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  1. PVR-250 Post Processing vs Transcode Quality
  2. I got Compro VideoMate TV Ultra capture card
  3. Strange color behaviour while capturing from VHS
  4. capturing analog (s-vhs or hi-8) as mov.dv
  5. Why is capturing tv so damn hard...???[Update]
  6. How to set PAL as default for TV-in?
  7. Need help - vey specific capturing hardware needs.
  8. streaming live video
  9. Capture card - Macrovision free
  10. VHS capture quality - cartoons
  11. Capture with convertx m402u seems limited ?
  12. Color Enable setting ?
  13. MPEG-4 Capture
  14. NTSC formats, which one?
  15. (ext) capture card for mpeg1 > 1mbps
  16. Corrupted frames with avisynth script?
  17. Using a capture card to save shows from PVR??
  18. Corrupt frames
  19. Video Interference- Hardware or Cables?
  20. Why isn't panning smooth
  21. RGB to MPEG2
  22. a problem with IUvcr
  23. Huffyuv
  24. Recording video to PC
  25. How to capture a perfect video?
  26. capture setting
  27. YV2 and YUY2 problem using Picvideo MJPEG
  28. Out of sync audio
  29. AVI screen problem
  30. Maximum resolution, how do I discover it ?
  31. VirtualDubMod questions
  32. VirtualVCR 2.6.9 crashes at start
  33. No Sound
  34. Strange pattern
  35. Bt878 problem
  36. Converting Laserdisc to DVD (with closed captions)
  37. Analog Capture Card Recommendations?
  38. Analogue Capture (Drop frames problem)
  39. needing little tip
  40. Luminance Problem in VHS capture
  41. About Leadtek PVR2000 TV card
  42. NTFS Capture Limit !
  43. Onboard sound my problem?
  44. VHS Capture only in black and white
  45. VHS Capture with DVD-Recorder looks bad.
  46. Sound problems
  47. A/V Sync problems gone with VDub 1.6.4
  48. Keeping closed caption when caturing from a vhs
  49. BT8x8 Tweaker
  50. Microsoft link to fix A/V sync issues????
  51. How to stop field reversal during capture
  52. WDM capture s-video - Interference/Flicker ONLY on white scenes. Help!
  53. Capturing a Dreamcast console gameplay
  54. Hauppage WinTV PVR 350. Capturing with virtualdub
  55. iuVCR problem... never had a problem before
  56. Comparison MPEG2 hw encoders?
  57. NTSC Capture With a PAL Capture Card
  58. A/V Sychro problem after encoding
  59. Capturing VHS tapes with an ATI Radeon 9200 VIVO
  60. turning off comb filters during S-Video capture
  61. Phillips VCR (1977 Model) To Pioneer DVR420HS
  62. Gforce FX5200 video card
  63. Weirdest noise ever
  64. dead link in the FAQ
  65. signal level
  66. ?guide to compare analog video capture w/computer vs. standalone DVD recorder?
  67. Remaster
  68. anime capturing from vhs
  69. Pulling down 8mm
  70. no audio in Virtual VCR
  71. PICVideo 3 settings for TV capture
  72. Enhancement software for surveillance videos
  73. First time analog video capture-Which direction with hardware and software?
  74. Compro Videomate Ultra or Hauppauge DBX 401: which one would you buy?
  75. Gradual Loss of Sync in new Capture
  76. Spike in sound during playback
  77. Which mpeg encoder is usefull
  78. Can anyone help me with HuffyUVS, please? (NOT HuffyUV !)
  79. Fly 2000 TV: "lock audio clock to video field rate" greyed out
  80. What co-ax to use for s-video?
  81. Capturing by the Tuner
  82. problem with bt878
  83. Does 720x480 to 640x480 = better quality?
  84. Hardware MPEG2 encoder?
  85. A question about capture cards
  86. A/V Syncing of splitted air captures ?
  87. here is what I use to automate tv shows recording
  88. need codec for capturing
  89. Unable to capture larger than 320 x 240 VDubMod/Kworld
  90. Some Capture Questions !?
  91. choppy Huffy, good Mjpeg? what did I do wrong?
