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  1. VobSub program but for SRT ?
  2. Detection of Forced Subtitles Tools / Methods
  3. Two chars detection
  4. how to encode -> Turn on /off Subtitle
  5. How Do I Display My Subtitles On Divx
  6. looking for sub firmware
  7. Changing subtitle transparency values in IFO files!?
  8. Extracting subtitles from MKV...
  9. can' see subtitles in OGM files i made anymore
  10. DirectVobSub in dvd files?
  11. No subtitles, just Black-Bars on subrip and powerdvd
  12. avi+sub
  13. Editing a .SUP file of a menu so a new highligh for a button could be added.
  14. Capture closed caption (subtitles) tv?
  15. VLC + DirectVobSub ?
  16. Help! Playback Subtitles?
  17. Creating subs for Phantom Menace
  18. CCASDI app - invalid SRT file...
  19. Which program to modify sentence?
  20. What is the correct term to define subs burnt in a video
  21. Subtitles problem in Adobe Encore
  22. Sabbu 0.2.5 (The land of infinite frogs!)
  23. Converting Realtext to Advanced SSA
  24. mp4 with subtitles inside
  25. Subs out of sync - dvdMaestro
  26. Subrip skipped errors?
  27. Implenting subtitles in avi-File
  28. Add subtitles to SVCD
  29. Change Defualt Sub Stream in IDX/SUB
  30. Too many subs
  31. haali splitter subs question
  32. adjusting subtitles
  33. Sony Architect and subtitle Arial14
  34. super help waited this for weeks
  35. another problem adding subs :(
  36. VSFilter & Windows Media Player
  37. Optional Subs to Avi films
  38. Subtitle Worshop - Adding line in one language while translating
  39. Accuracy problem using ass (nothing to do with sphincter)
  40. DivxToDVD 2 (RC) supports subtitles
  41. Unconditional subtitle play?
  42. Nero MP4 Subtitle Alternatives?
  43. Embedding Subtitles in DivX
  44. mp4 and muxed subtitles (srt) playback
  45. How can I create subtitles from DVR-MS Closed Captioning?
  46. Since SSA won't install, alternatives for making scripts?
  47. SHRINK--turns subtitles ON..??
  48. Newbie sub/idx and avi help
  49. joining srt problem
  50. vertical subtitles (for korean/japanese)
  51. subtitle help really needed please
  52. Customize sub font in VLC ?
  53. is there a way to convert .srt to .sup?
  54. Player Prob Displaying Multiple Subs
  55. Vobsub: how to reindex?
  56. problem muxing .sst and .sup using "Muxman"
  57. how to set up the color codes correctly with srt2sup?
  58. muxing subtitles into an mpeg video stream
  59. Splitting Subtitles help
  60. Mpeg4 + Subtiltes -> DVD
  61. mpeg-2 subtitle question
  62. Joining Subtitles
  63. How to change fonts size?
  64. To join avi with subtitles
  65. M4pbox Subtitles in 3gp with Quicktime 7 preview
  66. Display problems when playing subtitles with VSFilter
  67. NTSC subs synced to PAL video
  68. AGK: subs missing from other 2 episodes on DVD
  69. How to conver DVD subtitle to xsub
  70. Fix Flicking subtitle
  71. Resizing subtitles in srt format
  72. subtitles and .mkv - need your help!
  73. directvobsub and girder...
  74. VirtualDub gets out of sync when adding Subtitles to an AVI
  75. how convert sup to sst?
  76. How to put DV Sub Maker subs to dvd
  77. MaestroSBT: cry for development
  78. Subtitles 2 seconds ahaid of dialogue
  79. 'Nero Recode style' subtitles into mp4 without Nero Recode?
  80. MaestroSBT going open source - developers wanted
  81. Question about ASS and VSFilter
  82. Batch Converting subs to SPC format
  83. chr sub is there something like that???
  84. "Terminator 2" English sub.
  85. External subtitles and DXVA
  86. AVI Format & *.idx,*.sub subtitles...
  87. Subtitle timing with keystrokes
  88. AVS Textsub on-the-fly reloading not working
  89. DSRT Editor
  90. synchronization of subtitles
  91. clip of a movie + subs
  92. Is it possible to extract hardsubtitles from AVI?
  93. TTXT italic and VSFilter problem
  94. VObSub specifications
  95. Subtitles: before or after resize?
  96. Problem with subtitles
  97. Noob question about adding ass sub to dvd, please read.
  98. How to join 2 part of .srt into 1 complete .srt
  99. srt: 23.976<->25.000 at the command-line?
