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  1. Huffyuv AVI File Crashes Explorer
  2. Scheduler for DScaler 4
  3. Consumer, prosumer or Pro? Please help me make a choice
  4. Lossless analog captures from cable
  5. Dropped frames everywhere...New HDD's to blame?
  6. Captured video displays inconsistent colours
  7. ATI X700 VIVO capture problems
  8. Interlace line tears / artifacts!
  9. WinTV-GO and VoodooTV issues, stuttering and no audio
  10. ATI Radeon 8500LE + Omega Drivers + WDM: Capture green sreen!
  11. Which codec to choose for a capture video in real time?
  12. The.g00z.Capture.Bible
  13. HuffYUV Codec install under Premiere Pro 1.5
  14. SAA7134 Reference Drivers
  15. VGA or PCI?
  16. VFW to WDM Wrapper? VFW Direct Show capture?
  17. High Speed Capture (Filming)
  18. Drivers/software for Dazzle DVCUSBS?
  19. AGK audio/video sync problem
  20. Transfer VHS to DVD.....please help a newbie!
  21. Capture from Pinnacle MovieBox USB
  22. Captured video corrupted after power outage (need help fixing)
  23. Problems with Sony Analog-In
  24. SAA711x WDM driver: Is customizable ?
  25. Need Idea For Easy Capture To DvD Software.
  26. Standalone recorders
  27. How to find dropped frames quickly
  28. Video capture cards with hardware encoder suggestions?
  29. Capturing AVIs w/ PVR-150
  30. problem while capturing vhs video
  31. good pvr software
  32. deinterlace in vdub
  33. Colour flicker across top of capture
  34. Avermedia A169 dual tuner card mpeg2 settings
  35. VHS to DVD, just how good a quality am I going to be able to get?
  36. Aligning DVD -> VHS -> capture with original DVD
  37. MANY codecs not showing up in VdubMod/Nandub
  38. VirtualDub + btwincap Problem
  39. Capturing VHS via DV cam - no audio
  40. Chroma error when capturing tv
  41. Tv capturing
  42. dvd burning
  43. TDK Indicapture
  44. PAL60 Wierdness
  45. Macrovision on a newer ATI card
  46. SVideo Analog Capture to h.264
  47. VHS input scrambled with ati aiw
  48. 'Mercury' TV Tuner Card settings ... help please
  49. I have no audio
  50. Home movies
  51. V2CRS - Capture Scheduler (Newest Version 1.22a, 2009-04-06)
  52. nvidia GeForce 6600GT, can I tweak it?
  53. Capturing a cartoon with WinTV-PVR-USB2
  54. capture NTCS analogue to PAL
  55. Capturing TV Video for streaming media player
  56. Capture Card Yields Disappointing Quality
  57. Capturing PC > PC
  58. Huffyuv capture - occasional green frames
  59. does macrovision cause dropped frames
  60. Help Needed. Campturing Viedeo and audio compression (license expired??)
  61. Need a bit of advice
  62. Seek software able to capture a video of the Web in real time?
  63. Analog to DVD time issues
  64. Sima GoDVD! problems Black and White picture
  65. Question about VHS -> DVD and direct Mpeg2 capture
  66. Capture Solution Speed/Quality Considerations
  67. Light & dark sequences in captured video
  68. would like a discussion on field order issues
  69. ghosting? when fast movement in video capture
  70. Can XVID codec captuture in real time from Tuner Card
  71. WDM + VirtualDubMod + MJPEG
  72. VHS giving Black&White video & no sound
  73. Specific ATI models that Macrovision hack works with.
  74. problems capturing with a all in wonder 9600
  75. Capture Cards for Newbies!
  76. Problem with ATI mobile radeon 9000
  77. Capture Cards that strip CGMS-A
  78. Lossless Video Encoder
  79. Software/driver choices for a semi nOOb
  80. Best External Video Capture
  81. good soft for capturing "VERY" bad VHS tapes
  82. Buying PCMCIA capture card
  83. Method of Choice to convert tapes to disk
  84. How to clean noisy sound from VHS capture?
  85. Capture dual channel audio with PVR 150 ???
  86. What GOP to use ???
  87. capturing & burning right away ?
