subtitle Extraction, and PAL to NTSC
  87. what is PAC file ?
  88. Display and/or capture audio, video, and closed caption at same time?
  89. Ass to sup(DVD subtitle) with ass Karaoke feature retain...possible?
  90. projectX subs format question
  91. DivXLand Media Subtitler 1.9.0 released
  92. Guide: Change DVD subtitle colours
  93. convert divx movie with subtitles into dvd
  94. Can't see inserted subs (hebrew subs, R1 Scarface)
  95. srt to IDX/SUB (Arabic subtitles on XBOX)
  96. Precise subtitle splitting?
  97. Making my OWN subtitles from scratch
  98. Narnia - Subtitle "balloons"
  99. Timecode creator for srt or similar
  100. Adding subtitles to a DVD that doesn't have any subtitles
  101. Various subtitle questions
  102. So simple...but impossible?
  103. Style change with textsub syntax
  104. Weird thing with vsfilter and autoloading paths
  105. Displaying Forced Subtitles (specifically in Star Wars Episode I)
  106. Hard subs in mpeg2
  107. vsfilter
  108. Subtitle timing slightly off
  109. Subtitle ripping - how does it work?
  110. How to extract subtitles from damage avi or repair avi?
  111. Add Subtitles to a Seamless Branching DVD?
  112. subtitles and xvid problems
  113. Subtitle Creator method problems
  114. Can Subrip output a file with FPS different from the source's one?
  115. Dont want to show forced subs
  116. Vobsub subtitles problem
  117. Trying to play OGM with subs - Help!
  118. ripping subs from one dvd, to make another with different synch
  119. How to rip subtitles from .mp4 to .srt?
  120. MP3Sub/SongSubtitler
  121. Subtitle characters
  122. AVI-MUX and joined Subtitles out of sync
  123. Keep getting wrong subtitle colors
  124. Need Asian subtitles (srt) + SC profiles for tests
  125. subtitles for targa dp-5100x
  126. the inside of the subtitle and background are the same pixel type
  127. subtitles not appearing - need help please
  128. VobSub crashing on install....
  129. Advanced Softsubbing Techniques
  130. Vobsub - yellow subs ?
  131. Subtitles Creator - whow to split long lines?
  132. Technical question about IFOEdit
  133. Subtitle fade problems with .ssa and Subtitler.vdf
  134. Status report for USF?
  135. HD subtitles
  136. Video resizing and VobSub
  137. Create Subtitles for DVB broadcasts
  138. AVISubDetector beta (New Version)
  139. Viewing .m2v and .ac3 so i can syncronize?
  140. diacritical subtitles
  141. Is there a way to show two subtitle streams at the same time? [Forced Subs]
  142. Dvd subtitle creation: character spacing/stretching?
  143. Textsub and decimal outline
  144. Subtitles won't appear while playing a Divx CD on my standalone player
  145. Subtitles in Media player classic
  146. Standalone DVD player doesnt recognize subtitels (movie in SVCD format)
  147. ass-->DVD keeping the styles?
  148. mix video and sub
  149. How to Get Precision in Subtitling ?
  150. On Screen Text - how to add, using what program
  151. New Subtitles:Advanced Universal Subtitle Format
  152. About Subresync...
  153. How to slow down vobsubs from PAL to FILM?
  154. Embedding Subtitles into the video
  155. Japanese subtitles w/ furigana in a DVD?
  156. Hide subtitles on MPUI?
  157. joining subtitles to a movie
  158. sup2vobsub
  159. why sub doen't show up when adding back reauthored film to old structure
  160. Automatic creation of subtitles...
  161. Changing subtitle font
  162. What to mux a ASS subtitle into an avi file?
  163. Subtitles not showing up
  164. Subtitle Problem in MKV with MPC
  165. Playback of positioned subtitles (srt with X & Y co-ords)
  166. Different colors in the same sub, how?
  167. HELP: sub to ssa format probs
  168. Which subtitle format and which program?
  169. how to change subtitle positions in encoded movie?
  170. Problem displaying Divx subtitles on a hardware player
  171. subrip uses timeline that is written in DVD. I can't fix this
  172. VobSub Joiner (and an error in doom9 guide)
  173. SubRip with MPEG-4 TTXT support
  174. Subtitles won't appear while playing on my standalone player
  175. ! is l in SubRip
  176. Subtitle cut off ><
  177. How can I get closed caption from a recorded DVD?
  178. How to see subs in MKV Movie
  179. I can't save
  180. How to generation random character between lines in a SRT subtitle file?
  181. trouble with subs in star wars I and II
  182. New version of SubtitleCreator for .NETv2 released
  183. Subtitle Timecode Adjustment & Format Conversion
  184. Yet another problem with subs
  185. weird problem using vobsub
  186. srt style formatting
  187. SubtitleCreator: Subtitle position.
  188. ARccOS Subs Out of Sync!
  189. sami (.smi) to vobsub
  190. Demuxing avi softsubs
  191. AVISynth n VSFilter prob
  192. Subtitle Edition
  193. idea for a helpful sticky
  194. Extracting subs from audio
  195. subs do not appear for Robot Chicken season 1 using vobsub
  196. AVI-MUX GUI is NOT making me a subtitle embeded AVI
  197. HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Disc Subtitles
  198. movie + subs = only half of movie :( please help
  199. Questions About SubtitleCreator
  200. Newbie question - Creating subtitles from scratch
  201. Newb Question
  202. Subtitle problem for newb....
  203. Editing IDX file
  204. Hardware player can't play korean subtitle...
  205. subtitle timing change
  206. Sub rip detects i as l
  207. Hardcoding Subs
  208. How to embed subs in MKV?
  209. DirectVobSub command line parameters?
  210. SubRip... Undoing Mistakes
  211. SubRip: Wrong Color conversion in sst file
  212. Closed Captions to .srt, too many errors!!!
  213. SRT small "l" is capital "I"
  214. Tool to multiplex switchable subtitles into existing MPEG-2 file ?
  215. Subtitles ON/Off Problem
  216. Help with subs
  217. How to ADD new Subtitle to an EPISODIC DVD Keeping the Menu?
  218. hardcoding subs in GK
  219. Japanese Subtitles
  220. any dvd player that can load extra subtitle without rebuilding DVD
  221. sup to sub/idx? Is it possible?
  222. Adware in SubtitleCreator install?
  223. Hardsubbing problem?
  224. Muxing soft subtitles into .avi - is it possible?
  225. DSRT v2.90
  226. how to take subtitles *that are in a stream*
  227. SubRip srt titles not playing
  228. SRT Syntax?
  229. What subtitle format is this?
  230. How to input 2 subpicture stream(same language)if the video source is 16 :9?
  231. Problem - Demuxing DVD gives 2 sup for each lang..
  232. Looking For Son2VobSub
  233. Adding subtitles
  234. Many Subtitle Formats
  235. Convert subtitles from PAL to NTSC (or vice versa)
  236. New version of CCASDI (Closed Captioning tool)
  237. Subrip 1.5 b3
  238. Working on a PSP .vob to avc project.
  239. Adding srt subtitles to DVD
  240. Updated guide nero mp4 subs?
  241. .mkv subtitle removal
  242. srt asynchron with BSplayer
  243. Subs appearing too large
  244. Subtitle formatting
  245. How do I add subs to video stream itself?
  246. Subtitle creator
  247. Another question for Subs...
  248. Shortest way to correct spell.mistakes?
  249. Converting SRT to Vobsub using SRT2BMP and SON2VOBSUB?
  250. Elf R1 .srt format with SubRip