  100. VSFilter source?
  101. Question about setting charset in ssa/ass
  102. How to make a DVD with an AVI and .ssa Subs
  103. Muxman, SubtitleCreator and 2.35:1 movie
  104. subrip time code incorrect
  105. Subtitle Conversion Help...
  106. Join multiple subtitle streams (.idx+.sub)
  107. Subtitles out of sync (only 1 frame early or late at random)
  108. subtitles in nero showtime
  109. About AVIRecomp?
  110. .SUB into a .AVI
  111. Add sub to DL DVD
  112. creating forced subs in avi
  113. Add hard subs to dvd
  114. replace sub in DVD9
  115. question about subtitle colors in ifos
  116. I need help extracting subtitles from a certain DVD - Kiki's Delivery Service Region1
  117. How to convert .idx/.sub to .srt?
  118. Loading subtitles
  119. Adding Subtitle to MPEG (VCD)
  120. Increase subtitle duration
  121. About Graphedit capture CC subtitle
  122. Subtitles don't show up in 2nd of 2 discs reauthored in DVDLab Pro.
  123. How can I add *.srt into Xvid encoded Avi file?
  124. Fast Closed captions extraction tool
  125. Any Subtitle databases?
  126. Double subs appear on fullscreen.
  127. How do I attach subs to a VOB file
  128. VSfilter (vobsub) doesnt keep my config :(
  129. Need help editing subtitle color
  130. sub-pic attribute and pre-command
  131. Subtitle missing
  132. What is meant by "Pack Header Not found"
  133. SubRip Subtitle Ripping Help
  134. What subtitle format can be imported directly into DVDLab?
  135. Sub. for two movies!
  136. VLC can now handle MPEG-4 Subtitles (ISO 14496-17)
  137. Problem inputing subtitles after ripping!
  138. Multiplexing subtitles
  139. Splitting subtitle files in 3
  140. DirectVobSub
  141. VLC Player supports mp4 ttxt Subs
  142. DVobsub and Girder
  143. Batch convert srt or idx+sub to smi?
  144. Srt2bmp, bmptoxsub and fuse method
  145. SubRip freezes at 81%
  146. Reposition DVD subtitles.
  147. Subtitles only rip for first episode of DVD using vobsub.
  148. Subtitle stream not visible when viewing 16:9 dvd on 4:3 tv
  149. Subtitles Unreadable in Bright Scenes !
  150. translating progi from .SUP to .SUP
  151. Are There Any Subtitle Programs That Can Auto-Translate?
  152. dvd subber2 to dvd lab, need help
  153. Idx & Sub on DivX Standalone?
  154. Phantom Menace "alien" subtitles
  155. Q about pulldown method for synching SON files (Maestro)
  156. Possible to add subtitles to xvid encodes?
  157. MaestroSBT AR correction for 4:3LB and 16:9 movies: yes or no?
  158. Subtitles go out os synch
  159. ffdshow not show vobsub subtitles anymore
  160. Is it possible to see the final movie in DVD-lab?
  161. How to ad subtitle to DIVX?
  162. MPEG 4 Timed Text Subtitles tools???
  163. Burning in subtitles in to video
  164. ffdshow and embedded MPEG 4 Timed Text Subtitles
  165. SSA/ASS karaoke playback problem.
  166. Permanent subtitles in DivX
  167. Aegisub public beta announcement
  168. ad subs to a dvd
  169. Subtitles go out of sync from 2srt or sub files joined SOLUTION
  170. Again.... :( subtitles permanents on avi... guides
  171. MP4: Subtitling for Sony PSP
  172. Subtitles and Tmpgenc Xpress?
  173. txt2sub filter for virtual dub
  174. SubRip, AviSynth, and Divx 3.11
  175. Is Closed Caption an option?
  176. Streaming video and subtitles
  177. help me
  178. Any upgrades about the ASS specification??
  179. What do you use for showing subtitles in .mp4?
  180. How to add sub if main movie is PGC2 ?
  181. Why picture can't be loaded with ASS?
  182. ttxt text positioning
  183. ASS question: which color is specific by "\2c&Hbbggrr"?
  184. program for viewing .m2v + .ac3\.dts + .sub\.str files?
  185. RAW Subtitle horror!
  186. SOS!! Need help in ASS scripts' learning process!
  187. Font style of subtitles in original DVD
  188. How to fix DVD Maestro jagged fonts?
  189. Program to compare subtitle timings/translations?
  190. advanced mpeg-4 ttxt decoding available in vsfilter
  191. Sabbu 0.3.0 has been released !!!!
  192. Need subtitlers for short film DVD
  193. Textsub source?
  194. How to display multiple subtitles concurrently with MP4 or 3GPP
  195. Problems getting embedded subs to work
  196. What software can read this sub file?
  197. VSFilter and ASS don't always work well in avs.
  198. Replacing subtitles on a DVD
  199. Player that supports subtitle delay/extention
  200. how to burn subs on an xvid movie?
  201. How to hardsub a file without recompress it?
  202. Merging 2 .srt to .idx/.sub
  203. How to Edit DVD Pallet Colors in Ifo Files?
  204. ive lost mine where i can find Medusa?
  205. .idx/.sub info
  206. is there a way to convert a .bmp file to .sup file?
  207. MEDUSA + ChronoSub
  208. combine softsubs with avi
  209. Font in .idx/.sub
  210. DSRT v2.85
  211. How to import subtitles to premiere?
  212. Subtitle-related questions
  213. automatic vertical position with ANY program..?
  214. Vobsub and MPC
  215. subrip character matrix question
  216. vobsub: default no subs howto?
  217. Weird Subtitle Timecode Mismatches
  218. subs a bit blur
  219. Subrip freaking me out!
  220. Can't change sub colour?
  221. Problem extracting closed captions from DVD
  222. Softsub format for adding to avi
  223. Forced subtitles procedure - comments please
  224. Subrip and right to left languages
  225. Anamorphic vs. Letterbox in SubtitleCreator
  226. Need help with fonts
  227. Need guide !!!
  228. vsfilter question
  229. Player that plays VDR files with dvb subtitles
  230. Directvobsub problem with some movies only
  231. Chosing Colors for Subtitles on DVD's
  232. media center 2005 and subtitles
  233. Problems with subs
  234. ERROR with forced subs
  235. bad sub rendering with SC
  236. split vobsub (idx+sub)
  237. Hardsubbing,,,,....HELP !!!
  238. Need help with CC_MUX
  239. sup2srt???
  240. extracting subs from vob and hardcoding them into avi/vob w/o compression
  241. Player with actual SSA support?
  242. avi2dvd with subtitles
  243. Creating new subtitles from vobs to create new vobs.
  244. Subtitle Workshop - Export to DVDit!
  245. SupViewer
  246. Submagic
  247. how to fix times in vobsub subtitles?
  248. How to use subs on XviD?
  249. 2 sutbitles files to 1...
  250. Problems using Subrip sucessfully.