  92. editing out commercials..
  93. Pinnacle PCTV Stereo Newbie Queries
  94. A little help with my editing examination
  95. Differences among capture cards with the same chip
  96. Updated Radeon Drivers Killed my Capture
  97. TurtleBeach Video Advantage PCI Video Capture
  98. PCTV Players and ffdshow
  99. How bad will PC performance suffer?
  100. What will this setup be like?
  101. MJPEG: Morgan vs Main Concept vs ffvfw
  102. About to start capturing... trying to confirm some ideas
  103. Biostar: "if you want to stress the cpu while recording audio - go intel"
  104. Can't Capture Audio
  105. Reconstructing huffyuv capture resulting in 1/4 of expected video duration
  106. Womble
  107. Card with only S-Video input... what to do?
  108. checkerboard pattern with video capture - HELP
  109. Question about VHS macrovision ignoring
  110. Philips SAA7134 card droping frames
  111. Bug: Progressively out-of-sync audio/video in DivX and Xvid files made by AutoGK
  112. Codec that supports fields: what does it mean?
  113. SAA713x Vs. CX2388x
  114. Audio Line In
  115. How to disable coring on CX23881 chip ?
  116. 8mm Cine capture problem
  117. Some questions - hints?
  118. Capture Question
  119. All In Wonder 9800se, laserdisc and comb filter
  120. film -> video device
  121. Is it possible to capture over hardware maximum res.?
  122. Fine Tuning with VirtualVCR/VirtualDub?
  123. Game consoles/TV-Out: 59.94i or 60i?
  124. Yet another unlogo script - simple usage
  125. Strange audio/video sync issues
  126. Vhs To Pc
  127. VirtualVCR only captures sound in mono
  128. Capture Avi problem
  129. VHS to DVD; best way to capture?
  130. Sky quantization in analog air captures
  131. Inexplicable volume decrease in captures
  132. Capture cards for DV
  133. Recording games from PC to PC and to VCR
  134. virtual dub 1.6 timing settings?
  135. What resolution should I capture at ?
  136. capturing in virtualdub - always loses frames
  137. Resizing during capture using DirectShow filter?
  138. VHS to DVD help
  139. Capturing Japanese TV, analog or not...
  140. Capturing with ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0
  141. matrox G450 eTV : any good ?
  142. Crop & Resize PLEASE (I have already read the guides)
  143. Looking for the manual of a VIDEOBLASTER from CREATIVE
  144. Power VCR II Execution Error
  145. Sony DCR-TRV250E camcorder and capturing video
  146. Capturing Devices?
  147. Do they make VHS tapes were you can insert mini tape ??
  148. Ghosting in Capture
  149. Analog capture with time stamp
  150. Capture settings calibration - colour saturation
  151. higher resolution with Pinnacle PCTV Stereo
  152. Frame Drop Problem
  153. capturing with hauppauge pvr-150
  154. MiroPCTV - no more in XP?
  155. What kind of audio do you use on your captures?
  156. Real Time MPEG Capture Preprocessing Filters
  157. Blocks of picture moving/jumping around
  158. Very low HDD space: which capture codec?
  159. Canopus ADVC300 - to buy or not to buy
  160. ADVC110 vs 100 and 300
  161. Confussed by HUFFyuv versions
  162. How to find capture window of my MSI VIVO card?
  163. VirtualVCR captures 27fps and drops nonexisting frames.
  164. Please Help, My PC Crashes when trying to capture.
  165. Capture uncompressed avi with WinFast PVR2000
  166. Capturing MPEG2 and colorspace
  167. Capturing with Virtual VCR
  168. Huffyuv or die trying!
  169. WinVDR Pro 3.60,your opinion on this TV recording program
  170. Captured video error check
  171. Video Capture Cards - Recommendations
  172. Help Capturing Camcorder, Burning To DVD
  173. Prob- Fast audio
  174. Problem with quality and size.
  175. VirtualDub crashes
  176. Change ATI capture folder
  177. Yet another lossless codec: Arithyuv
  178. Automate mpeg2 capture convert to xvid?
  179. help with VirtualDub1493VCR+SYNC and Conexant bt8x8 card please
  180. can somone suggest a capture card that captures like a tv displays?
