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  1. Capture help
  2. Best software to rid commercials in Mpeg2 WIN2k?
  3. MPEG-2 Capture on Athlon 1800+
  4. DV = Interlaced !? Why?
  5. Question about the ASUS v7100 combo deluxe
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  7. some color contrast problems
  8. AthlonXP realtime DiVX capture test
  9. help needed with ati radeon video-in
  10. capture of pal source, lots of noise, ntsc included
  11. Editting VirtualDub cap'd video in Premiere
  12. divx and mp3 capturing
  13. Lossless codec for Audio
  14. Pinnacle Studio PCTV Pro for 29.99 at Compusa
  15. Capturing using Huffyuv
  16. Anyone have Creative's Video Blaster Digital VCR?
  17. Can't capture Divx compressed with VirtualDub
  18. Line-In signal from satellite receiver too loud
  19. Interlaced Fields arbitrary and switching HELP!
  20. How to add a composite out to a TV card
  21. ATI AIW Raedon and Premiere
  22. Every 6 seconds - Boom!! - 30 frames dropped
  23. 2cd-divx -> 1cd-divx
  24. Looking for VoodooTV PCI 100/200 Windows 2000 Beta 3 Drivers
  25. Anyone Using a Radeon 8500DV
  26. DV denoiser?
  27. scan converters
  28. Maximum PAL res with NVidia WDM Driver ?
  29. ATI all in wonder can't select 640x480 XP
  30. Ratio in DC-10+
  31. ** Audio Cap Problem
  32. Asus 7700 DLX WDM PAL Problem
  33. Precise DivX cutter
  34. VSH Capturing to DVD
  35. Max PAL resolution?
  36. Digital VCR with Overscan for PC?
  37. Anyone know a good way to capture PAL60?
  38. Capturing Enquiry
  39. Modifying Huffyuv. Need VC++ Help
  40. Hardware "hiss" removed?
  41. which is the best tv card for video capturing
  42. Frame drop steady no matter resolution.
  43. Audio/Unsynched In VDub w/non-commercials captures
  44. PAL VHS Capturing
  45. Composite vs. S-Video vs. Firewire?
  46. DigiTV capturing,anyone?
  47. How does my Sony PC5 write video on its miniDV tape?
  48. Digital TV-Cards
  49. Opinion I/OMagic capture cards
  50. Capture from HI8
  51. NEW PROJECT: Star Wars Trilogy The Definitive Collection Laserdisc To DVD Project
  52. MPEG Capture with MicroVideo MPEG MP-2000
  53. Audio asynch when converting captured avi's
  54. UYVY Problem
  55. dv thru firewire to svcd whats the best method
  56. My Vivo is becoming Pipo
  57. capturing anamorphic tv content (e.g. German Television)
  58. Split Screen Capture
  59. ADS USB Instant DVD, realtime MPEG2 capture?
  60. NO YUY2 Format under Windows XP
  61. Large file utility
  62. Assign IRQ with Asus A7M MB
  63. Mainconcept DV vs Huffyuv codec
  64. capturing with winTV and timed recording...how to?