  88. PAL60 woes...
  89. Fix a bad deinterlaced video
  90. Macrovision problem
  91. Using DVD recorder as part of the hardware chain?
  92. Trouble capturing with VirtualVCR
  93. capture closed caption on pvr150
  94. resize the size of video
  95. new technique-cap to anamorphic quality (updated)
  96. Capturing Mpeg ... Editing ... Authoring a DVD
  97. Capture hardware -- looking for recommendations [updated]
  98. Capturing from VCR's S-VIDEO output
  99. Home Video to Anamorphic DVD
  100. Looking for hq semi-pro capture card
  101. old BT 848 - jerky picture
  102. I figured out my capture problem (frame drop) because Hdd !! Please advice needed!
  103. New Technique: Component4All!!
  104. What's happening with these screenshots?
  105. Component4All Test Results
  106. Capturing Video .. Cool Method!
  107. compared philips saa713x chip with Bt87X!
  108. Nvidia Geforce 6600GT 256DDR3 Vivo! What capture chip? What best driver?
  109. capture software utilizing hardware mpeg2?
  110. Capturing Multiple Video Sources Into 1 Mpeg File
  111. 23883 or 7135, which is better?
  112. New Idea: C4All in one pass!
  113. Simple idea for multicap
  114. Capture TV in best possible resolution
  115. New Idea: Record analog HiDef!
  116. Problems with horizontal lines
  117. Capture card recommendations
  118. Encoding Microsoft Recorded TV Files
  119. Flickering capture
  120. PAL-60 Specification Needed!
  121. Copy Protected Vhs Tapes
  122. PicVideo MJPEG V3 codec field swap
  123. Hacked BT8xx driver to allow more capture resolutions?
  124. Commercial video restoration tools
  125. i have got a very old home movie, from VHS to DVD, is it possible to improve the qual
  126. Fix broken MPEG2 file?
  127. ATI HDTV Wonder, MPEG-2, and interlace bleed
  128. POV 7800GT video-in problems
  129. Resolution problems with WINDVR
  130. can ADS pci tuner card capture using vdub and huffyuv
  131. watch & capture w/my aiw 9800pro
  132. Capturing from USB
  133. Video capturing codec
  134. TV Capturing
  135. ATI Rage 128 Pro audio cable needed?
  136. Aspect ratio
  137. can't access video files in My Videos??
