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  1. close caption in HDTV?
  2. recognise all the characters weird error?
  3. QUERY: different subtitles woes
  4. HELP: subtitles woes
  5. ripping burned-in subtitles
  6. ripping a sub and importing it..
  7. idx / sub specifications
  8. How to move DVD subtitles
  9. Software to Extract Subtitle directly from DVD
  10. I'm a newbie!
  11. Vobsub hides idx/sub by default
  12. TRYING to burn subs into mpeg
  13. convert video with sub's already to a diff format with subtitles... help!
  14. multiple .srt files for different languages
  15. hardcode subs basic question
  16. NTSC How to Have it Not Cut off the the borders
  17. AVISubDetector: m2v / avs question
  18. Synching for the Truly Anal
  19. Different Timing Method Problem >.<
  20. Ripping Sub From Avi
  21. Changing Anime DVD subs
  22. logo has sub
  23. sugestion for improvetns on subrip
  24. Forced sub flag?
  25. sup to bmp+list...
  26. problem with subtitles in episodic dvd
  27. dvd subtitles: font, size and color?
  28. adding subtitles to a avi??
  29. SubRip 1.17.1 maps colors wrong for Scenarist
  30. HARDSUBS~! fansuber can, can you?
  31. Is there possible to add VSFilter into AVISubDetector ?
  32. SSA script and Macrons
  33. Help!
  34. Dtv Cc
  35. How to create new subtitles and add to .idx/.sub
  36. Encoding Subs with TMPGEnc Problem
  37. Converting subtitles
  38. How make perfect subtitles for DVD?
  39. idx subs on Pioneer standalones
  40. Subtitles Fade in/out in Scenarist
  41. Can't Display Subtitles
  42. Converting srt subs with html tags to SSA?
  43. [Help] subtitle adjustment for mp4 file
  44. Import DVD, no English subs on standalone
  45. Rip Subtitle
  46. suprip text via ocr out of sync
  47. Problem with Guide
  48. Sub workshop with Thai Font
  49. Transport Stream teletext subs and sync
  50. Unicode in SSA
  51. How to rip all subs in a DVD into one single idx and .rar file combination?
  52. Kill Bill subtitles
  53. MaestroSBT Renders Subtitles Twice
  54. burn progs and subs
  55. How to insert text in mpeg file ?
  56. Sabbu 0.2.0 : New Subtitling - Timing Tool
  57. about import subtitles in to a dvd
  58. Some subtitles are shaking
  59. How to join sub from 2 stream / force sub question
  60. Sub out of sync DVD
  61. General Subtitle Question
  62. convert vobsub to srt
  63. How to display subtitle?
  64. Cutting DVB subtitles to match cut ES
  65. avisubdetector? shalcker?
  66. Adding subtitles to Band of Brothers
  67. Subrip 1.17.1 compliments & problems...
  68. Subresync help: losing the italics
  69. Converting SUP to SRT, SSA or (Vob)SUB?
  70. Problem with ProjectX + SON2VobSub + VobSub
  71. Select a .srt file to mux subtitles ?
  72. How to add a black rectangular behind subtitles?
  73. How to identify *only foreign* subtitles?
  74. AviSubDetector v0.6.0.5
  75. subs and non-standard resolution
  76. Ripping subtitles not from start...
  77. How to force sub with vobsub?
  78. Wich is the Best Subtitle Format for fx on Pc
  79. son2vobsub out of synch
  80. Sub Tools mkv-ogm info read alsome info ^^
  81. Subs wont Frameserve!!
  82. howto get dvd subs over to wmv9
  83. How to reduce the size of a DVD
  84. Convert srt in a txt without time indications
  85. vsfilter crashes: syntax error
  86. Creating my custom VobSub subtitles
  87. how to add subs to multi pgc ?
  88. Problems converting with dvdsuptools
  89. Delete a subtitle line in SUB/IDX (with subresync?)
  90. creating subtitles for matroska file?
  91. Clean Subtitles in Video Karaoke
  92. Subtitles too "low"
  93. Subs Wrong Colours
  94. converting subs frm pal to ntsc
  95. exctraction of built-in avi subtitles
  96. It the VobSub just create 2 new files only??
  97. Gabest VSFilter 2.35
  98. Problems with merging and syncronizing subs
  99. VobSub wont rip the subtitles :/
  100. Can selectable subtitle apply in hifi set????
  101. subtitles help
  102. Getting subs from MKV
  103. Can i Use directvobsub filter with a dvd movie?
  104. Vobsub : resizable ?
  105. attempting to mux .sub files and .avis
  106. Getting 1 line subtitles into the top line?
  107. Subtitle Stations and Effects
  108. Subtitle Option unavailable
  109. DVDLAB PRO subs problem
  110. Auto Gordian Knot subtitle problem
  111. SSA to Extended SRT
  112. Remove permanent subs from AVI?
  113. How to add subtitle to AVI file
  114. Remove forced subtitles?
  115. Which software can combine subrip's series bmp into one bmp ?
  116. Subtitle standard
  117. Non-english subtitles displays as weird characters/symbols during playback
  118. Where can I download SubMux and Subresync?
  119. Images as subtitles
  120. Problems with DVDLab and importing video
  121. Placeing Permant encoded by sub on nero recode
  122. How to make SRT subtitle language to display
  123. Change timecodes in .son
  124. Multilingual Subtitles in Scenarist 2.6 - ERROR
  125. srt2bmp/xsub
  126. Embedding translation subtitles only into MKV
  127. Subtitle exchange
  128. Timestamps
  129. Change timing of subtitles in the middle?
  130. How to make AVC-mp4 with Nero Recode from DVB-stream with subtitles?
  131. VirtualDub TextSub.vdf Error
  132. Subtitles On Episodic DVDs
  133. Subtitles not shown - But donīt know why
  134. Turn On By Default Basic And Secondary Subtitles
  135. modify subtitles info
  136. double subtitles in divx/xvid
  137. Turn Subtitles On By Default In "vob" File
  138. Guide: Adding subtitles to DVD (using SubtitleCreator+MuxMan)
  139. subtitles with vobsub, subresync
  140. How to extract S_Vobsub files from .MKV
  141. howto : DVBText 2 SUP and finally to SRT ?