  65. PURE Digital TV-RiPs?
  66. My Vivo again
  67. MJPEG at 640x480 (full res?)
  68. using tmpgenc's noise reduction with avi's
  69. TV-ripping straight to divx, codec to use?
  70. Image Stablizer and Video Quality
  71. ATI AIW Radeon Audio Sync
  72. wintvpci / vdub / dropped frames - helpless
  73. ATI mpeg2 dvd quality are not reconized with any authoring software
  74. ATI TV Wonder VE
  75. aimslab highway xtreme
  76. Length of a video
  77. switch to Huffy codec
  78. Audio problems under WinXP
  79. Huffyuv Bug Fix - Need Help
  80. Capturing question
  81. AUDIO Codec for Capture in VirtualDub
  82. Radeon 64 VIVO or Dazzle DVCII?
  83. scheduled capture
  84. How to select WDm device?
  85. Huffyuv Bug Fixed. Read All About It.
  86. AVI_IO Bug - Erroneous Disk Full Message
  87. IVTC NTSC source with dropped frames
  88. Format help needed
  89. SVHS or VHS players for capturing?
  90. Capturing DV material using HufYuv
  91. looking for fxVHS filter
  92. Buying new PC. Need advice on hardware
  93. duplicated frames
  94. VHS capture
  95. TV card with NTSC and PAL - Is it too much to ask for?
  96. need recomendation for TV recording software
  97. ATI AIW Radeon codecs
  98. mp2/vhs
  99. vhs capture
  100. Frames stop in Avi Capture
  101. PAL VHS Capture
  102. ProVideo Concept - Using Huffyuv in dvcam- digitalS cameras
  103. Best Capture Card for PVR and use with DVD2SVCD
  104. converting from VHS to - something
  105. Video capturing stops for some seconds
  106. Capturing From Satellite
  107. ***MAJOR BUG WITH AVI_IO*** Other users of this app please reply
  108. video files to vcr
  109. Newbie...Whats the best capture card
  110. capturing from camcoder
  111. possible bug found encoding with Divx 4.12 and virtualdub
  112. smart deinterlacer
  113. Creative Video Blaster Digital Vcr
  114. Capturing Star Trek
  115. Capture of video with slight horizontal vibration in the frames
  116. sound only in left channel
  117. DV on a harddrive
  118. Divx plugin for Vegas Video
  119. Burning VCR Videos to DVD
  120. Copying out of print Video
  121. decoding software
  122. Capturing with Virtual Dub: Corrupted sound
  123. Can't choose video compression when capturing in Virtual Dub compatibility mode
  124. ATI 128 Pro Ultra AGP not listed in vdub..
  125. A forum for Pinnacle-cards?
  126. ATI TV Wonder VE Cap Drivers
  127. Capturing analogue TV
  128. Please advice on sync problem
  129. No Color in GeForce GTS 2 Pro - Capture
  130. need help with noise-reduction
  131. clarification on drivers for Radeon cards
  132. Urgent: I have 5 DVM60 tapes that need to go into Director Presentation
  133. Ieee1394
  134. Dc 10 plus capture + sis 315 agp 64 mb card
  135. Digital tv cards << Info
  136. What is the best hardware mpeg2 encoder card???
  137. Where to find ATI Disable Macrovision patch?
  138. ATI TV WONDER VE: The tv audio sound is almost silent using virtual dub.
  139. cutting in capped mpeg-2 stream
  140. Studio DC10+ for WinXP drivers are OUT
  141. need help with white balance control
  142. Satelite TV capture...
  143. Audio Causing Frame Drops???
  144. Cinema Craft Encoder windows error
  145. How do I capture/extract movie files from Final Fantasy PS2 DVD?
  146. Dazzle DVC II in the UK?
  147. Capturing with no compression?
  148. DVSD format to DivX: Help Needed
  149. VirtualDub Capture Resolution Problem
  150. Avg. Frame Rate in Vdub on PCTV Pro
  151. Tweaking bt8x8 in "source"?
  152. unseen conflict somehow...EVERYTHING was fine..just great..until i came home
  153. to all the people encoding video captures...
  154. ATI All in Wonder Video Capture
  155. Audio/Video Desync - HOW?!?! (Newbie Question)
  156. iuvcr best capture prog !?!?!
  157. Is 640x480 possible?
  158. One Disk Divx ?
  159. No audio in vdub??
  160. Planning to capture from VHS to Huffyuv but which format: YUV, YUY2, YVU9 or YVU12?
  161. Problems with AVI->MPEG2 (for dvd)
  162. Plz Hlp
  163. DS Filters for encoding?
  164. ati aiw radeon 8500 dv. how good?
  165. Capture Guide all in one
  166. Pinnacle Playback Problem - Please Help
  167. wonderVE Capture card-few questions
  168. captures DVB > SVCD
  169. Hardware video noise filter?? can a digital cable box work as one??
  170. Weired frame displacement
  171. ATI Rage 128 PRO VIVO finally works!
  172. Capture Guide online
  173. cartoon noise reduction
  174. At Wits End!!!!
  175. capturing on screen events with virtual dub
  176. Capture Comparison Table
  177. matrox etv450 how to
  178. differend fps
  179. stripes when capturing (not! interlacing effect!!)
  180. Problems using other capture programs
  181. Virtualdub recording schdule
  182. DC10+: Capture yes, preview no ?!
  183. video capture driver not available
  184. TV Tuner not actually tuning...just scanning chans
  185. Need advice on filters for encoding tv captures
  186. Ripping vhs/tv with a dv card?
  187. Capture settings
  188. Hawk's capture guide 1.2 (german)
  189. Virtual VCR
  190. hawk's capture guide
  191. TV-picture-problem with VirtualDub (viloet background)
  192. capturing soft
  193. Favorite capture settings (from codec - filter settings)
  194. deinterlaca @ 352*288
  195. AVI Files: Change Audio Frequency
  196. avi_io problem
  197. Can't capture in Vdub what to use FlyDS or iuvcr
  198. how to rip tv/vhs/dvd using a dv capture card????
  199. Mirror on the wall whose the fairest of...
  200. HELP! Ive bought a Digital camcorder and wanna transfer video from camcorder to PC!!
  201. how's my capture/encode process for VHS->DVD?? (crosspost)
  202. I should NOT do IVTC if I am making files for TV, right??
  203. can't capture over 320x240 ATI A.I.W. HELP PLEASE!
  204. DC30 Premiere 6.0 full drivers
  205. Converting old 8mm films to ATI
  206. Descaler and Vdub
  207. Help w/Virtualdub VT Adjust
  208. Mp2 video stream encoding
  209. capturing problems
  210. avi2mpeg: how to bring my avi into internet
  211. Filtering Horizontal Lines
  212. Change WINXP DVCAM autorun app!
  213. Vertical reduction; capturing from VHS
  214. best mjpeg codec ?
  215. are set top VHS->DVD machines better than PC capturing (aside from HIGH end machines)
  216. AC-3 from Laserdisc
  217. Anybody tested a DVB-C card?
  218. Micromv
  219. Empty codec list in vdub capture mode
  220. Pinnacle PCTV pro stereo audio problem
  221. ATI TV Wonder VE
  222. Best Capture/Editing card
  223. iuVCR and Driver Question / Problem
  224. Dropped frames.
  225. I'm stumped.......please help
  226. Time Based Corrector
  227. Noise Reduction
  228. aspect ratio after capturing
  229. Capturing PCM Audio Question
  230. Capture without framedrops and perfect AV-sync
  231. Xvid?
  232. Capture from satellite again.....
  233. best VHS capture solution
  234. DV Codec?
  235. DVB-C experience?
  236. Wake up event to record
  237. Converting MiniDV to DVD
  238. DVB-C in Sweden
  239. SVCD plays at 1.5 times speed, why?
  240. recommended video codec for low bit rate 352x240 realtime capture
  241. Best cutting program
  242. Horizontal lines with S-Video
  243. video capture cards
  244. Any decent 'cheap' rt mpeg2 cards?
  245. Lines in the picture
  246. WDM Wrapper help!! iuVCR HELP!!!!! (Again)
  247. capturing with MSI GF2 TI, VIVO
  248. Need quick overview of tape transfer to DVD
  249. Best way to capture from analogue tv?
  250. Analogue TV: antenna cable improves quality