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  1. MSI Geforce4 Ti 4600 TV-in
  2. Video Editing Card Advice Needed
  3. capturing a quicktime stream
  4. capturing DV from Canon's ESP and ELP mode
  5. Chaintech G4 Ti4200
  6. capping from tv but don't know what filters to use
  7. Editing out commercials in my TV backup procedure
  8. S-Video or Digital Cable Problems?
  9. recording with powerVCR2 -> make a divx file of it
  10. Audio directly into line-in
  11. EZ Capture driver problems....
  12. Look at This, I need Help!!!!!
  13. You want to videocapture and use mpeg4 ;-)
  14. Help plz......audio delay after demuxing captured video
  15. sync problems when encoding a raw capture
  16. s-video to tv/vcr
  17. 5.3.2 of the "btwincap" drivers is out
  18. Am I capturing correct/best way?
  19. Premiere Filters for VHS capture
  20. Capturing Guide Help
  21. Hauppauge WinTV-PVR ... looking for comments
  22. does dropped frame rate depend on the source film ??
  23. 4gigs limit - save avi
  24. dvb card users - how do you schedule recordings
  25. What to do with what I've got?
  26. Convert TV-Capture DVD -> (S)VCD
  27. Tv tuner works video composite doesn't
  28. Pinnacle Studio PCTV USB Limitation?
  29. DV and ATI : analog rules...
  30. AV Hard drives
  31. Dazzle Hollywood Bridge
  32. weird error in iuVCR
  33. terratec cinergy?
  34. Video Captured by PowerVCR II , now need DIVX / XIVD settings to encode
  35. Convert from 29.97 to 25 fps
  36. captureing in premiere anyway to schulde?
  37. Request for 'White Rabbit' out of The Matrix
  38. start in capturemode - virtualdub
  39. Capturing PAL sources with capture card... Best way???
  40. Opinion on choice of capture card...
  41. About the TV series "ER"...
  42. what format is best for webcam/broadcasting to http
  43. Problems!
  44. remove logos
  45. YUY2 problem with VDub
  46. Sync problems audio-video
  47. Captured video is jerky
  48. capture software for creative videoblaster
  49. asus v6600 + xp + wdm!
  50. Capture from VHS video to DivX
  51. striping commercials of mpeg2 captured programms
  52. How to get field order from an interlaced AVI?
  53. Hauppauge WinTV-PVR usb
  54. Captured VHS is Jerky And No Sound
  55. Ati 8500 dv + helix basic
  56. Crop MPEG-2 Video
  57. Why I dropped AVI_IO and use VirtualDub VCR now
  58. who is trialling the Helix producer from realsystem???
  59. VHS2SVCD w/Dazzle DVC-II
  60. Different PAL-Systems?
  61. ATI TV Wonder + Video Capture = teh sUck!
  62. capturing in premiere help please
  63. NOISE on cable tv
  64. help. wintv go. anyone else have a ringing/tone?
  65. help capturing divx5 with aiw radeon 8500
  66. help with mmc settings
  67. iuVCR autostops recording...
  68. TV Tuner Card Dependencies
  69. Dvb?
  70. Best capturing software for ATI rage 128 AIW?
  71. What's the best way to capture from an ATI AIW Radeon?
  72. Unable to capture past 352x288 in vdub with AIW
  73. Standard VFW Capture by Windows
  74. to anyone that's captured with an AIW rage card
  75. Has anyone tried the Viewcast Osprey 220 Divx capture card?
  76. TV Card that supports MPEG 4 in hardware
  77. New vdub capture problem
  78. get rectangular white block when capturing video?!
  79. Good tv capture card for cheap price?
  80. captureing cable tv with a composite input?
