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  1. .PVR files from a Emtech PVR/300
  2. Question: Doesn´t Wincoder support split file support ?
  3. ASUS Ti500 Deluxe Capture washed out…
  4. Card recommendation
  5. joining videofiles with slightly different framerates
  6. Anyone hear or use CAMpegRT before
  7. Format of AVI file
  8. help
  9. Capturing Video Links,FAQ etc.
  10. Could I capture video like this:
  11. Best Drivers for VDub Captures with an MSI Ti200 VIVO Card???
  12. Capture of HDTV
  13. Capturing Home Video with XviD
  14. dv capture technical background needed (what happens exactly?)
  15. how can I do this
  16. Can someone here help me??
  17. Very bad results with PCTV and Huffyuv at 720x480
  18. Pinnacle DV500 Plus Version 3.0/VirtualDub XP
  19. Please recommend a codec for cartoons
  20. too many dropped frames in virtualdub
  21. full screen from video in
  22. Howto set 768x288 capture to ratio 4:3 ?
  23. DV resizing/interlacing
  24. Virtualdub & DivX5
  25. is there a better capture codec the huffyuv?
  26. Capturing with Xvid via Camtasia
  27. how to handle TRP-Files (Pinnacle)
  28. Is there a "definitive" solution for WDM audio synching?
  29. wich filter for noise removal and wich Q# in MJPEG do u prefer
  30. why no intrlcng artfcts when watching, but appear after capture?
  31. Camcorder stopping during DVin recording
  32. VHS Tape to SVCD - GEForce3 ti 200 VIVO
  33. colour problem on captures
  34. How to set video levels?
  35. Question regarding Hauppauge WinTV-HD
  36. Capturing with DScaler
  37. dv n00b needs help please
  38. GEForce3 ti 200 64DDR VIVO - VirtualDub Can't Find Capture Device
  39. good way of capturing from Tv tuner
  40. Asus Deluxe - how do you capture sound?
  41. Correct MPEG2 capture from DVB?
  42. capturing video in winxp+asus v7700 delux
  43. How to remove channeltag?
  44. Problem installing the BT8xx WDM Drivers
  45. -= Burning to DVD-R, how do i get rid of blocks? =-
  46. knowing which codec it is?
  47. Quick question (interlacing)
  48. help AIW128pro and bi processor
  49. Interlacing artifacts on TV, why?
  50. Timed video capture
  51. Best codec for VHS ?
  52. Can't find automated capture solution for ATI AIW 128...
  53. Capturing with WinTV Go
  54. What's the maximum sensible bit rate for 352x288x25fps MPEG-1 files?
  55. No audio with real player!
  56. Filters for DV movies
  57. MPEG2 Capture and Compression
  58. RAID should degrade video capture?Right?
  59. how to get rid of interlace effect?
  60. howto reserve memory buffers for capture?
  61. Quicktime mov to mpeg
  62. Please advise....
  63. DVB card
  64. Aviio
  65. Virtualdub capture audio problem
  66. Hardware MPEG2 Capture.
  67. How to edit .mp2 video files? (ATI AiW)
  68. VHS Capture
  69. Converting HI8 to DVD-R
  70. Capture from S-VHS cam, edit and convert to high quality SVCD
  71. NT video capture
  72. DVB & Satellite
  73. Capturing using BeOS?
  74. BTwincapture
  75. problem: win xp pro, tv card, no audio (wdm??)
  76. DC 10+ capturing? (program)
  77. Full version of AVI_IO
  78. 720*576 25 fps interlaced to 50 fps 720*288 ?
  79. Asus capture and drop frames
  80. WinDVR hangs on start!
  81. Ulead realtime mpg capture plugin works well
  82. cant select vertical res above 288
  83. white square in capture from certain sources
  84. virtual dub capture settings
  85. How to capture digital video using less space?
  86. The SB1394™ firewire port on SB Audigy Player
  87. Zero dropped frames in iuVCR--is this accurate?
  88. Invisible codecs
  89. Problems capturing with PowerVCR II
  90. adobe premier problems
  91. adobe premier problems
  92. Virtual Dub locking up. HELP!
  93. Some vhs-tapes drops frames, some dont??
  94. Capture from PAL TV directly to DivX5 format.
  95. Captured move is chunky
  96. s-video input is black and white
  97. WDM-capture program
  98. WDM-capture program
  99. TV Chip : BrookTree (Conexant) Vs Philips
  100. Installing both vfw/wdm driver?
  101. TV Interference
  102. Is 320x360 a completely crazy resolution to capture in?!
  103. installing WDM by hand
  104. New Virtualdub filter for 2x2 blocks in capture source
  105. Upgrade from Duron 800->1.2GHz influences capturing performance ?
  106. Capturing NTSC VHS
  107. Capturing Hardware, methods and Software Comparison sites?
  108. Divx tv-out ratio question
  109. Encoding DVD at lower bitrates?
  110. Archo Multimedia Jukebox Vid Cap Module
  111. no audio after vcd encoding
  112. Start/Stop Virtualdub by LPT or file.Please help !
  113. Turning to cap.-mode in preview-mode
  114. New DeNoise filter based on DeFlicker
  115. Why does my capture stops after 4 gig on Win2k with a DC10+??
  116. 16:9 Widescreen DV capture (from Camcorder) - Proper Resize?
  117. Capturing Digital8 camcorder video
  118. Navis Pro Capture Card does any one have this card?
  119. Using DVB-s video out
  120. short clips --> big files ???
