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  1. Capture from Sony FX1e with ATI Radeon X850XT
  2. should I get a SVHS player for poor quality tapes?
  3. VHS to AVI question
  4. Playstation 2 composite video capture question.
  5. please help: GIGABYTE ATi 9600XT card Video in/out
  6. Capturing analog footage from 8mm HI8
  7. Archiving raw avi video (Lagarith/Huffyuv)
  8. Vertical Banding
  9. Rumbling noice from old vhs ”hi fi” tapes
  10. New TV tuner - audio sync problems
  11. Field Reversing woes
  12. How to capture old computer and games RF output
  13. Best software for watching TV?
  14. Hauppauge capture at 12 mbps
  15. Problem with Ati 550 Theatre and Amcap
  16. VHS Capturing
  17. Hi-8 capturing: standalone or via PC/Vdub?
  18. VHS capture -> audio edit = pitch problems
  19. PAL VCR with true NTSC output (not PAL-60)
  20. Capture with ATI TVwonder 650
  21. Question about method for capturing to XviD on-the-fly
  22. Directshow WDM TV tuner problem fix
  23. Colorspace conversions
  24. PixelMagic PDI Deluxe capture card, is it any good?
  25. SAA7134 based card and drivers problem
  26. Sync separate audio + video?
  27. Camcorder to dvd
  28. Theater 550 or 650?
  29. VHS Capture (yes, again)
  30. Aspect ratio and cropping question
  31. PixelView Play TV Pro Ultra and cable TV
  32. Extremely Newb help about editing video.
  33. CamStudio/CamCodec - 4G limit?
  34. Unable to capture Sound
  35. Capturing from .avi / .wmv?
  36. VHS Capture Problem
  37. composite capture scheduler
  38. The new ASUS HTV cards
  39. Is there any way to have s-video out on standard vcr
  40. VHS to DVD: How do I capture the Closed Captioning?
  41. USB capture devices
  42. Reccomend me a VCR
  43. Capture TV with Debian
  44. Capture Issues - Overscan + More
  45. Compro VideoMate X800, where can I buy thee?
  46. Setting up VirtualDub for PCTV 110i
  47. Strange Matrix Pattern On Captured Images, what is the cause?
  48. Problem with capturing video and audio
  49. Component Capturing Cards/Boxes?
  50. capture analog with a MyHD card?
  51. Plextor px-tv402u Questions
  52. NTSC VHS problem(Vertical Green line)
  53. If analogue TV is all now digital...
  54. Best bitrate/settings for TV capture?
  55. VirtualDub inserting Green Frames
  56. Why would I turn off SVHS on the VCR
  57. capture frame size--determined by source or target?
  58. is there any way for quick, easy, free, VHS to DVD
  59. VHS to PC capture, cabling problem!
  60. VirtualVCR and AV In
  61. Capturing SVHS to PC from a Sony CCD-TRV608 - how?
  62. VHS Capture Filters
  63. STEREO makes sound click... but I don't wanna use mono!
  64. capturing analog-tv > divx is out of a/v-synch
  65. capturing analog-tv with h.264 on the fly possible?