  138. TV capture audio issues
  139. Editing captured video
  140. Distorted image
  141. White Bar and NVIDIA WDM 1.08 Drivers
  142. Guide: How to Backup your protected OLD VHS' (w/ AIW)
  143. Pinnacle PCTV Stereo and VirtualDub
  144. well a usb 2.0 device and filiter work
  145. Newest ATI WDM capture driver only allowing 720x240, 59.94 fps for avi capture
  146. Tevion VS-USB2800D capture issue(s) (SOLVED!)
  147. newbie problems capturing video
  148. Help: Diamond PVR-600 not capturing
  149. Theater 550 Non-lagged viewing while capturing
  150. VirtualVCR problem with country code!!!
  151. Capturing Old VHS...Do I really Need A VCR w/ S-Video Out?
  152. Problem with VHS ripping..
  153. Old Videos to DVD
  154. Diagnosing an old 8mm camcorder
  155. [GUIDE] Capturing video, encoding and authoring to DVD
  156. Capturing video from Dreambox
  157. Yet another newbie w/ capture problem but at least its the last one...
  158. Colour problem when converting
  159. capture HI8 tapes without digital camcorder
  160. Capture and compress in MPEG2 in real-time
  161. Movie Clip encoded as interlanced yet output 'seems' de-interlanced
  162. DVD to web video problem
  163. Hauppauge USB
  164. Efficient capture of 8mm & Hi8 via Digital8
  165. Looking for external capture device recommendations
  166. Guide - Recording TV with GBRecord
  167. suggest a capture card
  168. Preserving vhs quality
  169. which codec for unusual resolution (non mod16)
  170. Viewed from TV black bar at the top of screen ONLY
  171. Capturing with VirtualDub
  172. Does anybody has Pixelview Play TV Ultra with HT-TVR 2.5
  173. Yuan Capture Card
  174. Help Needed With Turtle Beach, Video Magician Problem
  175. VHS to DVD, with sub-title...?
  176. Best Settings to capture in DivX?
  177. need help/info for my purchase choice
  178. Wintv Capture board (1998) needs software
  179. How do I clean up VHS captures?
  180. Smart Tee & VirtualVCR & MJPEG Lossless
  181. VHS to DV-AVI: Original and Subsequent Transfer Connection Standard
  182. desktop capture
  183. flashing video
  184. DScaler capture via USB
  185. Captured avi(Uncompressed)-Divx 6.1 Problem
  186. Leadtek Winfast TV2000/PAL-NC color problems
  187. Ntsc Vhs -> Pal60 Vcr -> Dvd
  188. Need some advice
  189. Buying a TV card - need suggestions
  190. incorrect and unplayable capture.
  191. can't capture in x264 using virtual vcr.
  192. Output video not smooth - Gainward Ti4200 VIVO
  193. Compro cards: VideoMate Ultra or VideoMate X800?
  194. Nerovision capture problems
  195. Tv tuner with Cable service
  196. Hauppauge WinTV card needs cable
  197. Yet another lossless video codec MFZ0
  198. Telecined tapes - unsatisfactory results
  199. Recording video from game consoles?
  200. Transferring all VHS to DVD
  201. hi im new at capturing i need to capture audio from a video audio stream..
  202. massive VHS to DVD conversion
  203. Default settings for VirtualDub capture
  204. Rgb, Yuy, ???? Help!
  205. Scart -> S-Video
  206. "Dancing stripes" in Aver EZCapture's capture
  207. Optimum Picture Response
  208. YUY2 and TMPGEnc
  209. CBR or VBR?
  210. Analog source: 720x480, 4:3, 16:9 ???
  211. SVGA or hi-def capture pc or device
  212. Final Format Needs To Be Divx
  213. Opinions on the Theater 650? (also random thoughts on the 550)
  214. VCR Input? Philips SAA713x-question
  215. Need advice: Purchase
  216. Where does "great" quality start with horizontal resolution for vhs capture?
  217. Capturing from Video to PC
  218. SVHS Recommendation
  219. Found Simple DScaler Scheduler for DScaler 4.x
  220. Color and color space when capturing...
  221. What is this line, and how can i resolve it...
  222. RAW YUY2 Capture or MPEG2 Capture?
  223. thoughts on a decent USB 2.0 capture device?
  224. Software to show bitrate curve
  225. Need new card?
  226. TV Capture Cards Options for 'SFF' PCs
  227. Wanting to do better than an ATi 9800 AIW Pro
  228. Need HELP - Which USB Capture Device?
  229. VHS deck recommendations?
  230. Noob getting started with realtime Xvid encoding
  231. VirtualVCR error , FlowMeter: Timer Problem Detected Audio Resample may be broken
  232. removing chroma noise
  233. a decent VHS capture
  234. Opinions and advice regarding the plethora of AV/DV capture solutions
  235. Capture Size with SD
  236. Dirty heads?
  237. Green color saturation on 40 pixels?
  238. PAL VHS tape capture
  239. analogue capture: why black and white?
  240. 7800gs and Dvstorm2
  241. VHS Capture rig advice....
  242. Question to the pro's: a/v asynch
  243. ATI MMC question
  244. poor cpu load in divx while capture?
  245. Problem With MuchTV PCI and Radeon 9800pro (Jumpy Image, trembling)
  246. Anyone got any advice or special filters for Laserdisc captures?
  247. charlie chan
  248. VHS to DVD copy recorders
  249. PowerDirector video capture problem
  250. vhs capure