  142. dr divx subtitles filter
  143. Drop-frame project becomes None-Drop-frame after importing a TAR file in Scenarist
  144. Was using SubCreator when...
  145. Multiple subtitles streams in MKV
  146. Finding Sub Titles
  147. SRT Subs refusing to mux
  148. how to convert .dvd to .srt
  149. SubOCR beta v0.3.2 [Artificial Intelligence]
  150. Subtitles Won't Display Properly in OGM or MKV
  151. How to convert Ntsc to pal??
  152. Chapters in IfoEdit
  153. How to extract subtitles from MKV
  154. DVD and ASCII Closed Captions
  155. extracting/converting Nero Recode (MP4) subtitles?
  156. MaestroSBT - how to avoid debug file
  157. storing graphical subs in an ogm or mkv
  158. movie won't play with subs (vobsub)
  159. How to rip subtitles just from one part of a film?
  160. How to defeat closed caption?
  161. Nero vobsubs
  162. How to add subtitles to a DVD?!! - Croatian & English tutorial
  163. Converting PAL subs to NTSC subs
  164. Subtitle conversion .SUB to .SRT
  165. Editing .SRT Subs
  166. Play subtitles when subfile is not on cd
  167. ANN: SubRip 1.50 b4
  168. Adding Embedded subtitles on DVD picture
  169. Creating own subtitles; looking for program recommendation
  170. 'Phantom' subtitle track
  171. how to add pin yin (mandarin)
  172. Subtitle Workshop problems
  173. subtitle and avi
  174. A program that support GB18030
  175. i & l via OCR
  176. fix subtitles (srt)
  177. Permanent Subtitles with AVI2SVCD
  178. can't switch between added subs
  179. Subtitle sync problem
  180. Character matrix for turkish subtitle
  181. Question about Subtitle command in AviSynth
  182. Star Wars Episode 1-6: the Phantom subtitles saga...
  183. problem centering subtitles in House of Flying Daggers
  184. FAB Subtitler issue
  185. unexpected subtitles in all players
  186. Nero Digital Subtitles
  187. How do you load DVD video to synch?
  188. removing subtitles
  189. Problems with adding Subtitles
  190. SRT subs in synch in Sub Workshop, out of synch after DVD compile
  191. Can't display 2 on 3 subtitles from a movie
  192. Weird problem with VobSub, check the pics
  193. How to make subs sync ??
  194. Any tool for retiming subs in existing VOBs?
  195. [VSFilter] can't read idx+rar
  196. Picture subs in OGM container
  197. embedded subtitles. Please help!
  198. I'm still confused about embedded subtitles.
  199. Subs - how?
  200. Which software autoremoves subs for impaired?
  201. Phantom menace forced subtitles
  202. looking for Medusa document or guide
  203. Vobsub crashes all players
  204. Problem with Vobsub Cutter
  205. Is it possible to modify VSFilter font size/style ?
  206. repair too short subtitles
  207. McPOODLE: Latest SCCTOOLS Issues.
  208. Is there any easy way to extract the whole DVD?
  209. virtualdub+avisynth+deinterlace?
  210. AVI synth error
  211. How do i add subtitle to a AVI file ?
  212. Negative Values with VobSub, what to do?
  213. synch problem - what is going on?
  214. Can't make subrip recognize i with trema (ï) as a single character
  215. picture event in ssa by vobsub
  216. anything better than Subtitle Creator?
  217. no solution yet for star wars alien subs?
  218. How To Correctly Display Subs...
  219. how to rip dvd subs to vobsub
  220. Formatting subs and moving them.
  221. Can't see my subs
  222. can't see subtitles ripped from SubRip
  223. hardcoded Subtitle question
  224. can't view subtitles
  225. Add subtitle to a dvd
  226. avi to dvd sub problem
  227. Downloading VobSub off or what?
  228. Medusa... animation karaoke....
  229. Newbie question
  230. Changing default Subtitle for backup DVD
  231. Creating aesthetically pleasing subtitles?
  232. sub synching!!!!!
  233. Optaining font details from SUP
  234. Putting subs in an AVI and burning (Looked at guides already)
  235. No preview of hard-subbed AVI in SubRip
  236. Thx 2 All The Contributors....
  237. problem w/ divx 6 and vobsub
  238. spumux problem
  239. subrip and Japanese kanjis
  240. Merging Subtitles?
  241. Inserting delay in subtitles (.sup)?
  242. access violation with subs
  243. What Will Let Me Convert This?
  244. Correct FPS in subtitle file
  245. Is it possible to demux XSUB from divx container?
  246. Subtitle fps conversion
  247. How to permanently add subtitles to avi files.
  248. Subtitle Creator and Subtitle Colors
  249. Subrip newbie question
  250. Newby needs help