  81. DVD quality capture with what capture card ?
  82. 71 min+ (sometimes) time limit in capture in Virtualdub With DC10+
  83. Interference with DC-10 ... please help
  84. Anyone using a MyHD card?
  85. Best suggestion for capture setup?
  86. Real-time deinterlacing
  87. The pinnacle rave/pro is rubbish-official (sort of)
  88. How do I get a VHS tape to AVI?
  89. converting 29.9fps to 25
  90. Lot's of dropped frames when capturing very bad quality VHS
  91. Fly Video 3000
  92. no sound with tv wonder unless...
  93. Information on Fields and Interlacing
  94. mpeg filter
  95. Video capture device not found
  96. Pinnacle PCTV Driver Install Problem
  97. Capture FAQ. Revised 10 June 2006
  98. Tested Capture Cards [was:" DVD quality capture with what capture card ? "]
  99. Filters that are hard to find:
  100. need filter recommendation for processing vid cap from VHS
  101. DC10+ capture Pal VCR w/Ntsc playback
  102. Capture Karten und aspect ratio fuer Dummies ;-) (german!)
  103. 640x480 with TV Wonder PCI
  104. DV Codec Capture/Encode Quality
  105. Trying to search for the Best near DVD Quality TV Capture Card that...
  106. new btwincap drivers - 5.3.3.
  107. Unbelievable!!! Pinnacle PCTV capping @720x480 Uncompressed=0 frame loss.
  108. interference with hauppauge 768*576
  109. Realtime mpeg2 capture software... which one?
  110. ADVC-50, ADVC-100 analog to digital converters
  111. Is there a video card that will capture at 720p?
  112. ATI + Virtualdub vertical resolution suddenly going to half-height????
  113. I need help finding a certain type of cap. prog.
  114. Can No Longer Use Vfapi
  115. how about this cards
  116. Capturing with a radeon 7500 in winxp
  117. is this true?
  118. ASCD (?) for Win2k
  119. Huffyuv v2.1.1 problem
  120. drop frame: what cause it?
  121. ATI TV Wonder hangs system
  122. audio skew and capturing in virtualdub
  123. How To Read Avisynth Script With Vfapi
  124. problem VCR to miniDV to HD via 1394
  125. Problem with a LARGE AVI
  126. VHS Macrovision
  127. need your opinions ...
  128. Analogue to DV to DVDR help plz
  129. Help with wdm capture
  130. Problem encoding with CCE
  131. Hauppauge WinTV-Radio installation--->dead SB Audigy Platinum
  132. Recovering progressive frame from PAL--> NTSC signal
  133. Rage Fury Pro...
  134. Capturing a NTSC LD
  135. Ulead software + Btwincap drivers
  136. Virtualdub Sync+VCR
  137. Reducing Audio Hiss in Captures
  138. Btwincap Drivers
  139. AverTV stereo
  140. Removing Scrolling Text and Logo
  141. PAL resolution IS...VHS resolution IS...
  142. capture error: video device already in use
  143. Erazor3Video Better Capturing Hint_
  144. VHS Capture - reduce tape jitter?
  145. Questions for Pinnacle PCTV Pro owners
  146. Does the length of a s-video cable really matter? 25feet vs 6 feet. Need Sheilding??
  147. bb (moderator) you post about dropping avi_io and using vd_vcr..filtering as you cap?
  148. Leadtek Winfast TV2000XP Recording Quality
  149. Machine locked up during capture-need that AVI
  150. capturing with sony DVgate motion
  151. very annyoing Lines when previewing and capturing!
  152. help needed: my ATI AIW AV won't capture with VDub
  153. ATV2000 Capture application
  154. problem getting VirtualDub to AVI capture
  155. Laserdisc to DVD transfer - Capture Res?
  156. noob problem
  157. huge white block
  158. Massive Color errors capturing to HuffyUV
  159. Where download nvidia wdm 1.17 capture driver
  160. How do I remove commercials correctly without audio sync problems?
  161. .mp2 and Adobe Premiere
  162. Weird diagonal lines when capruting from composite with ATI TVWonder VE
  163. Ive gone around the net for 6 hours today reading...HDTV or what for next platform???
  164. New version of Btwincap drivers (5.3.4)
  165. yet another MPC test
  166. No audio..
  167. Capturing problem
  168. howto remove chroma information ?