  66. DSR-11 Recorder to transfer my tapes or huffyuv for the manual mode?
  67. pinnacle studio 500-usb deinterlace
  68. VHS to DVD
  69. How can I work with mpg captures...???
  70. Cleaning up this sample **need opinions on new clean sample**
  71. Capture Scheduler - any recommendations
  72. Capturing from USB device
  73. VirtualDub and USB: can SplitCam be useful?
  74. Capturing multiple analog feeds
  75. Wavy Video!?!
  76. Best mjpeg decoder for capture made with AV MASTER
  77. Vista drivers and Virtual VCR
  78. Cable TV ground interfering with monitor
  79. TV Tuner for capturing analog TV,S/VHS to mpeg2 & other codecs...
  80. Looking for a 480p capture card*
  81. cleaning old footage speckles
  82. How to clean vcr heads without damaging and opening the VCR
  83. TBC machine needed - DATAVIDEO 1000, Fix my AG or... a DVD recorder?
  84. out of sync please help
  85. VHS capture thru ATI550pro, white noise on some vhs's
  86. Horizontal color artifacts
  87. Dropping frames?
  88. pvr with mpeg2 capture and bitrate capabilities
  89. h/w suggestion to capture PAL VHS and convert to NTSC
  90. Play videos side by side
  91. Disabling Macrovision on GeForce 7 series
  92. Capturing audio in video-2 channels but playback on 1
  93. Laserdisc to DVD am I doing it right?
  94. Capturing a lot of moving objects and camera action games
  95. Direct WMV capture
  96. difference between programs(vdub and ms movie maker)
  97. Which Cocdec for Capping from analog 8mm?
  98. Can avi_io produce files larger than 4 gigs if captured to a ntfs drive?
  99. Sony Vegas and nVidia WDM capture?
  100. Plextor m402u av sync problem solved. Now vertical stripes!
  101. Captured Audio
  102. CX2388x line timing
  103. Video capture card
  104. Problem: Dshow error
  105. Strange mess on analog video input
  106. Commodore Amiga 4000 with a Newtek VT4000 video toaster and kitchen sync TBC
  107. Capture card question.
  108. Geforce4 ti4600 VIVO Issues, WDM drivers & black screens
  109. Video encoding help needed
  110. What determines capture resolution?
  111. Capture card gets interference on a certain channel
  112. Intervideo WinDVR 5 Problem :(
  113. Capture s-vhs from vhs tape
  114. Capturing in Vista
  115. DV capture in vdub?
  116. How do I stream live TV?
  117. GOP Errors with DVICO FusionMeg2 Box
  118. dropped frames from VHS but no TV
  119. Help with Divx
  120. Recording/Capturing an area of a video
  121. ATI VIVO - Set PAL_B as Default
  122. btwincap drivers - only blue screen
  123. Realtime De-interlacing.
  124. Can I capture HD video from STB using it's YPbPr outputs ??
  125. Record analog TV with watermark
  126. Restoring 1980 Video capped with video camera
  127. ati tv wonder usb 2.0
  128. Peer Review Please - Analog Capture to DVD
  129. Create a clear picture?
  130. Hi8 camera from 2002 can't record in hi8 mode only 8mm
  131. Mpeg2 realtime recording solution for vista?
  132. Calibrating Color before Capture
  133. copy protected vhs?
  134. Software for recording from security camera
  135. Does anyone know what RVW means?
  136. Capture codec MJPEG
  137. Informative Video Capture Article
  138. Distortion on overscan area (left side) using AG-1980 VCR
  139. What filter do you suggest for this kind of "regular" noise?
  140. Encoding problems
  141. Analog TV schedulable recording software
  142. TV Card Software
  143. VirtualDub distorting audio + video while capturing
  144. ATI AIW and Huffy
  145. Color Droop in Vdub but not in DScaler
  146. Is this interlacing?
  147. Is there any reason to capture RGB over YUV?
  148. Proper way to capture in Huffyuv?
  149. Swaping fields without swaping the content...
  150. weave deinterlacing 30fps footage..
  151. How to record movies from OLD PSX
  152. Color Leftover
  153. "Simple" capturing tool?
  154. ¿How to make VHS-C tapes play well on AG-1980 VCR?
  155. Vista Media Center and ATI tuner card
  156. Looking for some suggestions...
  157. dvr-ms editing.? dvr-ms to Xvid.?
  158. Capture stop because no free space->corrupt avi
  159. Should I capture in VRO or VOB ?
  160. VirtualDub Capture
  161. Captured video is telecined. What's a good way to deal w/ this?
  162. Distorted Audio
  163. Nero Vision Express 3 Question for video capturing
  164. What are some good capture programs that use my hardware encoder?
  165. capturing VHS with SAA7134, nvidia vivo, or through DV ?