  121. Hi8 or DV
  122. Analog CATV
  123. Gainward ti 4600 vivo problems
  124. A Firewire card + what software?
  125. Winfast 2000XP
  126. New btwincap drivers! :)
  127. Need the name of the VDub-based capture/pvr prog.
  128. Audio question...
  129. Dazzle Fast DVD.master and ADS Tech. USB Instant DVD
  130. Recovering overwritten capture
  131. two HD - fast and slow
  132. Deinterlace filter
  133. DV video: interlaced or not?
  134. vhs tape help
  135. sudden frame 's drops after several minutes dropless capturing
  136. AVI capture with Radeon VIVO
  137. Audio static in captured files
  138. DLink DFW-500
  139. Changing volume of audio on my video
  140. 13 frames lost every single time
  141. VDUB wont open .avi
  142. TV capturing.
  143. DVB capture and dropped frames?
  144. info on vdub native noise reduction on capture
  145. How to capture what you see on the monitor?
  146. Help with getting high quality .avi
  147. @Chemmajik Help please
  148. One thing is killing me
  149. horizontal flactuating lines
  150. Type-1 DV File
  151. Which filter to use in Avisynth?
  152. Ulead file size limit problem?
  153. Generic TV tuning program
  154. Taking DV and making SVCD
  155. Monsters, Inc.
  156. Which card to buy for capturing?
  157. Fatal error
  158. what capture card?
  159. Capturing in what bitrate?
  160. channels
  161. How to hack DC10+ drivers to capture ?
  162. Capturing without Sync problem in Vdub
  163. Please recomend freeware video capture program
  164. Please recomend video capture card
  165. DV Deinterlace.
  166. Capturing with GeForce ti4600 anyone?
  167. A big problem with YUV 4:2:0 / 4:1:1
  168. Archiving Benny Hill Video Collection need advice
  169. Capturing SatTV using Digital 8 Camera as HW encoder
  170. dv and 4gb limit
  171. DV forum
  172. No huffyuv or divx5 codec when capturing
  173. Greenish line at top of VHS captures?
  174. DV capturing problem
  175. Question about Firewire capture and Premiere
  176. avi to mpeg, how?
  177. Easy Question about Divx ;-) Hi & Low
  178. Does anyone have experience with Apollo Expert Cards?
  179. Capture Noise Help w/Example.
  180. PowervcrII MPG1 video plays 2X faster than audio when burned
  181. Problem with WinDVR and Audigy
  182. logo removal from tv programs
  183. Audio volume decreased at capture... ??
  184. Pinnacle PCTV 5.1 - comments please
  185. Normal audio when watching, high frequency pitch when capturing
  186. Audio is ok when watching but a high frequency pitch appears when capturing
  187. dv to dvd -- 4:1:1 to 4:2:?
  188. Annoying problem with AverTV Studio card
  189. Noise, *lots* of noise and my ugly face :).
  190. noob question
  191. Avi file, 10 min, 2,13GB - how to compress?
  192. A capture problem with btw848
  193. What is the best way to capture with my Matrox Marvel g200?
  194. has anyone tried svcdcorder?
  195. DivX Pro 5.0.2 RC averaging period - what are people using?
  196. nVidia Personal Cinema?
  197. ATI AIW 8500DV and VDUB...
  198. Some codec missing after installing XP
  199. Best sub $100 capture Card?
  200. Seinfeld
  201. New DScaler 400 alpha build
  202. The Frames!! It's The Damn Frames I Tells Ya!!!
  203. problem with captured ati mpeg-2 videos
  204. svcd onto dvd-r?
  205. XP Home or XP Pro for a computer doing video capture and DVD creation
  206. Refuses to Capture
  207. Capture aiw 32 mb pci(rage) pal -m not good
  208. TriTanTech IV-550/560
  209. How easy is it to capture from Tivo?
  210. Best deinterlace method?
  211. Best deinterlace method?
  212. firewire
  213. Best program to use for video capture.
  214. New DScaler 400 alpha build
  215. best way to inverse telecine
  216. digital cable better then regular cable?
  217. best way to split a mpeg-2 file?
  218. Basic fields/frames question
  219. cannot start graph
  220. bt8x8 and sis735 incompatible?
  221. iuVCR+WinFast2000 problem
  222. Capturing IMAGE of video clip not working. Why?
  223. DV Capture straight to DivX
  224. Problems with capturing VHS to DivX
  225. Capturing images from AI
  226. WMPlug ?!? Jerky video with WMPlayer ?!?
  227. capturing surround audio?
  228. how many is too many dropped frames??
  229. VirtualVCR problem w/ VIVO ATI Radeon
  230. Strange picture...
  231. how using graphic card's TV-In?
  232. Beginner looking for advice
  233. Bitrates again - this time I want a straight answer
  234. Bitrates again - this time I want a straight answer
  235. Need some TV Tuner card advice
  236. VisionTek Xtasy Everything vidcap box. Worth it?
  237. Dazzle II is "Real MPEG2" King
  238. capturing real video streams
  239. Video Cap Problem ASUS 8200 T5 Deluxe *White Saturation*
  240. Software player for DV devices
  241. Can't delete captured AVI files.
  242. Need Exemple of your video!
  243. iuVCR+Win2000Pro+bt878=jerky audio in WMP
  244. Missing video tab in iuvcr
  245. To DVB card users : asking for screenshots!
  246. MacroVision Protected VHS tapes.
  247. Snazzi III DVD Creator experiences?
  248. Capture Quality
  249. Aspect ratio: how does it affect me?
  250. ADS USB Instant DVD/Snazzi III USB2.0 DVD/ASUS V8200T2 DELUXE 64MB DDR?