  169. Vhs Capture Problem
  170. Capturing music videos (interlace question)
  171. WinTV "broken interlace" captures
  172. MSI TV@nywhere SUX !!! ...can't do anything decent
  173. Snazzi USB2 DVD problem, any help ?
  174. always just around 16.6768 frames in VD
  175. More on massive color corrupted frames when capturing
  176. Capturing Video. LONG
  177. How to capture a/v from a game replay?
  178. Video Record Menu with VFW drivers
  179. Deinterlacing
  180. Capture with date and time stamp
  181. Virtualdub Capture Starter
  182. Problem when capturing TV with my WinTV-Go!
  183. regedit for PAL TV out??
  184. Problem capturing with the Cinergy 400 TV
  185. just a few newbie questions
  186. Weird horizontal streaks
  187. High bitrate mpeg2 vs. Huffyuv capture
  188. Problem with VHS to DVD
  189. good tools
  190. Blended Fields [illustrations & my thoughts]
  191. New (?), upgraded (?) DivX.dll ...
  192. Pinnacle DC10+
  193. Help needed - weird problem capturing with ATI
  194. Strange "streaks" with AIW Radeon 7500
  195. mpeg2 to avi
  196. anyone else videocapture using wmv9
  197. NTSC to Pal, what is considered broadcast quality tapes, etc, etc..
  198. aiw 9700 pro
  199. Please advise complete newbie...
  200. just hooked up my vcr to my computer...
  201. WinDVR 2 License Timeout error
  202. geforce4600 =capture device?
  203. A nose job that went horribly wrong? :-)
  204. I need an advice regarding composite <-> s-vhs
  205. help with premiere
  206. DV Capture in Win98
  207. Picture Turns White(Bright) Sometimes, Why?
  208. Serious chroma problem, please help!
  209. Hydrid film detected
  210. VHS to DVD using Matrox Rainbow Runner and Win ME...
  211. tweaking bt8x8 ? or WDM? How?
  212. VirtualDub/btwincap/Pinnacle PCTV RAVE/SB Live - PROBLEMS!!!
  213. Comparison of Pinnacle PCTV vs LeadTek WinFast 2000 XP.. avi quality
  214. help increasing recording volume
  215. how do I set virtualdub to capture in the background?
  216. okay, now it`s working
  217. Do you use a BT8x8 card? Good. So...
  218. NTSC Capture with Asus GF4 Delux Card
  219. "occasional" realtime De-interlace success at capture time
  220. Suggestions for physical setup for capturing
  221. TV-Tuner problem in WinXP Pro
  222. Setup of dedicated capture drive
  223. Very unique capturing question 8mm film to MiniDV
  224. help me to save reencode time
  225. FlyCap Multisegment .AVI's?
  226. Help with VirtualdubVCR, Hauppauge drivers, and stereo
  227. how much better quality
  228. Gainward Capture Card
  229. pulldown help?
  230. Any sources for antialiased fonts?
  231. use inverse 3:2 pulldown?
  232. Upgrading to directx8 with capture ... how hard really?
  233. Capture from VCR
  234. Capture drive and cd/dvd drive on the same IDE cable
  235. cpu usage
  236. Noise level survey
  237. Using an audio/video amplificator ?
  238. Capturing video with a Geforce4
  239. Dark capture issue when using DC10 and Studio 8 AV
  240. Codecs and Bitrates
  241. Record beyond 352x288 (flyvideo 98 FM)
  242. Dragan????
  243. Lifeview FlyVideo 3000
  244. Need info on a capture card
  245. VirtualDub sync 1_4_11_sync1_03
  246. Leadtek TV2000XP tuning question ?
  247. News about those ugly lines I wrote about in a thread a few weeks ago
  248. PALBG to NTSC
  249. Canopus DVRaptor card?
  250. Weird rainbow artifacts in capture