  181. Recording decoded ac3 with Audigy2
  182. How to create pin for "LPCM" in MapStreamId?
  183. getting correct resolution captured
  184. Copy VHS Tapes To DVD
  185. capture of ntsc video. with virtualvcr
  186. Capturing with USB device=frame loss?
  187. which card for tv, vhs capture ?
  188. anyone know what this is?
  189. dot crawl is not fun
  190. Optimising for capture
  191. iuVCR - Video Tap disappeared
  192. Xvid capture problems
  193. SAA7134 Audio Frequency
  194. hauppauge wintv express bt878, HALF RESOLUTION CAPTURED
  195. HuffYUV and FusionHDTV
  196. [Help] Automated script for capturing and encoding ?
  197. Coax or s-video for capturing laserdisc with canopus advc55?
  198. Audio Capture issue
  199. Feedback on my first cap, please?
  200. What's the best way to capture an analogue Hi8 tape to a computer?
  201. How to avoid those rounded lines?
  202. What manner of noise is this (and what do I do about it)
  203. Audio & Video Sync Problems
  204. Multiple video card capture - Bulk video encoding, please Advise - Newbie
  205. Problem recognizing Pinnacle Studio AV/DV E4
  206. Hauppauge Win TV PVRUSB 2 and Ulead Movie Factroy 3 Problem, please help!!
  207. need tips - Capture Resolutions, encoder
  208. Attaching a TV to Your Card
  209. TV Image messes up randomly
  210. Macrovision remover for NVIDIA Geforce cards
  211. How process MPEG TS with dropped frames
  213. VHS to DVD
  214. Newbie to VHS capture - what card type do you advise?
  215. Adobe Premiere Capture Single File Size Limit Avi from Analog source Problem.
  216. Corrupt MPEG after a crash during capture
  217. Can't get audio in VirtualVCR/VirtualDub(Mod)
  218. AVerMedia AVerTV 203 no FM
  219. Multi-threaded VFW capture app?
  220. Capture direct to DVD
  221. Can't save virtualdub1.6.10 capture settings with Pinnacle PCTV Pro
  222. Removing scratches
  223. Setup for analogue capture at DVD resolution
  224. Capturing Xvid
  225. How to clean Super8mm and 8mm tape?
  226. Capturing TV: Codec to use??
  227. capture calibration images
  228. my dvd's sound awful
  229. Need some info on the FlyVideo capture cards
  230. Capturing TV - PC based or standalone ?
  231. Best DVD Recorder / VCR Combo under $300
  232. need help on capturing
  233. AIW sound not captured
  234. I'm confused...Need help capturing with Firewire & Vitual Dub?
  235. a bit confused with frame sizes
  236. really need help on cropping pls
  237. DVD2AVI vs GSpot & de-interlacing
  238. Record audio from tv?
  239. where do i get this NDX file from?
  240. Dscaler 4.1.13 Released
  241. Anyone has a Hauppauge 401 or Compro Videomate Ultra to spare?
  242. VirtualVCR & ffdshow
  243. Problems with VirtualDub
  244. Capturing soft I could use with Dazzle DV150?
  245. Newbie capturing problems, need some help
  246. bad video tape, bad file, short sound... :(
  247. Fungii on a VHS tape, can I still capture it?
  248. Automatically idenifying and deleting dropped frames
  249. Dscaler 4.1.14 released
  250. Drivers and Virtual Dub