  166. winfast PVR2000 sound problems
  167. captured video with RCA cable splitter
  168. Howto setup pvr2000 to switch between audio sources s-video or cvbs
  169. Colorspace questions
  170. VDub capture: audio synchronization
  171. Excessive noise in Hi8 analog capture
  172. Been Using New Lossless Codec
  173. Right choice between 2 VCR
  174. Skipped frames during Capture but not Preview
  175. Capturing animated 3D screensaver to video?
  176. Unstable Signal Amplitude
  177. NVTV Tuner help! (urgent)
  178. Capture Cards: PDI Deluxe vs Snazzi V DVD Pro
  179. Trouble finding a capture card
  180. YUY2 vs YV12 vs RGB24?
  181. Capturing problem with bright lights
  182. Capturing old school dvcpro?
  183. Possible to copy from VHS player/recorder to DVD player/recorder?
  184. I'm having issues with Amcap.
  185. Good capturing software?
  186. A capture card for government work?
  187. Video Freeze in Virtual Dub VCR
  188. Splitting audio off RGB SCART
  189. Snazzi* AV.DV ?
  190. Blackmagic Decklink SP
  191. Blended frames in frame-based video
  192. Jitter on S-video during capture
  193. Scart to svideo possible?
  194. Camera LCD colors vs Captured Colors
  195. Capturing Gameplay A/V from Playstation 3?
  196. Can't do it the old way, and I can't figure out the new way....???
  197. A few questions regarding capturing processing and archival of home VHS vids
  198. Sampling rate for vhs and video 8
  199. Theater 650 or a phillips saa7135 based card?
  200. Predicting the Future, Interlace or Deinterlace?
  201. What about NVIDIA(R)Force(TM) as capture video
  202. Capturing With Windows Vista
  203. Are there any high definition capture cards?
  204. Dscaler 4.1.16 Released
  205. Comparing 2 picrtures/frams from tv capture
  206. I wanna make a video highlight
  207. A Capture Favor to ask
  208. Xbox 360 - Play in HD Component, Capture in SD Composite?
  209. Can frame order switch during capture?
  210. Get Rid of Scanline,Black Artifacts
  211. Hauppauge hvr Cards - Capturing PAL & NTSC?
  212. Program to analyze video & discern whether it's telecined?
  213. Video Capture Causes my System to Freeze up
  214. Best captuing setting for video from screen with camtasia recoreder
  215. Uncompressed UYVY 422 8bit
  216. Analog HDTV Capture with Flash Memory?
  217. Software for switching between VGA and S-Video
  218. Ghosting on anime/toon raw capture
  219. Name of filter to improve old VHS tapes image?
  220. how does one capture 8mm film ?
  221. Free M-JPEG codec? (problems with Morgan)
  222. Laptop users - can you capture losslessly?
  223. Video 8 capture but tape is not centered
  224. Analogue video to AVI or MP2 help ?
  225. Fixing Color problem
  226. Component to S-Video
  227. cleaning of analog TV-broadcast recording
  228. Capturing from 2 analog/composite video inputs simultaneously
  229. horizontal lines in (very) old video
  230. Optimal Dscaler settings for recording games in real time?
  231. DSCaler and deinterlace filters
  232. A question about S-video and Capture Card.
  233. capturing webcam youtube etc
  234. Capture Problem with Sound
  235. HDTV on PC via set top
  236. Capturing DVD video, exporting frames
  237. Can avi_io or Vdub capture to a single avi file greater than 4 gig?
  238. 4 channel real time capture
  239. Good Infrared Ghost-UFO Hunting Camera I can buy
  240. Is the field order sometimes reversed at the start of a capture?
  241. Game Capturing Software
  242. My computer's screen to DVD Recorder
  243. S-VHS capture set-up problems
  244. No sound in VIRTUALVCR with HVR-1100 card
  245. 480i component capture card withOUT PCI-e
  246. Problem with Morgan MJPEG Codecs
  247. Sony Vegas "Capture using a timer" question
  248. Analog capture card recomendations
  249. Safe archival format
  250. Capturing screen video